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Welcome to the Atelier Wiki!
The Atelier Wiki is dedicated to GUST's Atelier series.

The Atelier games primarily focus on in-depth crafting systems (referred to as "Synthesis Systems") that tie in material collection and RPG combat systems as part of the core gameplay loop!

Atelier Resleriana's main event on the global server is currently, Valentine Legend FES 2024, Chapter 8 LEGEND FES, Miss Saskia's Assignments and Royal Knights Training Grounds.

Atelier Resleriana's main event on the JP server is currently Chapter 12 LEGEND FES, 27th Anniversary LEGEND FES and 3M Celebration LEGEND FES

We are currently maintaining 3,359 articles.

Synthesis plays a BIG role with the Atelier games!

Players will find themselves spending more time doing Synthesis than a handful number of RPGs that feature its own crafting system thanks to the complexity of these unique synthesis systems implemented in each entry— which continue to distinctly change & evolve through the games in the
Arland, Dusk, Mysterious, Secret subseries!

Alchemists are the protagonists for Atelier! Their stories are often low stakes

The alchemists in Atelier are presented differently due themselves being seen as "one that seeks improvement"; which is often the driving force for the main protagonists of the games. Stories in Atelier are oriented towards the protagonists' personal goals and are filled with events that present their character growth through the world & people they get to know as the player progresses.

While there are some Atelier games that depict death, it's important to note that Atelier strictly follows a narrative policy that avoids writing scenarios that show death too directly.

The main priority of Atelier Wiki

People have been curious about the Atelier series. Stuff related to gameplay guides exist out there, but information about the non-gameplay side of Atelier is lacking a whole lot. Atelier Wiki's main priority is to supply information about these and would greatly help people who would like to read and be immersed with anything GUST has provided outside of the gameplay the games offer.
(Think of it in the perspective that includes people who have not played a single Atelier in their life; a fair amount of casual readers will not understand what gameplay terms you're talking about in text form.)

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