Plant Oil

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Plant Oil is a material item found in the Atelier games.

Atelier Lydie & Suelle

UserSuelle.png "This is an oil you can extract from plants. It's great!"
UserLydie.png "It helps improve cooking in a healthy way. It's cheap and easy on the purse strings. Of course, too much of it'll go straight to your thighs!"


Dropped by

Used in


Natural Oil Component green 2-2.png Dries Easy Component red 2-1.png
Good for Deep-frying Component red 3-1.png Doesn't Oxidize Component yellow 3-5.png
Economical Size Component blue 3-5.png Plant Blessing Component green 3-1.png
Low-Calorie Component green 4-4.png 100% Pure Component red 5-9.png


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