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Bombs are one of the recurring basic attack items that has appeared in nearly every Atelier game to date. Despite it being called different names in translations, such as "Flame" in Mana Khemia & Mana Khemia 2, it's usually one of the first attack items that the player learns to synthesize.

When used, it inflicts fire damage to a single or multiple enemies depending on how it's made, the damage can range from small to large.

Mana Khemia

"A basic bomb filled with gunpowder."
          — Mana Khemia description

Bomb (Otherwise known as Flame in the game) is a basic attack item that inflicts small fire damage and one of the first of many attack items that Vayne can synthesize.

Once synthesized for the first time, this will trigger a scene where Vayne learns about Jess' love for bombs and learns the recipe for Bomb Ice from her.


  • Fire Damage S

Atelier Rorona

"A basic bomb made by stuffing gunpowder inside a cylindrical tube and attaching a fuse at the end. The effect and power differs depending on who makes it"
          — Atelier Rorona description

The recipe book with the recipe for Bombs can be found at the Beefy Weapon Shop during Assignment 2. Bombs can be registered at Hagel's shop using Wholesale.

Bombs can also be used to destroy rocks while Rorona is adventuring. Clearing rocks are required to gain access to new areas. Rorona can clear a rock as long as she carries an explosive in her inventory.

Sterk and Gio may ask for bombs as part of their Friend Quests, and Esty may request bombs at the castle as one of the available Front Quests. Cole may randomly sell bombs as part of his inventory during one of his monthly sales.


Material 1 Material 2 Days
2x Phlogiston Gunpowder 0.6


  • Fire Damage S
  • Fire Damage M
  • Fire Damage L
  • Narrow Range
  • Widen Range

Atelier Totori

"A regular bomb. It may be ordinary, but it's still fairly dangerous. It can destroy most small rocks, but be aware it is almost useless when wet."
          — Atelier Totori description

Bombs can be registered for wholesale at the Beefy Weapon Shop with Hagel in Arland.


Material 1 Material 2 Days
Phlogiston Supplement 0.8


  • Fire S
  • Fire M
  • Fire L


Rorona throws bombs at enemies as part of her regular attack.

Atelier Meruru

"A regular bomb. Please be careful handling it. It's not that hard to make, but its quality can greatly affect its power."
          — Atelier Meruru description

Aside from being used in battle to attack enemies, they are also used in development. When the Arls National Mine is discovered, Meruru must make enough bombs to blast through the wall during the "Blast!" development quest. Meruru must also deliver high quality "S" bombs during the last phase of the mine's expansion to completely expand the area. Using bombs during battle will also help to accomplish the "Bomb Meister" development quest, which requires Meruru to use 10 bombs in battle. Gino will sometimes ask for these to be made from the tavern. 


Material 1 Material 2 Days
2x Phlogiston Supplement 0.8


  • Fire S

Atelier Ayesha

"A regular bomb. Making this is the first step in becoming an alchemist. Maybe alchemists are all just bomb makers"
          — Atelier Ayesha description


Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Days
Fuel Supplement Gunpowder 1


  • F damage S
  • F Damage M
  • F RES Decrease
  • Knock Back S
  • Critcal Slow


The Bomb serves a similar purpose to the bomb in the Arland series but its appearance has changed. Rather than a stick of dynamite, its new appearance is similar to a fragmentation grenade.

Atelier Escha & Logy

Atelier Shallie

"A bomb with immense power due to gunpowder. It's generally used for demolishing building, but its high temperature and wide blast radius also make it excel as a weapon."
          — Atelier Shallie description

Atelier Lydie & Suelle

UserLydie.png "This is the Bomb, the most archetypal explosive! Definitely what comes to mind when you say bomb."
UserSuelle.png "Heh heh... One of these days, I'll be so big, my name will be emblematic of all alchemy..."


