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The Ruby Prism is the most powerful item that can be made through alchemy and appears in many games across the series. Many of the games revolve around trying to create this item in one form or another. Very often, it can be used to turn dirt or pebbles into gold.

Atelier Iris

The Ruby Prism in this game is a device that provides a limitless source of energy. It is used to power the artificial humanoids that Iris created to live with her in Avenberry. It is eventually discovered during the story that the Prism being used for Lita Blanchimont's life force is damaged. Klein spends the majority of the game pursuing the knowledge on how to create a new one.

Recipe: Gurgu's Cane + Reptile Egg

[This is created automatically as part of the story. Both of the ingredients are Key Items that cannot be obtained again.]

Atelier Iris 2

The Ruby Prism here, like in the first Iris game, is used as a power source. They were used to power the Azure and Crimson Azoths created by Palaxius and Elusmus.

Atelier Rorona

"A prism that is said to be the ultimate goal of all alchemists. The shape of it depends on the person who synthesized the prism."
          — Atelier Rorona description

The recipe book containing the recipe for the Ruby Prism can be found in a chest on floor 14 of Orthogalaxen, which is not accessible until Year 3.

It is a high level alchemy item that is time consuming to create, and also requires rare material to make. It cannot be registered using Wholesale at any shop, making it even more rare, but in the DX version it can be registered with Hagel. It is a material that is used in both the Ruby Pie and Gold. If going for the "Pie Shop" ending, making two Ruby Prisms are required in order to make both the Ruby Pie, and the gold bar for the Golden Pie.

Esty may request these at the castle as one of the available Front Quests near the end of the game, but given the rarity of the item, this is not recommended.

Atelier Totori

"The complete stone. All alchemists strive to make it. Rather, alchemists exist to try and make this."
          — Atelier Totori description


  • Based on the ruby's appearance it is mostly likely a reference to the Philosopher's Stone. A red ruby or stone like object known as the pinnacle of alchemy. In some fables it is said that the power of the stone is so great that it can ignore the laws of alchemy and can transform metal into gold, create anything from nothing, and create the elixir of life. 
  • In the Arland series, the item is known as the Philosopher's Stone in the Japanese-language version of the games.
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