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Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator (Japanese:レスレリアーナのアトリエ ~忘れられた錬金術と極夜の解放者~,) is the 25th game in the Atelier series, is a RPG with Gacha elements, on this entry all others all main characters from the lasts entries appear on "pulls".


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The story is set in Lantarna, a kingdom that prospered through alchemy 150 years ago. However, alchemy has since died out and been forgotten from people’s memories. The protagonist, Resna Sternenlicht dreams of spreading the forgotten alchemy to the world once again. Her adventure begins as she sets out for the legendary land “The Continent of the End”, where the clues she seeks are said to lie.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Prologue - It's a Pleasure to Meet You

A legend tells that the land was once blessed by a white comet. However, it suddenly turned red one day and plagued the world with calamities. Ultimately, an unknown group called the Mysterious Nine eliminate the threat before disappearing to the World's End. It is said that the source of their power still remains somewhere.

Resna Sternenlicht is a novice trying to become a full-fledged alchemist. Her mentor gave her the assignment to go to the Royal Capital for this purpose. In the middle of her journey, along her childhood friend Izana Kokoschka who aims to become a knight, the two girls end up lacking funds to pursue their journey and Resna tries to sell items she synthetized while Izana has already been able to send materials she got from hunting. Unfortunately, people usually do not know what is alchemy nowadays, and when Resna tries to share her knowledge about it, they are often scared away due to its reputation.

While gathering more materials, Resna is attacked by monsters. Outnumbered, she struggles to defeat them and is saved just in time by Reisalin Stout. Resna is delighted to learn that she is also an alchemist and inquires on how she was able to become one. After their meeting, Resna goes back to the Atelier by eating a Strange Candy, where her mentor Saskia was having tea. During their chat, four alchemists suddenly arrive in the Atelier: Marlone, Judith Volltone, Rorolina Frixell and Shallistera Argo. They introduce themselves and explain how each of them come from a different world and they woke up one day in this unknown land with the same Strange Candy Resna got from Saskia, the latter explains that this is a common occurrence and these people are called "Wanderers".

Resna, Judith, Rorona, Shallistera and Marie

Interested about alchemy from other worlds, Resna asks the Wanderers to teach her, but it turns out they can't use what they learnt from their world here. Saskia thus suggests them to help Resna during a synthesis to get more familiar with this world's alchemy instead. They easily get the hang of it as similarities remain and they succeed in synthetizing a rather high quality item despite the hardships. Saskia explains how alchemy used to be easier long ago when comets and the mana they brought were still abundant until there was a drought and alchemy became such a foreign concept as now. The Atelier is a special place where mana can be amplified by the power of multiple alchemists but as its creation is arduous, it wasn't enough to preserve alchemy. Resna declares wanting to find the World's End, a legendary place rich in mana across the ocean, in order to solve the mana shortage and bring back alchemy to its past glory, but Saskia won't let her do so unless she becomes a full-fledged alchemist. When Shallistera asks Resna how will she find the World's End, she says wanting to spread the wonders of alchemy first with the hope of finding people with the same purpose. Shallistera offers to accompany her as she is faced with a similar situation in her world.

Resna's journey resume with Shallistera helping her selling items but Resna's enthusiasm makes a client flee once again. The two girls discuss it further away but they are cut in the middle of their conversation by the apparition of monsters. After the battle, Shallistera asks Resna what alchemy truly means to her and that she should reflect on it if she wants people to be more open about alchemy. They are attacked a second time and are able to defeat the monsters. A third wave takes them by surprise but Izana arrives just in time to save them. Izana joins them to sell items and this time, Resna is finally able to draw customers thanks to Shallistera's advice and by the end of the day, everything was sold.

Chapter 1: In The Royal Capital

Resna arrives on the Royal Capital

Resna Sternenlicht, Izana Kokoschka, and Shallistera Argo arrive together at the Royal Capital. As it is their first time here, they are mesmerized at how big and different it is from their village in the countryside. Resna quickly gets a hold of herself as she remembers her goal, which is to make money to be able to survive as an alchemist on her own. Only then will she no longer be an apprentice.

While walking around and wondering how she could find jobs, Resna falls upon a mysterious man who seems curious about what the work of an alchemist entails. Since she doesn't have one though, the man advises her to check out the Star's Cocoon Cafe as they arrange job requests for people.