Atelier Ryza

"A device filled with gunpowder or other explosive materials. After the shock of the initial explosion, it will burn everything within range."
          — Atelier Ryza description


  • Fire Damage XS
  • Fire Damage S
  • Fire Damage M
  • Lowered Guard S
  • Lowered Guard M
  • Lowered Guard L
  • Inflict Burn S
  • Crimson Fire


Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Crimson Ore Gunpowder Fuel Supplement

Used for

Atelier Marie Remake

"A throw object made by compacting Fire Sand. Use with Caution!"
          — Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg description

This recipe is learnt from the Bombology alchemy book.


Material 1 Material 2 Tool 1 Tool 2 Days
2x Fire Sand Wax Utensil Mortar 1.2

Atelier Resleriana

"Deals Fire damage to the enemy with the highest current HP."
          — Atelier Resleriana


Material 1 Material 2 Range Uses
15x Beehive 5x Uni One 2

Support Characters


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Lithograph Fragment
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Yellow Items
LotusGomphrenaGlow GlassAmber FlyLiquid CrystalAncient Blue WaterSawe FishPalma BarkMetal OreMordeniteGold BeehiveSolflowerBlanched TrunkWarrior GrasshopperBomb DragoonBig Horned BeetleEmperor UniBitter GrassPoison DragonflyMoonlight FireflyClustered MossDegenesis StoneArkniteStarry Night White FlowerNew Year Celebratory FishDream StoneRainbow CrystalCure WaterAurora TreeParasite IsopodStar LadybugDried LumberBlue CrystalRotting Arbor BranchGem FlyLantern FlyDevilspawn ShootRed Hot CrystalAsh-Covered GrassZafloa OilRuby PapillonColored Cotton GrassBaby MenaceHundred Color ShellIncense BarkAbsolute Zero StoneAshen SandFestResentful ScreamTorch GrassBroken RockRose BeeFlopflowerRed Obsidian OreHoshinanaShadow LocustUnderground SpiderSpiky FruitWhiteflyErte
Red Items
EsplanteSea HorseRapier FishTriplet TaunArbor IvyIndignant ScreamMoon dropDry GrassZapping WaterPalmaEmerald GlassPentaniteOrange GlassHoneypot AntClean WaterIngot BugDark DewEvihibrowGoldiniteGaudy StoneSage FishSand CrystalsRotting Arbor TwigSilver BeehiveStim StoneBeehiveNameless GrassRapier FishIndignant ScreamMoon DropBrulyereGolden Tree LeafGolden CrownCharred BarkThundercloud HideoutNuseStarry Night GrapesNew Year Shrimp
Green Items
Cloud Sea HideoutNectar SpringwaterLake MasterHoly Arbor CrystalElder FishBitter WormUniKoberiniteSapling BranchRed FlowerBlack WaterMace FishNectar FruitBewitching ChipEvil Twisted ArborSmechShiny Crystal FragmentsExofishSpikyNatural OilCotton GrassIndigo DropletGold Uni BranchBaby WyrmDragon FlowerJewelgrass SeedsShrunkExpiation WormKiller BeeShiny Crystal FragmentsSpirit IsopodToxic AntStarfruitForest SageSweet SapFaniplantSour FruitHaine Fire StoneHortae HerbMuddied CrystalStarry Night AmberStarry Night IxoraNew Year Fruit
