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Silver Beehive, also known as Silver Hive, is a material item found in the Atelier games.

Atelier Ayesha

"A hive filled with silver-colored honey. The whole hive glitters and looks tasty."
          — Description
  • Quality: 65
  • Trait: Usage Ease
  • Property: Price +10%, Silver Honey


  • Oesten Marsh-Ruin

Atelier Escha & Logy

"These unusual bees are not very common. They use silvery materials."
          — Description
  • Trait: Effect Power+5
  • Property: Fixed Increase


Dropped by

Atelier Shallie

"A shining silver beehive. The honey contained within is more nutritious than normal. Also, the beehive itself is delicious when fried."
          — Description


  • Fertile Sea
  • Heaven's Vine - Root Division
  • Geofront

Atelier Lydie & Suelle

UserLydie.png "It looks like this was made by a different kind of bee than a regular beehive. In terms of strenght... Whoa. It's like metal..."
UserSuelle.png "Why are beehives all hexagonal? It doesn't make sense... It's physiologically impossible..."



Gentle Luster Component green 2-1.png Honeycomb Structure Component yellow 1-1.png
Burns Easy Component red 2-2.png Silvery Honey Component blue 2-2.png
Restores Energy Component green 3-2.png Silver Shine Component blue 3-6.png
Ideal Nutrition Component green 4-1.png Moonshine Honey Component blue 4-2.png

Atelier Ryza

"A silver-tinted beehive. They tend to contain even more different types of honey than normal hives, and most connoisseurs agree that the honey has much more depth in general."
          — Atelier Ryza



  • Ice
  • Wind

Suitable Item

  • Staff
  • Hammer



  • Item No.289

Atelier Resleriana


  • Synthesis Material
  • Magic Damage Boost: Boosts magic skill damage by 2 ~ 20%.
  • Magic Resistance Up [D]: Reduces magic damage to Defenders by 1 ~ 5%.