Resna meets up with Izana and Shallistera and shares what she learnt. Upon their arrival, they fall upon Reisalin Stout and Rorolina Frixell who work there. They are introduced to Iksel Jahnn who works at the cafe as a chef. Ryza explains how she's also a wanderer who came along some friends currently busy somewhere else. While Iksel and Rorona handle things in the kitchen, Ryza is both a waitress and the one handling the requests. When hearing that Resna was looking for a job, Ryza suggests that she takes on a request for a Monster Extermination in the Capital Outskirts. Resna and her friends complete the request as well as a few others to get the hang of it.

After working so much, Shallistera suggests to look around the town as a way to acquire more knowledge. Izana goes to the weapons store to check what they have to sell and during a chat with Resna, she recalls how the latter was there for her when she felt depressed after failing the knight exam the last time they came, also adding that her ambition in doing so is to protect Resna from everything and everyone. At the market, Resna runs into Oskar Behlmer, who becomes enthusiastic when hearing that she is familiar with the plants in sale from reading books and asks her about the habitat of some.

In the Bay Area of the town, Resna finds Flocke's Shop. She meets Flocke Celha, a sweet businesswoman who makes a living by selling to travelers and people from the town. Flocke leaves after a chat but Resna notices that she forgot her bag. While panicking about the matter, a red-haired woman appears. Since she's acquainted with Flocke, Resna entrusts her with the bag. Before leaving, the woman warns Resna that the bay isn't safe so she shouldn't wander too long around.

Back at the Star's Cocoon Cafe, Resna chooses a request consisting of providing long-lasting rations for a man about to go on a journey to become a knight. Thankfully, she already knows where to go to get the materials needed but upon learning that she actually never went there, Ryza offers to accompany her. After gathering some herbs nearby, the group returns to the café for a short break, where they're rewarded with Rorona's pie.

They finally reach the wetlands and explore the place while sharing to each other their own experience. Resna encounters Oskar again and properly introduces herself to him, before presenting him to her friends. The girls are surprised by how much detailed notes, but it turns out that Oskar was able to do so due to his ability to talk with plants.

As they go explore a dungeon, the story changes to Valeria's perspective. Ayesha Altugle wakes Valeria in the middle of the port area of the Royal Capital. Valeria looks like she was hurt or tired from her last work. She works as a hunter as it's the only way she knows that can make her able to help Flocke Celha pay the rent and have a place to live. Flocke arrives, and as she chats with Valeria, she discovers that she lost her bag with all the money from sales. Heidi appears with the bag that Resna found. All the problems are solved, and the two left for work.

Valeria, Flocke and Heidi

Heidi got a request from the Moonlight Society, it's a time-limited request to deal with a big monster. The group who issued the request has some power over the Royal Capital since Heidi is clearly worried about being banned from the place, and not only losing their house, but also for their lives.. Night comes and Valeria do the work without any problems, until one big rocky creature appears, but she ends up showing her amazing fighting skills.

After the request, she, Flocke Celha and Heidi eat together and bond over the fact that the three of them don't know what happened to their parents and eat a big meal to enjoy the positive results of this request.

Back to Resna Sternenlicht, she meets Oskar Behlmer and discovers that he has the skill to talk with flowers, they invite him to go on an adventure with her alongside Reisalin Stout, Shallistera Argo and Izana Kokoschka. Time passes, and it suddenly gets dark but night time is a dangerous hour and they are confronted to a hord of monsters.

Resna and Izana

A grand monster appears and Resna is stunned by his apparition for a moment. Izana Kokoschka calls her back to reality and together they defeat the creature, but Resna ends up crying for the mistake she made and which could have put them in danger, Reisalin Stout remembers about one of her past mistakes, Shallistera Argo too, lightening up the mood and teaching Resna how important mistakes are.

The next day, after the request is completed, the group splits, leaving only Izana with Resna, she's a bit disappointed but also cannot wait for the others to see her as a Full-Fledge alchemist the next time they meet.

Chapter 2: The Moonlight Society

Resna and Izana are chatting and she are wondering on what she lacking to go to the next level in alchemy, Marion Quinn enters on the Atelier and explain that she are visiting because Saskia asked her to take care of the place, they two left to do a request of materials, when gathering the ointments a thief appear and demands they resources, Resna Sternenlicht wont back down on keeping her materials, when the things start to escalate, Izana hammers this thief out of the place, and the group left to Atelier.