Rippling RapierCrepusculumSteel BowFlourish HeartSteel StaffSilver Twin SwordsSpee WeissClairempathySpirit Staff - FireSpirit Staff - IceSpirit Staff - AirSpirit Staff - BoltProtector SwordStylish BroomKlinge MahneMadcat SpearElemental Breath - FireElemental Breath - IceElemental Breath - BoltColossal EdgeWhite Wing SpearMystical Wonder - FireMystical Wonder - AirMystical Wonder - IceMystical Wonder - BoltFortune's LightSunburst StaffTraining PathIron ClawsHealing StaffBattle AxeLight Iron StaffHandmade StaffBlue Sky BowFlambergeMimir's StaffBeginner's StaffSteel StaffSerene Envoy's BladePrincess WandConvenient BroomResonance ChimeFortune StaffLongevity Mallet
Layered Velvet - SlashThunder ArmorFrost ArmorLayered Velvet - StrikeLayered Velvet - SlashFire ArmorAir ArmorLayered Velvet - StabSteel ArmorSilky OutfitBeast ArmorNight ShadeRiveted Leather ArmorColorful RobesCombat ShirtAdventurer's ClothingWeightless ShirtHerbal ShirtSkuller CoatRadiant PlatePlate VestYarn CoatGold JacketGold Embroidered CoatCharade LumontSilver Thread ArmorSpirit RobeJourney RaimentFairy Cloak - FireFairy Cloak - AirFairy Cloak - IceBorder ScaleWanderer's ShirtLeather ProtectorHard CoatMixed Fur ShirtNoble TunicTraveler's VestPrincess DressFortune KimonoHero's ArmorSteel ArmorMeteorite ArmorWindbreakerLongevity Haori
Godspeed BootsMythical RingWhite-Hot HeadbandGlory BeltPerfumeBattle ScarfHustle BeltHot-Blooded BandanaAngel CharmAngel RibbonGnade Ring - PhysGnade Ring - MagChronicle Mark - SlashChronicle Mark - StabChronicle Mark - StrikeFire Spirit RingGale Force RingPhantom Ice RingKing of Thunder RingEnergy PendantRunestoneSpirit NecklaceQuartz NecklaceBunny TailUni CharmMonochrome GlassesHero's CharmSerenity ScarfSerene Envoy's BootsMetal BootsGlass TiaraFortune ShimenawaLongevity Envelope
Battle Items
Revolving Magic SwordBombLightning CrystalMagic SwordRose BombGenesis HammerLuminous LanceRatsel LuftKleid Ice BombStrahl PlajigLightning BombCraftUni BagLightning BellRed War PowderMiracle EbonyalPotion of DestructionWar PowderDrachen ElixirGolden Extract SoupSmoked MeatAlchemy CandyBody Energy PowderPowerful OinmentTriton's TrumpetPinwheelSchnee SturmMystic RobeSimple CookiesSecret RemedyCodex of CreationHeroic GeistDark WaterBottled MisfortuneFlame AquaLiving Trash CanPumpkin DollThrony EmbraceIce CaltropBlitz CoreWitch's PotionRestoration BottleElixirTranquil SaveHealing BellEnergianicaDry BiscuitHealing SalveCocktail Leb
Special Items
ManaBattle CoinChallenge TicketShiny CoinsLegend MedalMemory FragmentBrilliant Wishing StoneExperience Candy VExperience Candy IVExperience Candy IIIExperience Candy IIExperience Candy INew Valeria Chapter Wish Ticket5M Worldwide DL Celebration Wish TicketCelebration MedalElixir of ReturnPower Up Dew VPower Up Dew IVPower Up Dew IIIPower Up Dew IIPower Up Dew IPlain CookieHand-Wrapped Mini CookiesGlowing Red Orb IIIGlowing Red Orb IIGlowing Red Orb IGlowing Blue Orb IIIGlowing Blue Orb IIGlowing Blue Orb IGlowing Yellow Orb IIIGlowing Yellow Orb IIGlowing Yellow Orb IGlowing Green Orb IIIGlowing Green Orb IIGlowing Green Orb IGlowing Purple Orb IIIGlowing Purple Orb IIGlowing Purple Orb ILight OrbLarge Light OrbSacred OrbMemory FragmentMemory CrystalAtelier FES Wish TicketsLodestar GemsAtelier Lydie & Suelle Wish TicketAtelier Ryza Wish TicketNew Izana Chapter Celebration Wish TicketGift CoinHappy New Year Wish TicketAtelier Shallie LEGEND FES Wish TicketCookie CoinChocolate CookieParagon Knights Wish Ticket