  • Score Battle


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New Dream PaintbrushesTorn Teddy BearTeddy BearBroken PaletteRainbow PaletteAir DropBag of Air DropsBacken's Broken KeyBacken's KeyColorful Garden FragmentsLeaf Pattern FragmentsShiny Crystal FragmentsSurging Hell Fire FragmentsAncient Frost FragmentsCoin Pattern FragmentsSpiral FragmentsFalling Star FragmentsJet Black Tile FragmentsBloodstained FragmentsSophie's ReferenceIlmeria's ReferenceRoger's ReferenceFiris' ReferencePainting World ScrapBacken's Poem"Decorations""Ore Processing Text""Encyclopedia of Gems Vol.1""Encyclopedia of Gems Vol.2""Polishing Glamor""Protecting the World""Book of Dragon Divination"E Rank Test ProblemCreating Air DropsB Rank Test ProblemOrnament CatalogueRoger's Idea NoteRoger's Forbidden BookMother's Recipe NotesIlmeria's Homework"Book of Firis' Recipes""Basic Guidebook""Spirit Fire"
Atelier Ryza Items
Synthesis Items
Explosive UniIce CaltropCraftBloodlust TabletBombIce BombPlajigLuftNorden BrandLightning BellBubble BulletRose BombKleid Ice BombStrahl PlajigRatsel LuftFire BottleGenesis HammerGrudge GlobeVanish SiegelLunar LampEternal FearPhilosopher's BookGrass BeansDry BiscuitBlessing OintmentPuni JellyRasen PuddingTrickling BreezeRestoration BottleNectarHealing BallDynamic SyrupCocktail LebGoddess CupElixirFish OilWar PowderThorny EmbraceEnergianicaSundry RemedyPoison SmokeMystic RobeMiracle EbonyalHeroic GeistAstronomical ClockReaper's ScytheWoodcutter's AxeHammerBomb RodFishing RodBug NetCompassWind ShoesKnapsackMirage LoupeScythe AxeBomb HammerFishing Rod NetLoupe CompassExploration SetRed SupplementBlue SupplementYellow SupplementGreen SupplementPolish PowderZettelDelicious BaitAlchemy PaintDelphi Rose IncenseIngotBronze EisenStaltiumCrimineaGoldoterionClothNatural ClothBeastial AirSorcery RoseEldrocodePearl CrystalAmberliteSpiriniteSaint's DiamondArc en CielHoneyEltz SugarTraveler's Water OrbSuper Pure WaterHealing ChipHoly DropPoison CubeTaboo DropLightning SandMarblestoneGunpowder BaseBlue Flame EmberMixing OilMeltstoneFlourGelatin PowderAlchemy FibersHeaven's StringComposite PlateHoly NutMist LiquidFeather DraftPuni LeatherMaster LeatherGlass FlowerSpirit BottleCrystal ElementPhilosopher's StonePlant SeedStone SeedFire SeedWater SeedMystic SeedBuilding MaterialStone MaterialSeaweed SoilSoft Rubber StoneMonster AttractorPowerful Fish BaitProsthetic ArmSuper Steel GearRed Stone
Synthesis Materials
Clean WaterGoat's MilkPlant EssenceRoteswasser TonicFoamy WaterJade WaterEther AquaNameless GrassFodderLucky CloverBlue CloverPoison GrassWasser WheatMaple LeafSweet LeafRosen LeafAncient BranchUniSilver UniGold UniHealth FlowerNorthern Wind FlowerSunny Honey FlowerBlessed Pure FlowerMemorial Mist FlowerSerene Moon FlowerNightglow FlowerLantern GrassBubble GrassSerenity FlowerSpring PrincessEsplanteDelphi RoseTaunTall TaunMutant TaunTriplet TaunCrimson GrassBitter RootSapling BranchMedicine MossFertile SoilMedium MedicineKumine FruitKumine PoisonRotten Tree BarkResentful ScreamMushroom PowderDeath's GriefForest SageDunkelheitSoft SandBurning SandAshen SandPolluted HumusEmerald GlassSandstoneNectar RockEroded StoneAncient PillarCoral StoneCave CoralRiverstoneBlue Flame RiverstoneWaterside Moss StoneStalactite FragmentEthereal StoneCrimson OreAqua OreLightning OreAmatite OreKoberinitePentaniteMordiniteGoldiniteCometstoneDegenesis StoneSeptrinSmall CrystalUnknown GemstoneShell PearlMarbled StoneAmber FragmentAmber CrystalMagnemalmoaHoly Arbor CrystalRainbow GemstoneDried LumberFlame Black SandMagma PowderScrap PaperFlammable BarkPalma BarkNatural OilSmokey CharcoalPalma