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Vayne Aurelius is the leading protagonist of Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis. He also appears in Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World and Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Liberator of Polar Night.

Living in the secluded mountains before the story of the game takes place, he only knows Sulpher as his only friend. Invited to the Academy by Zeppel Kriever, he starts his school years along with his wacky but dependable workshop friends.

Timid and weak at the beginning of the game, Vayne is shy and awkward in social interaction because of his previously secluded life in the mountains -- and he finds comfort in things people find strange, the one being most obvious is whenever he talks with his cat, Sulpher. -- However, throughout the game, he matures; he becomes strong-willed, while still maintaining his timid personality, he grows to be more mature and is someone who strongly believes in his comrades, and he will take even extreme measures if it means he can protect his friends. He is quick to forgive as shown as he tries to befriend Roxis, even though the latter had been trying to injure him and his friends for times. 

Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis


Warning! The Atelier Wiki may spoil the story of the game. Read on your own risk!

Vayne is first introduced at the very beginning of the game when Zeppel invited him to the Al-Revis Academy. After the Orientation Period of the Academy ends, he met with Jessica Philomele, who introduced herself as Jess.

The pair then made their way to the School Grounds, only to be stopped by two upperclassmen, Tony and Renee, yet Flay interjects and 'saved' the two. Flay afterward forcefully brought the two to his workshop, and there they met with a beastwoman, called Nikki.

The Vice-Principal then visited the group, saying that she will revoke the Workshop but Flay refuses, saying that she promises him that if he could find members for his workshop, she will let him keep the workshop until he graduates. Worried about Vayne, Nikki, and Jess, the Vice Principal then told them to make a Nicro Cloth -- if they can, then she will leave them be. But if they cannot, she will have to revoke the workshop. Being the man he is, Flay leaves the task to the three Freshmen, confused and lost.


Warning! The Atelier Wiki may spoil the story of the game. Read on your own risk!

Depending on whether or not the player completed a party member's character quest will determine what ending they will get.

If the player did not complete a character quest up to Max Level.

After the boss battle with Vayne in the last chapter, he tells the party that everything happening is all his fault, and it's better off that he disappears. To stop the destruction of Al-Revis Academy, he makes one final wish to destroy himself. This saves the school from being destroyed but kills Vayne in the process. The party mourns his death and Isolde has second thoughts about whether getting rid of him was the right thing to do.

If the player did complete a character quest up to Max Level.

After the boss fight with Vayne, he will declare that everything is his fault and that he should disappear. However, one of your party members (Depending on who's character quest is at max level) will step forward to talk to Vayne. His other self says that it's useless to talk to him and that this is what he wants. But the party member talks to him anyway and convinces Vayne not to sacrifice himself. Vayne then rejoins the party and says that they still have to stop the destruction of the school. This leads to the true ending route giving the player another boss fight to face.

After defeating the True Final Boss, The world that Vayne created begins to collapse. The party runs for the exit but before Vayne leaves. He has a conversation with his other self who says that by doing this Vayne will no longer possess any powers as a Mana and that he will just be a normal human being. Vayne confirms that he is okay with this and lets it happen. The world that Vayne created completely disappears. Everyone celebrates and Isolde has nothing to say about Vayne's action. The game then continues to the ending depending on which character quest you obtained max level with.



Name Stars
Vayne The Power to Grant Wishes ★ 2


Vayne is extremely adaptive in his study, and in battle. As an Artificial Mana, he is the Mana of Wishes, able to grant the wishes of someone, even if it means to kill another. He wields great power, which Isolde fears and detests. With his powers, unconsciously he can perform miracles. His powers were so great that he can return the dead to the living realm, simply by making a wish.

In Battle

Vayne is a very balanced character. However, his repertoire is all composed of physical attacks, making him a very efficient striker since he has balanced HP and MP cap. He can be a magic-user via common skills obtained from synthesizing his weapons, armors, and accessories too, but that would not be very necessary since Jess is a very adept mage, able to best him in every aspect of magic, making Jess a more suitable mage candidate than Vayne.

His Finishing Burst is Einzelkampf, extracting more of Sulpher's power to deal with massive damage. Its attribute is Physical, targets single enemy, and hits for 9x HIT. His attribute is Dragon Striker, making him very advantageous against dragon enemies.

Boss Battle

Vayne is the penultimate boss in Chapter 12. As he had let powers (Other Vayne) overtake him, he gains a very destructive arsenal of attacks, capable of utilizing both physical and magical attacks. He can even summon Meteor according to his will, making him a very tough boss battle if the player is not prepared. His card skills can be countered by using Roxis's Purifying, and as usual, he resists all of the possible status ailments.


Skill Table - Grow Book
Name MP Cost Type Attack Description Type Effect Target
Valiant Claw None Physical Deal damage with left arm's huge sword. ATK Support Knockback Single enemy x2 HIT
Massive Guard None Physical Guard an attack in place of an ally. DEF Support Block 100% Physical Self Only
Analyze 8 MP Physical Deal damage with left arm's sword. ATK Skill See enemy stats (HP and weakness) Single enemy x3 HIT
Eluding Thorn 13 MP Physical Lash out an infinite number of thorns for a little damage. ATK Skill None Range(L) x2 HIT
Shade Shift 24 MP None Multiply self for more actions. SUP Skill Add 1 card for Vayne, 3 turns Self Only
Chaos Devotion 140 MP Physical Transform into a huge sword to do super damage. ATK Skill None Single enemy x7 HIT
Over Realm 54 MP Physical Release Sulpher's power for 3 consecutive actions. SUP Skill Double Up, 3 turns Self only
Blade Pillar 25 MP Physical Deal damage with emerging swords at the enemy's feet. ATK Skill None Single enemy x3 HIT
Rising Pillar 55 MP Physical Deal medium damage with an area of emerging swords. ATK Skill None Row(L) x3 HIT
Violent Pillar 100 MP Physical Deal great damage with infinitely appearing swords. ATK Skill None All enemy


  • His first name, Vayne, is an Old English name commonly used as a surname instead as of someone's personal name, however, it can be given as a first name with written as 'Fayn' instead of Vayne; it is suggested that Vayne is derivated from Old English word (pre-7th-century) 'foegen', Middle English (around 12th-century) 'fein' or 'fayn'. According to the New English Dictionary of 1883, 'Fayne' means "a person who permanently opposes the fools". It is also thought to be rooting from the word fain in the Welsh language, meaning slender.
  • Vayne is the English localization of his name in the Japanese version, Vain, which is more akin to vanity and being created in Theofratus' own image. As well as him being a "wish made in vain" by Theofratus, as well as the existence of Other Vayne being a mirror image of him.
  • His last name, Aurelius, is derived from the Latin word for aurum, meaning "gold". It may also refer to the Emperor Aurelius of Rome. Aurelius is also the nominative form of the word, singular being Aurelius and plural being Aureli.


  • In a movie trailer available at the official English site, Vayne is titled 'Most Uniformly Dressed'.
  • He is the first protagonist to have silver hair.
  • Even though the website includes his birthday as 28 September, in-game, when Pamela asks Vayne's birthday, he answered that his birthday is on 29 September.
  • Vayne shares his voice-over actor with Chaos, the major antagonist of Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny as well as with Sterkenburg Cranach, a very prominent character within the Arland series.
  • When he sees a barrel, he will say "Barrel."


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