Marion Quinn notice then talking about what happened. She meets Star's Cocoon Cafe and all the staff, while Resna checks on more requests with Reisalin Stout, she decides to stay around the place to check on others Wanderers, since she is part of then, it's important to her learn more about the Royal Capital. Planning they next adventure, Izana and Resna choose to check a cavern, Marion Quinn goes to where they are and explains about this unknown walking following their steps.

Resna, Marion and Izana

Together they make a trap to take this unknown, and fast discover that is just another adventurer, his name is Roman Kalman, and explains how all that was a misunderstanding, all she wanted was to talk more with Resna because of her alchemy, since its part of his interest, what make him worried was she maybe being part of Polar Night Alchemists, he explains what are this group of bad alchemists that don't align with Resna Sternenlicht visions of alchemy.

On mountains, Marion Quinn, enters on the group to keep check on Roman Kalman weirdly behavior before entering on the group, the group climb part of the mountain on the way of cave, Resna and Izana easily take this hike and explain how this was usual on their village Friegen.

Group arrives at Lapis Cristal Cave, a blueish cave, exploring deeper and learning about the creatures and resources that can be used on synthesis, Marion keep her eye over Roman all the way, while exploring they discuss about the World's End a mythical place with a high amount of Mana which is used to make synthesis on this world and what prevent alchemists being able to work by themselves, Resna and Roman shares the same love and interest again on bringing alchemy to it former glory.

On this cave they finally met Geron and Lara that are searching for the Lanterna Blossoms and they arent a friendly group, even being alchemists they work for each own goals, and a fight happens between the two groups.

Roman, Resna and Izana

Resna Sternenlicht, Izana Kokoschka, Roman Kalman and Marion Quinn are going to visit Friegen, Resna think her mom can be around back from an adventure, after a day of hiking, they arrive at the place, Marion notices that this world have 2 moons, they learn that the larger is called Big Moon and the other is called The Child, because the different of size. After searching on her home, she couldn't find her mom.

Saskia arrives and she wants to discuss with Resna about her assignment, it's clear for her that until now her student only be able to gather people who are gentle enough to invite themselves to the adventures, kind and big heart adventurers that wanted to help her, but for Saskia the major challenge to make she became a real alchemist will be a task of bringing other adventurers by herself, being able to make the first move.

Chapter 3: Resna and Valeria

Resna, Izana, Keithgriff Hazeldine, Judith Volltone and Roman, goes together to take Lanterna Blossoms this is the last part of Resna assignment to became a full-fledge alchemist, together they make the way to the cavern where the resources are.

While this happening, Valeria, Heidi (Atelier Resleriana) are having some chat on the bay, while chatting with Totooria Helmold and Ayesha Altugle she discovers they are alchemists. Hours later, while walking, they two be confronted by Crow and she bring a really hard request, its to kill Resna Sternenlicht and wont have other option at the moment that isn't accept, this is part to make they able to access more higher-levels requests and get more for then.

Atelier Resleriana is Created

After thinking in ways to make possible to fulfill this quest without need to harm Resna, the best conclusion Heidi come, it is to talk with the client and try to resonate why that's isn't a good idea, the client don't answer well when they try talk their way out of this mess.

At the other side of the problem, Resna with her crew is walking around searching for the Lanterna Blossoms, they come to the beach and start to search for then, while exploring the place and meet with Logix Ficsario and Marlone, learns that they also are Alchemists, and are willing to help her with this gathering task, sadly at the start it is no use, none of then found what Resna is looking for.

Valeria and Heidi (Atelier Resleriana) get discovered by Crow and she wants to make then pay for trying to sneak their way out of this request, Heidi somehow helps Valeria to escape the area, and on the way found Lanze and Flocke Celha, when all gathered together, Crow arrives again, ready to end with then.

While fighting, Valeria almost lose, but Heidi, Flocke and Lanze arrives to help on the fight, and after knock her away, they run to the undergrounds of the city, using some alchemy explosive made by Totooria Helmold and Ayesha Altugle making able to then escape from Crow.

Later on the night, Marlone and Resna notice that the Lanterna Shells are more easily to find, and Marlone thinks that because they react only on the night, with this on mind, a gathering session starts again, but now with many results, after that, arriving on distance on the beach it is Heidi, Lanze, Valeria and Flocke running from a big ship where Crow are coming to set it what is pending, once for all.

Crow confronts Valeria on the beach, when she was about to win, Resna, and everyone gather together to stop her successfully. After that, they take Valeria back to the Atelier, with help of the Lanterna Blossoms she took before, Resna synthesize with the help of others alchemists something to help Valeria.