CharcoalWild PotatoBeast MeatFresh MeatKurken FruitUnknown EggRainbow GrapePalma FruitFresh BerryOil Tree FruitNectar FruitBeehiveSilver BeehiveGold BeehiveEicheloaDream MushroomMushroom ColonyJupitonionGolden CrownPretty ShellSardineExofishSpikeySeliorPurumuruCrabXisorSawe FishMace FishMyria FishLake MasterUnderworld MasterSeven StarsHoney AntLantern FlyRose BeeGiant BeetleBomb DragonSpear WormAmber FlyLapis PapillonHeavy WyrmTrihornRestraint SilkTough VineCotton GrassArbor IvyEicheTough LogMossy DriftwoodPalmaFossil TreeFragrant Honey TreeUnderworld RotwoodHoly Arbor BranchWing PlantSky BubbleCrispy MushroomRotwood MiasmaBlue PuniballGreen PuniballRed PuniballBlack PuniballSilver PuniballGold PuniballLarge FeatherAnimal HideMythical HideLarge BoneSnake SloughBeast FossilFairystone FragmentDark Crystal FragmentHoly Stone FragmentMagic Tome PieceOld Magic TomeUnderworld CoreHoly Tree LeafMaple BarkHoney Tree BranchSpirit FlowerSpirit FeatherRusted SwordOld Knight EmblemBeast Venom PouchLunatic Poison LanceBeast FinEarth Fish FangBeast ShellBeast Spirit ArmorBeast ScalesAtonement StingerFire CoreIce CoreLightning CoreWind CoreDark CoreDragon MeatDragon WingDragon EggDragon's EyeGiant PuniballGiant ClawFairy SegmentGolem CoreHeroic SpiritEternal FireShining SandSolflowerEternal CrystalStinky TrashBroken ItemBurnt AshGoat MeatSalt GrassResonance OrbLost Material
Handmade StaffHelioproxGrim QuartzRune CodeCelestial SeekerPractice FluteCrepusculumVirgin SnowConcert MistressEthereal ToneWeathered SwordColossal EdgeInitiatorSchwartz ThrusterLord GuardianStake HammerClairempathyDestructionHoly TorrentBrave EmblemPilgrimage StaffForest BellTraining PathHoly Arbor StaffOccult WisdomIron ClawsKrieger's TalonHail CrunchWind SlicerOren HeraldKurken SweatsNoble TunicLeather ProtectorChain VestBorder ScaleRadiant PlateSkuller CoatFrost ArmorCharade LumontFairy CloakGolden MailDarkness DressFortress ArmorSage's CloakStark CologneEnergy PendantGnardi RingFrostfire EarringBoltwind EarringExorcism BroochQuartz NecklaceHeated BangleGodspeed BootsMigratory CharmFairystone ChainBaron's CrownElixir Ring
Key Items
Old Pynnor KeyPynnor KeyQueen's TreasureCrimson StoneCore Crystal ICore Crystal IICore Crystal IIITravel Bottle: SunTravel Bottle: MoonTravel Bottle: StarTravel Bottle: SpaceTravel Bottle: UnderworldSoleil FruitGrizzly WoodAkashia SapWaterproof OilResort WoodchipPlain LumberMastery PaintRoyal TilestonePower ReactorGoat Hoof StampFresh Goat MilkBanishing CrystalSerene Spirit WaterPurely Water
Recipe Books
Purely WaterCreation & DestructionSweets That Pop
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Blue Items
Balloon FishPalma FruitHoly Arbor BranchEternal CrystalCometstoneBlast FishGathered LeavesUnknown AugiteShepherdflowerSpirit StoneShadestonePhlogistonFused HardwoodBlack Volcanic OreRainbow GemstoneWilderness WaterFlower PerfumeDelphi RoseNew Year WaterBlue GemstoneReed FishStar CorePoisonous GrassQuake CrystalTall TaunSturdy VineRuin StoneLiving FossilRegiciteRed Volcanic OreStar FlowerHainelightSwirly ShellNew Year BambooGroundwater • Pure White Sand • SardineSerioleEicheTaunPrincess GrassRed SandMedicinal MossFragrant ChipsPure PerfumeAmelJade WaterFureshumereUnknown Husk
Purple Items
Lucky CloverUni WeevilLunar LocustLapis PapillionTempting SapAmber CrystalBlack OreSerenity FlowerShining SandRuin FishButterfly FishAncient LogHoly Stone Fragment • Ferrous Isopod • Old Tree Branch • Lady of Grace • Steel BallsEternal Blossom • Luminous Amel • Floating Octopus • Rose CrystalNew Year LeavesIguru WormGold Spiky FruitOld Treasure ChestLakebottom WaterButterfly FishMagic GrassFairystone FragmentSky BubbleHoly Twisted ArborPolypore ShroomCelestial Silver StonePourpremouleGoat's MilkDream FlowerBlue FlowerMurky WaterStarry Night ScissorRogue GemstoneGreen Spiky FruitUmbrella Tree StrawberryBlue CloverHelmeted GrasshopperPlant EssenceSnow StoneUnknown GemstoneRaptureGap GrassHoney FungusCrystal Shard
