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Water is a material item found in the Atelier games.

Atelier Rorona

"It's clear and tasteless. Everyone has drank this at least once in their life. It's easy to take it for granted, but humans can't live without it"
          — Atelier Rorona description

Water is a very basic but highly used material in many alchemy recipes. Water can be gathered at the well in front of Rorona's workshop in Arls for free, but higher quality water can be purchased from Tiffani at R&T's Sundries. Cole Dueller may also randomly sell high quality water as part of his inventory during one of his monthly sales.

There are various places that Rorona can gather water in her travels as well, all with varying qualities. The highest quality free water can be gathered from a well in the Dark Woods.

Water is required for the following recipes:

Atelier Totori

"Water. Is further explanation needed? There's no such thing as "pure" water because over time a plethora of things dissolve on it."
          — Atelier Totori description

Water is required for the following recipes:

Atelier Meruru

"Trying to get really clean, clear water can be pretty tough. It's usually kind of cloudy. Use this when synthesizing liquids. You know, like soup!"
          — Atelier Meruru description

Water can be gathered from the town well next to the workshop in Arls. It can also be randomly gathered from the Endless Corridor once it's unlocked. It is used in a wide variety of baking and other recipes.

Water is required for the following recipes:

Atelier Ayesha

"It's water. You can drink it or use it as a medicine ingredient. I wish the water was a little cleaner..."
          — Description
  • Quality: 40
  • Trait: Water Power


  • Front of Workshop
  • Village Plaza

Atelier Escha & Logy

"Water from the town's well. It's potable, but the source is drying."
          — Description


Atelier Shallie

"Water, a substance essential for human life. However, the number of regions with wells drying up increases with each passing day, and the price of water is growing quite high."
          — Description


Disassembled from


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