Saskia seems the results of this big adventure to get what she demanded and goes even further than that, with this she rank-up Resna to a full-fledge alchemist.

Chapter 4: Valeria's Wish

Valeria is finally back on her feet and is temporarily staying at the Atelier with her companions. Everyone cheer the good results of last adventure agaisn't Crow, while Resna start synthesize a medicine for Lanze, she talks about how everyone has the same objective, and watching everyone work together makes she asks Roman about why is necessary this amount of alchemists, he explains about the low mana make alchemy way harder than was on past.

Flocke and Heidi Cooking Time

She keep glazing everyone doing alchemy and thinking why she feels nostalgic about it, Izana and Logix Ficsario arrive inviting everyone to help on the Monster Eradication. After back to the Atelier, Resna asks for her what is her dream, and Valeria don't know exactly what is her dream, she don't know what want to go. Wanting to test if she is able to do Alchemy, asks for Resna to help her on a synthesis, and she be able to do it, showing that she has some connection with Mana and Alchemy.

Valeria still doubting of her skills, she thinks the only thing she can do is fight, but not until she discovered her new talent as a alchemist, Logi and Marlone separe from the group and everyone follow their own path for the next adventures. Resna group goes to the Capital. Heidi explains how this new path will make they leave the old life on capital for good, and its time to work on this new chapter, together, Saskia arrives at the Atelier and see the synthesis Valeria did, she explains how was able to make copying Valeria.

Totori and Ayesha Altugle invites her to start studying alchemy, she get much more conflicted with all this new information and learning that she might be good in other fields, she asks to Heidi what she should do, Ayesha intervain on the chat between they two and explains that is better that she should figure it out when the time comes.

Resna Sternenlicht, Izana Kokoschka and Roman Kalman search around the Royal Capital and discover that Moonlight Society isn't going after then anymore, Crow explains that since the request is done and annulled, without any new formal directions set, the matter is considered settled, and explains that they wont going proceed with the request since the punishment was big enough and isn't on any concern for the Moonlight Society.

Saskia shows Valeria crew her new home on Friegen, they settle and take this new place, later that night Flocke Celha goes outside to reminiscing on her past alone, everyone goes together to find her, and they together see how important of this new path is something they will have to work together to being able to surpass and now Flocke is ready to start searching for her parents outside the Capital.

Valeria and Resna

Next day, Resna found Valeria alone thinking on her future, she chat with her about her dreams and explain how isn't something you need rush to find out, Saskia arrives suddenly after to explain that it's okay making your dream to support someone else goals. Resna goes back to the Capital and come to Star's Cocoon Cafe and bring the good news for Reisalin Stout about her now being a full fledge alchemist, she meets again someone that cross her way days before when she was gathering information around the Capital. Klaudia Valentz explains why she forget to introduce herself, and bring a new request that local adventurers couldn't subdue, Resna takes the request and Ryza team along with her, also Valeria and Heidi goes with then.

Arriving on the Ruins of Nebra, Valeria remembers that was the place where she and Heidi meet for the first time, they start to explore the ruins. After awhile deep on ruins, the big creature that Klaudia was searching for attack then, Valeria be able to defend, but the creature is too fast to catch it, so they back to Atelier and synthesis a bomb that will make able to hold the creature easily. Back to confront the creature now with the right items, Izana be able to hit the creature, but Valeria saves Resna from the attack, Ryza throws the bomb and Valerias finish the creature with a sword attack using her feet. Resna thanks Valeria and everyone for helping on this request, Heidi and Izana feel like they are abandoned at this moment.

Chapter 5: The Outside World

Resna, Izana, Heidi, Valeria and Roman walking together after the adventure together with Klaudia and Ryza. Resna next plan is to talk with Saskia what is the next step to find the World's End and the mana to revitalize alchemy!, Valeria keeping her promise to help her on fullfill her objectives, defend the group from a Weasel attack, Izana look worried because she aren't able to see this coming.

Worlds End Book

Group sets up in direction to Saskia on Friegen, after come to her house, Resna explain what happened and Valeria's dream. Saskia goes direct to the point and discuss on how to reach the World's End, far-off land and well beyond Lantarna's borders and across the open seas, many adventurers tried to reach this locations and find this unknown resources, she shows to then Mana in the purest from, She show her book on the history about the World's End. Saskia explains how important it is to don't rush on this task and how making connections and her past on the village was important for her grow, she will be ready to help Resna when their paths cross again.