Yellow Items
LotusGomphrenaGlow GlassAmber FlyLiquid CrystalAncient Blue WaterSawe FishPalma BarkMetal OreMordeniteGold BeehiveSolflowerBlanched TrunkWarrior Grasshopper • Bomb Dragoon • Big Horned BeetleEmperor UniBitter GrassPoison Dragonfly • Moonlight Firefly • Clustered MossDegenesis StoneArkniteStarry Night White FlowerNew Year Celebratory FishDream StoneRainbow CrystalCure Water • Aurora Tree • Parasite Isopod • Star LadybugDried LumberBlue CrystalRotting Arbor BranchGem FlyLantern FlyDevilspawn ShootRed Hot CrystalAsh-Covered GrassZafloa OilRuby PapillonColored Cotton Grass • Baby Menace • Hundred Color ShellIncense Bark • Absolute Zero Stone • Ashen SandFestResentful ScreamTorch GrassBroken RockRose BeeFlopflowerRed Obsidian OreHoshinanaShadow Locust • Underground Spider • Spiky Fruit • Whitefly • Erte • Gravistone
Red Items
EsplanteEsplanteIngot BugDark DewSea HorseRapier FishEvihibrowGoldiniteTriplet TaunArbor IvyGaudy StoneSage FishIndignant ScreamMoon DropBrulyere • Glittering Sand • Golden Tree LeafGolden Crown • Nectar Branch • Clear Water • Yugdore Water • Curious Aqua • Starry Night Tree • Underground Spider Queen • Phantom Butterfly • Gloomy Fish • Endagered Herb • Snowflake • Icicle Fly • Frozen Tree • Neige Erte • Sweet PiecesPendelookDry GrassZapping WaterPalmaEmerald GlassStim StoneSilver BeehiveSand Crystals • Rooting Arbor Twig • Charred BarkThundercloud Hideout • Twilight Grass • Starry Night GrapesNew Year Shrimp • Raiden Dragonfly • Cheek Fish • Eternal IceAsh BallNameless GrassHoneypot Ant • Clear Water • BeehivePentaniteOrange GlassMagma PowderCrimson GrassEicheloaNuse • Sofle Sauce • Unknown EggSnow Queen
Green Items
Cloud Sea HideoutBaby WyrmBlack WaterNectar SpringwaterLake MasterMace FishHoly Arbor CrystalNectar FruitElder FishHoly Arbor CrystalDragon FlowerBewitching ChipEvil Twisted ArborElder FishJewelgrass SeedsShrunk • Weich • Expiation Worm • Sombre Herb • Mimicry • Rainbow Wing Fragment • Starry Night Amber • Mine Ant • Dazzling Crystal Shard • Stromwasser • Diopside • Blizzard Water • Antifreeze Drop • Gold BallRainbow FragmentKiller BeeBitter WormExofishSpikyUniShiny Crystal FragmentsSmechGold Uni BranchSpirit IsopodToxic AntStarfruitForest SageSweet SapStarry Night IxoraNew Year Fruit • Fuerels • Ore Pumpkin • Glacial Beetle • Bronekeleton • Sapling BranchKoberiniteNatural OilCotton GrassRed FlowerIndigo DropletFaniplantSour FruitHaine Fire StoneHortae HerbMuddied Crystal • Chummy Bubbles • Mud Ball
Rippling Rapier • Crepusculum • Steel Bow • Flourish HeartSteel StaffSilver Twin Swords • Spee Weiss • Clairempathy • Spirit Staff - Fire • Spirit Staff - Ice • Spirit Staff - Air • Spirit Staff - Bolt • Protector Sword • Stylish Broom • Klinge Mahne • Madcat Spear • Elemental Breath - Fire • Elemental Breath - Ice • Elemental Breath - Bolt • Colossal Edge • White Wing Spear • Mystical Wonder - Fire • Mystical Wonder - Air • Mystical Wonder - Ice • Mystical Wonder - Bolt • Fortune's Light • Sunburst Staff • Training PathIron Claws • Healing Staff • Battle Axe • Light Iron Staff • Handmade Staff • Blue Sky Bow • Flamberge • Mimir's StaffBeginner's StaffSteel StaffSerene Envoy's BladePrincess WandConvenient BroomResonance ChimeFortune StaffLongevity MalletHearthful WandBeloved Sword
