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"Huh!? Hello!? Wait, Sue! [1]"
          — Lydie

Lydie Malen is one of two protagonists of Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings.

She’s the calm and quiet older twin sister of Suelle. She’s known for having a unique sense of art. She's from a small Atelier located in the capital city of Adalett, called Merveille.[2]

She is the more stable out of the two twins and looks after her younger sister. The two dreams to one day run the kingdom's top atelier.

She isn't very good at physical exercise, but is good at studying. She's social and kind, carefree and does things at her own pace. However, sometimes she can be a bit of an airhead.[3] She was designed and illustrated by Yuugen.

As a playable character she is more inclined towards support and healing. She is also more frail than her twin sister.

Atelier Resleriana


Name Stars
Lydie Rainbow Canvas ★ 3
Lydie Witch of Rose ★ 3


Lydie has considerably inferior strength compared to other allies. It is recommended to place her as a attack character to maximize effectiveness with healing items, or offensive items.

Basic Skills

Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Bash Default 0 MP Strike the enemy with a staff. Single enemy Physical
Defensive Blow Default 10 MP Cause light damage to a single enemy.

Delay the enemy's turn slightly.

Single enemy Physical
Battle Cry Level 1 15 MP Increases ATK of an ally. Single ally Magic
Guide to Defense Level 10 20 MP Increases DEF of all allies. All allies Magic
Wish of Recovery Level 30 ??? MP Apply continuous HP Recovery to all allies. All allies Magic

Support Skills

Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Mental Support Default 0 MP Restore a small amount of MP. [Activate: Use a skill.] Single ally Magic
Physical Support Level 15 0 MP Restore a small amount of HP. [Activate: Receive 5% or more of maximum HP in damage from the enemy.] Single ally Magic
Follow Heal Level 20 0 MP Restore small amounts of HP and MP. [Activate: Use an HP Recovery effect, or use an MP Recovery effect.] Single ally Magic
Elemental Charge Level 25 0 MP Restore medium amount of HP of all allies and increase DEF. [Activate: Cause damage to all enemies.] All allies
Medical Call Level 35 0 MP [Use limit: 1] Revive from KO, and restore half of HP. [Activate: Ally is KO'd.] Single ally Magic
Aura Area Level ??? 0 MP Increase ATK of all allies & restore stun levels. [Activate: Receive damage that amounts to more than 15% of your Max HP.] All allies Magic
Call of Bright Level ??? 0 MP Largely increase ATK & SPD of a single ally. [Activate: Inflict skill damage against an enemy.] Single ally Magic

Passive Skills

Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Gentle Heart Event 0 MP Increase the Recovery amount. Self Only Magic
Nature's Protection Event 0 MP Reduce elemental damage inflicted against you. Self Only Magic
Philanthropic Mind Event 0 MP Increase the Recovery effect of Follow-up Skills. Self Only Magic
Spring of Knowledge Event 0 MP Increase the damage of Battle Mix items. Self Only Magic
True Twin Power Attack Event 0 MP [Combination: Lydie x Suelle] Cause massive damage to all enemies. Greatly delay the enemy's turn. Single ally Physical
Rainbow Codex Sub-Event: Sophie 0 MP [Combination: Lydie x Sophie] Cause massive damage to a single enemy that ignores DEF, and reduces DEF greatly. Single ally Physical
Sancturaire of Demise Sub-Event: Alt 0 MP [Combination: Lydie x Alt] Stun all enemies and add 5 random ailments. Single ally Magic
Avas Order Sub-Event: Lucia 0 MP [Combination: Lydie x Lucia] Increase ATK, DEF, & SPD of all allies, & significantly increase max HP. All allies Magic



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