Resna group stop at Valeria and Heidi house to talk with Flocke Celha and Lanze and stock their resources to head out for the next adventure, Resna ask to him about what he knows about the World's End, he explains that is a old legend about this mysterious place, his also was searching for this place, also how dangerous are the creatures on the ocean can be, even with Valeria on their side, wont going be enought to protect then and ship, Izana cut the conversation and asks for a spare fight with him, and easily lost. Lanze explains to Izana that if she are pretending to go on the seas, she need to be ready for anything and dont be underestimate it, Izana beliefs on her skills dissapears after this fight.

Back at Royal Capital, they goes to Flocke Celha, she are with Corneria selling goods, and they meet Wilbell Voll-Ersleid, a full-fledged witch, Resna asks her to show what she can do as a Witch, and she do a magic trick on her front, after this friendly meeting, they move on to Star's Cocoon Cafe.

Stars Falling

Resna group arrives at Star's Cocoon when Ayesha discussing with Willbell and other two girls, Valeria asks to Ayesha if has anything wrong, Willbell notice they are the same she meet on the capital. Ayesha explain to her, they are friends she have on the capital for awhile, Nio Altugle present herself, she is the younger sister of Ayesha Altugle, but she isn't an alchemist, and Regina Kurtis is a good friend from Nio and Ayesha. Resna notice they arrive on middle of one heat argument between the sisters, but in the end was about then wanting to travel to the southern end of the continent and Ayesha being much worried, its a situation about the little sister wanting to spread her wings and the older worried about it, Ayesha cant go with then on this adventure because her current requests on the place. After this, they take the request with Reisalin Stout, Research and Development in Haine: Failed Grain Harverst, she explains they are having problems with the harversts for years, they tried everything but nothing could solve the problem, so they must try something with alchemy, this locations are full of volcanoes and even dragons. Resna get excited after hearing about this dragons, and Ryza talk about the history of when she fight the Old Castle Dragon, Nio group merges with Resna's and they leave together.

At the night before they leave for the adventure, Resna found Izana training for the adventure, she talks to Izana about how she cant overwork herself, she explains to Resna how important is to her fight at her side as a knight, but she feel at the moment she dont have the skills, after that they back to the atelier to rest.

Resna Afraid of Bugs

On the way, Valeria become much overprotective about Resna, Nio talk with then how this looks like she and Ayesha or maybe worst when it is about protecting, Heidi goes on front scouting the way, while walking, Willbell show more of her magic, and explain to everyone how works, after the long day walking, take a night outside together on the wild. Willbell asks for Resna the real reason she wanted to stay on outside its because she wanted to do some camping, she confirms and asks more about Willbell. The principal question was about she being able to use her broom with Willbell to reach more close of the stars, she confirms that isnt possible because the weight. On the night they watch the big show of falling stars on sky together.

They keep walking until arrive on a area with many bugs and creatures like that, after walking together they arrive at the volcano, start to search for the material for the synthesis, Nio explain to Resna that rushing and overworking herself wont going help on the search, explains about her past having the same problems and what she learn with Ayesha. Getting deeper on the volcano, Resna talk about how and why people live close of the volcano, this on past was a normal mountain until become a active volcano, but people decided to live nearby. The legend says that a Apexi was involved making the place active.

They arrive where the crops aren't growing anymore, the client explain this wasn't usual and happened suddenly, Resna knows that alchemy might be the answer for this problem, before start checking the crops, they take a good rest on night, Heidi and Izana stay awake and looking around for any threat that can appear, Izana bring her insecurities about Resna maybe move on from her and dont needing she on her side anymore, Heidi talks that everyone has their strengths and weakness and how her and Valeria works well together.

Willbell, Valeria and Nio

After discovering what could help the crops, they need to back to the Volcano and go even deeper for the materials, when getting close to the end the lava take the path making impossible to pass, so they gather materials to synthesize a Stahl ice Bomb throwing on the path, making possible to pass, finally finding the material needed, but cant take without destruct the materials, so Regina goes with her mastery and pickaxe she take perfectly to Resna, but they need more Haine Fire Stones, when spotting more of this stones, Valeria saves Resna from a sneak attack, they all fight together agaisnt the creature, but the Lava almost get then, Willbell uses her Broom to save Valeria and Nio from the heat.

With the materials done, Resna with other alchemists synthesize what is request, and finally help the village close to the Volcano, after the success of this adventure, Izana still feels she didnt well enough, she asks Valeria for a fight and she lost, after that she lies to Resna about being ok after losing, and keep training alone at night when Lara and Empel Vollmer appears...