Layered Velvet - Slash • Thunder Armor • Frost Armor • Layered Velvet - Strike • Layered Velvet - Slash • Fire Armor • Air Armor • Layered Velvet - Stab • Steel ArmorSilky Outfit • Beast Armor • Night Shade • Riveted Leather Armor • Colorful Robes • Combat Shirt • Adventurer's Clothing • Weightless Shirt • Herbal Shirt • Skuller CoatRadiant Plate • Plate Vest • Yarn Coat • Gold Jacket • Gold Embroidered Coat • Charade Lumont • Silver Thread Armor • Spirit Robe • Journey Raiment • Fairy Cloak - Fire • Fairy Cloak - Air • Fairy Cloak - Ice • Border Scale • Wanderer's Shirt • Leather Protector • Hard Coat • Mixed Fur Shirt • Noble Tunic • Traveler's Vest • Princess DressFortune KimonoHero's ArmorSteel ArmorMeteorite ArmorWindbreakerLongevity HaoriHeartful DressBeloved Armor
Godspeed BootsMythical Ring • White-Hot Headband • Glory Belt • Perfume • Battle Scarf • Hustle Belt • Hot-Blooded Bandana • Angel Charm • Angel Ribbon • Gnade Ring - Phys • Gnade Ring - Mag • Chronicle Mark - Slash • Chronicle Mark - Stab • Chronicle Mark - Strike • Fire Spirit Ring • Gale Force Ring • Phantom Ice Ring • King of Thunder Ring • Energy PendantRunestoneSpirit NecklaceQuartz NecklaceBunny Tail • Uni Charm • Monochrome Glasses • Hero's CharmSerenity ScarfSerene Envoy's BootsMetal BootsGlass TiaraFortune ShimenawaLongevity EnvelopeHeartful EarmuffsBeloved Talisman
Battle Items
Healing BellDark WaterWar PowderMagic SwordSmoked MeatBottled MisfortuneRose BombDrachen ElixirFlame AquaAlchemy CandyGolden Extract SoupElixirGenesis HammerLuminous LanceRatsel LuftKleid Ice BombBody Energy PowderPowerful OintmentTriton's TrumpetPinwheelSchnee SturmLightning BellRed War PowderRestoration BottlePumpkin DollThorny EmbraceIce CaltropBlitz CoreMiracle EbonyalRevolving Magic SwordTranquil SaveLightning CrystalPotion of DestructionProtection PowderStahl Ice BombCocktail LebLava CubeAssorted CandyWandering GlobeTonicForbidden ElixirHealing ElixirElectrical Discharge TubeGoddess ShieldCraftlioPoison SmokeAshra DonutImp's MischiefOrkanrufSoul Absorbing GourdStellapearlGlass RoseTénèbres LanceDream RainmentEnergizing DrinkWholehearted ChocolateDry BiscuitLightning BombSimple CookiesCraftMystic RobeGrass BeansExplosive UniBombHealing SalveUni BagWitch's PotionSecret RemedyAcid Fog
Special Items
ManaBattle CoinChallenge TicketShiny CoinsLegend MedalMemory FragmentBrilliant Wishing StoneExperience Candy VExperience Candy IVExperience Candy IIIExperience Candy IIExperience Candy INew Valeria Chapter Wish Ticket5M Worldwide DL Celebration Wish TicketCelebration MedalElixir of ReturnPower Up Dew VPower Up Dew IVPower Up Dew IIIPower Up Dew IIPower Up Dew IPlain CookieHand-Wrapped Mini CookiesGlowing Red Orb IIIGlowing Red Orb IIGlowing Red Orb IGlowing Blue Orb IIIGlowing Blue Orb IIGlowing Blue Orb IGlowing Yellow Orb IIIGlowing Yellow Orb IIGlowing Yellow Orb IGlowing Green Orb IIIGlowing Green Orb IIGlowing Green Orb IGlowing Purple Orb IIIGlowing Purple Orb IIGlowing Purple Orb ILight OrbLarge Light OrbSacred OrbMemory FragmentMemory CrystalAtelier FES Wish TicketsLodestar GemsAtelier Lydie & Suelle Wish TicketAtelier Ryza Wish TicketNew Izana Chapter Celebration Wish TicketGift CoinHappy New Year Wish TicketAtelier Shallie LEGEND FES Wish TicketCookie CoinChocolate CookieParagon Knights Wish TicketVALENTINE 2024 Wish TicketEvent Boon Box Ticket (Chocolate Mix)Synthesis Coin (Normal)Synthesis Coin (Rare)Glowing Green Orb IVGlowing Red Orb IVGlowing Yellow Orb IVGlowing Purple Orb IVGlowing Blue Orb IVHalf-Year Anniversary Present Battle InvitationThe Awakened Calamity Wish TicketChallenge Coins (Geron)Memoria Exchange Ticket Half-Anniversary