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Jessica Philomele is a playable character in Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

She is Vayne's classmate and the first person to befriend him in school. A slight klutz, Jess maintains a very optimistic view of her life. Enrolled in the academy under special circumstances, Jess has a hobby of fiddling with her weird experiments.

Jess is generally friendly, compassionate, and perky, although she can also act stubborn and naive. Despite her depleting health, Jess remains positive and cheerful in life. As a child, her parents were reluctant to accept her fate but later changed their thoughts about it. She admits to Vayne that she never understood emotions dealing with death and parting.

Though child-like and cute in so many ways, Jess is quite clever and resourceful, being skilled in synthesis and blowing things up. She loves alchemy and is known for her strange yet intriguing medicines. She views her friends as her source of strength and courage and is eager to help everyone in trouble with her synthesized items. Albeit her inventions cause more trouble than assistance, her intentions are always genuine. Sometimes, though not often, she lets her emotions guide her head, often causing in the ensuing chaos.



Pre-Mana Khemia

Prior to the story, it was revealed that Jess used to live in a village with her parents. As a child, she was afflicted with a serious disease. No doctor had been able to cure her and it seemed hopeless. However, the legendary alchemist, Theofratus Aurelius, managed to rid the girl of her disease but came at a heavy cost. As a result, Jess' lifespan had been greatly reduced. She was enrolled in the academy because she practiced alchemy without a license, and it was considered a heavy crime. However, Ernentraud Karnap spotted her talents and instead of casting her into the prison, Ernentraud offered her parents to enroll their daughter to the academy.

Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

She first appeared as trying to converse with Vayne, who was talking with Sulpher. Annoyed because she does not get his attention, she shouted and she surprised him, before admitting that she was a bit worried her classmate would be crazy for talking to a cat.

Character Quests

Character Quest 1

Story: "I messed up another alchemy synthesis. I thought it would work, too. Vayne helped me clean up this time, so it was alright, but I need to be more careful next time."

Character Quest 2

Story: "... I blew up the atelier again. It's so weird though...Vayne helped me clean up again, but I know this is bad. I played around with alchemy before I came to this school, so if I get kicked out, I'll be stuck in jail. Oh, but next time I do a difficult synthesis, Vayne said he'll help me. Then I can't mess up, right?"

Character Quest 3

Story: "I fainted during synthesis. I felt perfectly fine lately, so it caught me off guard. Vayne saw it, too. I asked him to keep it a secret, but... Oh well. It can't be helped. I was sick when I was young, and because of it..."

Character Quest 4

Story: "I got in a fight with Vayne. He kept bugging me about my body. But then I fainted right after, and it was Vayne who helped me again... If I didn't wake up, the last thing we did would have been to fight. It made me sad, and I realized what he meant. But either way, my body won't get any better."

Character Quest 5

Story: "Oh my god, Vayne is horrible! He tricked me, pretending he was dead. I really thought he died... But that means everyone will feel this way... when I die. I assumed there was nothing I could do about it, but Vayne promised to cure me. So I want to try my best, too."


Jess is fairly talented in alchemy, very proficient in making bombs and medicines. She is also very resourceful, her bag being her main weapon. Although Jess claims it as a bag enhanced with simple alchemy, her bag can even store Muppy along with his pot, and Jess can draw a spiked hammer from it, symbolized with her skill Thundering Hammer.

In Battle

Jess is, arguably the best mage in the game, far surpassing Pamela for her higher HP cap and endurance, and also surpasses Roxis for her larger MP cap. Her high magic also makes her a very good magic attacker, and somehow resembles Pamela, she can inflict various status ailments, mainly Seal status ailment. She is a support-oriented character, even though she can access powerful magic attacks via common skills, such as Tornado and Meteor. Jess can also convert monsters into snacks, serving as base ingredients for food-themed mana items or equipment.

Her Finishing Burst is Wind's Whisper, joining powers with the Mana of Wind to deal super damage. Its attribute is Magic, which targets a single enemy and hits for x9 HIT.


Skill Table - Grow Book
Name SP Cost Type Attack Description Type Effect Target
Mana Blast None Magic Do range damage with the help of the winds. ATK Support None Range(L) x4 HIT
Cheer Healing None None Take damage for ally, and small heal for all allies. DEF Support None All Allies
On-the-spot Synthesis None None None List Skill None None
Thundering Hammer 20 MP Magic Damage with giant hammer. ATK Skill Seal Single Enemy x1 HIT
Minimum Tornado 48 SP Magic Deal medium damage with a tornado from a Wind Mana. ATK Skill None Range(S) x6 HIT
Funny Pouch 15 SP Magic Swallow enemy with bag, dealing damage. ATK Skill Turn enemy into sweets if killing blow. Single Enemy x4 HIT
Sky Present 100 SP Magic Luck decides what comes. Time Skill, places 3 timecards. S~L damage. ATK Skill Single Enemy
Healing Echo α 16 SP Magic Heal Ally (Usable on Map) SUP Skill Time skill, places 1 timecard, lasts 2 turns. Will heal ally with lowest HP. Single Ally
Healing Echo β 48 SP Magic Medium Heal (Usable on Map) SUP Skill Time skill, places 2 timecards, lasts 2 turns. Will heal ally with lowest HP. Single Ally
Healing Echo Ω 130 SP Magic Medium Heal (Usable on Map) SUP Skill Time Skill, places 1 timecard, lasts 2 turns. All Allies
List Skill - On-the-spot Synthesis
Name Item Cost Type Attack Description Type Effect Target
Flamer Black Powder x5 Fire Synthesize a bomb to deal great damage ATK Skill Double-up Skill All Enemies x1 HIT
Icer Bomb Glacier Stone x5 Ice Synthesize an ice bomb to deal great damage. ATK Skill Double-up Skill All Enemies x1 HIT
Donor Bomb Thunder Stone x5 Thunder Synthesize a lightning rod to deal great damage ATK Skill Double-up skill All Enemies x3 HIT
N/A Big Uni x2 Magic Synthesize an explosive Uni to deal medium damage ATK Skill Double-up skill, knockback Single Enemy x1 HIT
Healing Vase Spinacherb x5 Magic Synthesize a medicine to heal a lot. SUP Skill Double-up skill All Allies


  • In a movie trailer available at the official English website, Jess is titled 'Most Alchemic'.
  • Jess is the tallest female character among the cast.
  • When using her On-the-Spot Synthesis, each skill has the appearance of the Mana Items party can synthesize in the workshop. Respectively, in accordance with her skills, the skills take form as Tera Flame, Bomb Bomb Ice, Thunder Rod, Uni Bomb, and Heal All.
  • She is the only character able to synthesize Brilliant Stone in a week. Everyone else needs two or three weeks, depending on the character.
  • As revealed in the Girls' Dormitory, Jess' mom buys pink clothes for her. However, she prefers thick, dark colors like deep purple and reddish-brown because they make her feel more relaxed.
  • When she sees a barrel, she will say "Ba~rrel!"
  • When you confront her in Vayne's Classroom before Chapter 7's Cross Campus Ultra Alchemy Trivia contest, she will say "Oh, hey Vayne. What's up?"