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The Meteor is a consumable attack item that is found in all games in the Arland series.

Atelier Rorona

"Hold this item and pray to the sky. Something might come falling down if you're lucky."
          — Atelier Rorona description

Once made, a single Meteor can be selected and used multiple times in battle before it is completely used up and disappears. When used, it will damage all enemies on the field with falling objects.

Because it requires two Star Pieces, access to the Ster Highlands is required. Since the Ster Highlands are not accessible until Year 2, they cannot be made until mid-game. Meteors can be registered at Hagel's shop using the Wholesale option. 

Meteors are used to make the Piemeteor. Esty may request Meteors at the castle as one of the available Front Quests.

Atelier Totori

"Something falls from the sky when detonated. You don't know what until you actually use it. Be careful. If you're unlucky, you'll be in a world of pain."
          — Atelier Totori description

Atelier Meruru

"A mystery bomb that will make something rain down. The "something" depends on the materials you use during synthesis."
          — Atelier Meruru description

The meteor is a throwable attack item capable of attacking multiple enemies in battle. It can also be used multiple times in the battle before being used up. Once used, it will attack enemies in between your party member's turns.

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