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The Demon Crucible is a Escha-only support item found only in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.

Atelier Escha & Logy

"A crucible that melts one material and creates a different one."
          — Atelier Escha & Logy Description

In Atelier Escha & Logy, the Demon Crucible is a support item that Escha can create at Alchemy LV. 42 once she obtains the recipe book, "Oath of Eden" from Marion before leaving to exploring the Unexplored Ruins near the end of the story.

Despite its old and worn-out look, this powerful support item can be both useful and dangerous since it takes away a lot of Escha's HP with every use, but grants her multiple turns in a row in exchange if synthesized properly.


Name Despriction Attribute Value
Impish Mischief A mysterious incantation calls forth good and bad events. The bad event's power is reduced by luck. [Fire: 0-100]
Name Despriction Attribute Value
Consecutive Act Allows the target to take 2 turns in a row during battle for the next 4 turns. [Water: 0-7]
Instant Action Allows the target to take 3 turns in a row during battle for the next 6 turns. [Water: 8-9]
Avoid KO Automatically revives on the next turn after being KO'd. [Water: 80-100]
Name Despriction Attribute Value
HP Consume S2 Consumes a massive percentage of max HP. [Wind: 0-100]


Atelier Escha & Logy

  • Heart of Flame x1
  • Cup of Life x1
  • (Clay) x1
  • (Mystery) x1

Creation Tips

Like the Forbidden Capsule in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk, the Demon Crucible can be a useful item in tough boss battle if created with the right properties and effects. The effects, "Impish Mischief" and "HP Consume S2" will appear no matter what, but what appears in the water gauge will make a serious difference. You can easily use "Reset Attribute" to get "Consecutive Act", but what the player needs to aim for is getting the effect, "Instant Action", which allows Escha to take 3 turns in a row during battle for the next 6 turns. Getting it however, is tricky since the Attribute value to obtain it is between 8-9. Here is a guide to pull this off.

  • The first thing the player needs to do is synthesize a Cup of Life with the properties, "Perpetual Motion"(for unlimited usage) and "Slag Wave"(to increase the SP gauge every time you use it). You can easily transfer these to a Medicine item such as a Medical Solution and not worry about PP usage if you created a Medic. Ing such as Preserved Tablet by following the Super PP items guide. Keep Perpetual Motion, Slag Wave, and Traditional Soul.
  • Next, simply create a Heart of Flame with the Super PP properties attached to it.
  • Now it's time to synthesize a Demon Crucible using Heart of Flame, Cup of Life, Moon Milk (which can be found on Geosis before it falls), and a Dunkelheit.
  • First, add the 1st, 2nd and 4th material.
  • Then use Compression.
  • Use Division and Perfect Division on Dunkeheit as much as possible (you want to build up as much Fire/Water/Earth points as possible).
  • Use CP Recovery+ LV.3.
  • Reset the Water element to drop it to zero.
  • Add Moon Milk to raise the Water gauge to twenty.
  • Finally, use Absorb Lv.2 and Absorb Lv.1 to drop the water gauge exactly to eight before finishing. If you done everything right, you should have a Demon Crucible with the Equip. Cost at four and the effect, "Instant Action" in the effects list.
  • Now for the properties, add Perpetual Motion, Slag Wave, and Demon's Crucible(which causes the WT for Escha's turn to be shortened after she uses it and again on her third turn). You should have more than enough PP due to the Super PP properties that was on the Heart of Fire that was used to create the item.

If you followed this guide completely, you should have created a perfect Demon Crucible with grants 3 turns in a row, increases the SP gauge with each use, shortens Escha's WT, and has unlimited usage. Combined with an auto Elixer Base, this item will help Escha and her teammates quickly gain the advantage in a tough boss fight, such as Flameu at full power and the bosses found in the Palace of Paupers and the Palace Depths, such as the Ancient Beast King.