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Pendelook, also known as Pendelock and Pendeloch, is a material item found in the Atelier games.

Mana Khemia

"A bluish white jewel that is said to be a crystallized soul. A larger jewel has more powers."
          — Mana Khemia


  • E-Level: 80
  • Battle Item
  • Sell: 68


  • Water


  • Bottom Center

Ether Effects

  • MGK+ (L)
  • Tornado


  • Item No.101

Atelier Rorona

"A stone that is said to be the crystallized spirit of the dead. Each one of them is shaped differently, but they all weigh the same. Weird..."
          — Atelier Rorona description

A beautiful gemstone that is somewhat rare, and dropped from ghost-type enemies. Pamela will ask for Pendelook as part of her Friend Quests. Cole may randomly sell Pendelook as part of his inventory during one of his monthly sales.


Atelier Totori

"A stone with powerful spiritual energy. Sone say it is a crystallized soul of the dead. Ghost monsters drop it so it might not be so far-fetched."
          — Atelier Totori description



Atelier Meruru

"A stone with powerful spiritual energy. Some say it's a crystallized soul. I'm okay with ghosts as long as they're like Ms. Pamela."
          — Atelier Meruru description

Low quality Pendelook's can be purchased from Pamela's shop. You can only gather them from the Endless Corridor in the later years of the game.

The best source for the item is from ghost knight enemies (such as the Spectre and Phantom Knight, both found at the Modis Ruins).



Atelier Escha & Logy

"A pale blue crystal said to be the soul and tears of a mystic force."
          — Description


Dropped by

Atelier Shallie

"A mysterious crystal that emits a pale blue light. It's confirmed that it contains substances not found in the human world, and is said to be the tears of a creature from another dimension."
          — Description


  • Drifting Ghost Ship
  • Castle of Mirages
  • Geofront

Atelier Sophie

UserSophie.png "This gemstone is strange... I kind of get the chills just holding it..."
UserPlachta.png "There seems to be something faintly glowing inside, but it disappears when its broken, so nobody knows what it is."


Dropped by

Used in

Atelier Resleriana


  • Synthesis Material
  • All Recovery Boost: Boosts HP recovery given to all allies by 3~25%.
  • Critical Damage Up: Boosts critical damage by 6~60%.



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