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See also: Luard, Atomina, and Meklet.

"I see now, yes, you have wonderful eyes. Filled with ambitions and hopes, most striking.[1]"
          — Alt

Alt (アルト Aruto) is a playable character in Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings.

A young androgynous-looking young man who had recently moved in Merveille to set up an Atelier. Because of his looks, Alt tends to be popular with the ladies, despite his wishes not to be. Alt is one of the alchemist that are being regarded as extremely knowledgeable with information about Alchemy, and his skills are rivaled by only a selected few. Moreover, Alt still constanlty seeks out new things to learn.

Alt has somewhat cool and aloof demeanour, and often acts and speaks in a way that makes it seem like he can see the future.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Prior to the events of Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book, he was known as Luard, an alchemist and childhood friend of Plachta. During the timeline of Atelier Sophie and Atelier Firis, he was also known "separately" as Meklet and Atomina when his original soul was sealed.



For more complete information, see: Luard
Approximately 500 years ago, Alt's hometown suffered from a drought. Alt had recently learned alchemy during that time, and together with his best friend, Plachta, they were able to save their home. His life had shifted to focus around Alchemy right after that event, and although at first Alt was using alchemy for pure fun, he begun pushing to compete with Plachta to see whose better, honing his skills with every passing day.

One day, Alt had made a realization that, even though he didn't want to admit, Plachta had surpassed him in alchemy. It wasn't easy to overcome this time as each day Alt falls behind even more, and the more he tries to keep pace, the more he struggles. Until one day, Alt had found the Eradication Alchemy-- an alchemy that twists nature, sacrificing the future to obtain ultimate power. Blinded by desperation and hunger for self-rightiousness, Alt did not resist obtaining its potential, even though he had acknowledged its risks. He tried it once, and again and again, ultimately succumbed to its power. Soon after, Alt had forgotten his original purpose, and disregarded everything but Eradication Alchemy.

Alt's usage of this kind of alchemy (also known as Ablation Alchemy), resulted in a lot of inevitable damages, primarily its surrounding environments. Plachta tries and convince his fellow friend to stop this madness, however when she realises if Alt would continue his goals, if would negatively effect the world, she faced the corrupted alchemist and tries to stop Alt from further use of this power. An alchemist battle had occurred in this confrontation with each other, and its outcome also had great consequence. Plachta was able to stop Alt, even splitting his soul in two artificial lifeforms known as Meklet and Atomina, that reduces them with the impossibility to use alchemy again. Plachta then sealed her own soul into a book and erase her memory to prevent anyone gaining information about Eradication Alchemy, as well as about turning the artificials back into Luard.

Atelier Sophie

For more complete information, see: Meklet & Atomina
500 years later, as Meklet and Atomina, they would befriend Sophie. After learning that Sophie plans to help Plachta to regain her memory, Luard would help her in her goals so that he could find the location of the Cauldron of Knowledge, a cauldron which allows anyone to use alchemy.

As time passes, Sophie was able to synthesize the Key of Truth to open the Cauldron, Plachta also remembers the exact location of it. She hurries Sophie to go to its position as Plactha has a feeling Meklet and Atomina would go there first. With Plachta remembering that piece of information, she also regains her memories, and explains to Sophie 500 years ago about Luard and how she turned his soul into two human-like objects. Since Melket and Atomina are only artificial bodies, they are unable to use alchemy at all, and so the two's actual goal is to actually use the Cauldron of Knowledge, to turn themselves back and regain their true form.

Arriving to the place, Melket and Atomina indeed already are in the location where the cauldron is, Much to Plactha's dismay. Both beings then use it to become one anew, fulfilling their 500-lifelong goal to become Luard again. As soon as both had combined, Luard, without any hesitation begun to use the power of Ablation Alchemy. Plachta and Sophie flees from the scene back in their atelier, and Plachta then explains her relationship with Luard fully this time, reminiscing the days of those 500 years ago.

Luard would then have a fight against Sophie and Plachta which he will lose and then be split as Meklet and Atomina once again.

In the additional scenario, both Meklet and Atomina wanders in the area in hope to find a way to use alchemy again. On their way they meet Sophie and Plachta many times (the latters looking for them to know what are they doing) but manage to escape from them. Upon returning to the Ancient library, they meet a Dragon, but are saved by Sophie and Plachta. Afterwards, Meklter and Atomina tell them that they aim to use alchemy again. While Plachta is reluctant to help them, Sophie decides to do it. After they gain the ability to do alchemy again, both Meklet and Atomina would leave the city.

Atelier Firis

Meklet and Atomina appears from time to time, meeting Firis a fair amount of times during her travel. As the story progresses, both of them eventually asked Firis to help build an airship in order to go to the Skyfaring Ark to find the truth of what happened to an old friend of them, 500 years ago.

Atelier Lydie & Suelle

Between the events of Firis and Lydie & Suelle, Meklet and Atomina accidentally fell into the cauldron while doing synthesis and were turned into a younger version of their original form as Luard. Renaming himself "Alt" in memory of his old friend, he moved to Merveille and started an atelier there, quickly gaining a reputation as a young, brilliant alchemist.

Upon meeting Lydie and Suelle and hearing about their dreams to make their atelier the greatest in the kingdom, he joins them in their painting exploration travels and offers alchemy advice to them.

Hoping to move on from his past and what he did, he initially hides his identity from everyone until his true name and past are eventually exposed to Lydie and Suelle in Etel Nepica. Because he feel bad about using Eradication Alchemy. With the help of the twins, he eventually manages to reconcile with his past and make amends with Plachta.

As a party member


  • Wedge of the Sun - Costs 20 MP. Offensive. Light Fire Damage. Small Area.
    • Cause light Fire Damage to enemies in a small area. Inflict additional damage proportionate to the Equipment Effect.
  • Sea God's Judgement - Costs 20 MP. Offensive. Light Ice Damage. Single Enemy.
    • Cause light Ice damage to a single enemy. Inflict additional damage proportionate to the Equipment Effect.
  • Thunderbolt's Wraith - Costs 20 MP. Offensive. Light Lightning Damage. Single enemy.
    • Inflict additional damage proportionate to the Equipment Effect.
  • Oath of Glass - Costs 30 MP. Tactical. Self Applied.
    • Increase Equipment Effect massively but consume a large amount of HP.

Follow-up Skills

  • Dwarf Star's Ferocity
    • Cause light damage to a single enemy. Inflict additional damage proportionate to the Equipment Effect. Use a skill against the enemy to inflict damage.
  • Monthly Censure
    • Cause light damage to a single enemy. Inflict additional damage proportionate to the Equipment Effect. Use a skill against all enemies to inflict damage.
  • Cedar Dance
    • Increase Equipment Effect. Use an effect that increases ATK, DEF, or SPD.


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  • Alt uses a book as his primary weapon in Lydie & Suelle, mirroring his use of one as an enemy in Sophie.
  • Alt feel remorse about using Eradication Alchemy and hurt people after being defeated by Sophie and Plachta.
  • In Atelier Online, Lydie brings him up in the event questline The Song of the Blue Sea, the Song of Love. When asked about her experience with romance, a flustered Lydie replies that "I-I didn't... I don't have a crush on...Arrott!?"[2]. In the Japanese version, the name of the cursh is the same katakana as Alt(アルトさん). Arrot is likely a translation error.[3]


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