Chapter 6: Beside Me

Lara offers a place on her Queendom to Izana, that are conflicted on her own fighting skills to protect Resna, she don't accepted because their objective, she come back to the Atelier and a new request to take Jade Water a new gathering adventure starts.

At another place, Empel taking a tea with Lara and discussing about the alchemy of this planet and her Queendom, he shows much hungry to learn and understand more about, this can be useful for the Polar Alchemists. Back to Resna group, they are going on a search for this Jade Water, while exploring, Heidi and Valeria see how Izana and Resna have a Sense of trust together, on the way meet Esty Dee fighting one of the monsters, she explains to then that the creatures of this area is more dangerous than the usual, Izana and the group after Esty leaves take one hard fight with stronger monsters, and almost dont make it out, they decide is better to come back and ask for help on this matter.

On Star's Cocoon Cafe they meet with Reisalin Stout and Klaudia Valentz that presents then to Lila Decyrus a powerful warrior from the Oren that work with then on past and helped Lent Marslink to learn about the Way of Warrior, they three enter on the group to help with the growing challenge. After meeting Lila, Izana asks for a spare fight with her, and she couldn't get a chance on the fight, after the defeat she knows what must to do to get stronger. Later at night, Izana explains to Resna she must go her own way for a moment to get stronger to protect her, she needs trains with Lila.

Together making their way to the next place. Valeria notice how Resna energy fell off since Izana left temporary the group, they make a stop to rest before continue, Ryza remember everyone since is a rare material its just normal to take a rest. While Izana and Lila are training, she learns how much she are behind, Lila explains to her and show where they should keep working.

Ryza and Valeria Fishing

Ryza and Valeria start to fish together, Ryza using her impressive fishing skills with the rod, and Valeria Masterful Fish Wrestling, together they bound and friendship grows more and more, Heidi and Klaudia see this moment and understand how Valeria are improving and getting more friends around her, but Resna seems lost on the moment, something still bothering her. Still on training, Lila keep showing to Izana that her weapon is too heavy and too slow to match fast fights, and maybe its time to she get a secondary weapon, and Izana comes on her mind that another Hammer is the right choice.

They all together arrives and find the Jade Water location, when its time to gather the materials suddenly Lara appears and claims for her the resources and aren't willing to share with others, Resna group look ready to the fight, when she attacks, Izana appears and protect everyone from the attack, appear too Lila, also Empel but at Lara's side, everyone get surprised and confused of this, Lara asks for his help and he explains about the past of him with Ryza, Klaudia and Lila and how he wasn't interested on her plans, instantly change sides and a fights begins.

At atelier, Empel meet Resna place and get surprised, they all gathers together and synthesize. Back at Valeria's house, Heidi and Valeria comes from a adventure hungry for a time with Flocke and Lanze, they eat together and shares all that happened with then, how Izana comes to train and became stronger to keep her role as Resna's Knight, also how Valeria is happy about all the new friends and adventures together.

Izana and Resna at moonlight, Izana make a Knight's Vow to be always at her side and protect with the best of her skills. Lila and Empel at the Atelier chatting about the information he gathered while working with Lara, shares about her Queendom and plans for the use of alchemy.

At Capital, Roman thinks now that alchemists start to showing results around all the capital and people starting to get more used and positive about it, its time to try bring it to the Castle.

Moonlight Society

An unofficial guild based in the slums of the Royal Capital. While arranging requests unique to slums where regular fees cannot be paid, they also handle dangerous and illegal requests that cannot be handled by authorized guilds. The rules are strict and those who break the rules will be punished by the supervisors.

Crow's work and role is to make sure all the requests are done without any delay, being the first on line to make sure nothing be pending.

Polar Night Alchemist

A group of people who form a team based on common interests to accomplish their goals. It is mainly made up of fearful alchemists who are wanted as criminals as they monopolize and steal materials in various places. In the underworld, they are feared as a group to watch out for but their purpose is unknown.



Player Rank

Player Rank increases with the completion of certain achievement quests. Raising it will increase max stamina and replenish it. It also increases the chance of applying high level traits during Synthesis.


The player consumes Stamina to clear quests, dungeons, etc. One stamina recovers every five minutes. 80 stamina can be recovered by using Lodestar Gems up to 16 times per day, the price will also increase each time. One recovery is free every day. The player can also recover stamina from "Order" at the cafe. Progressing through story chapters of the game does not consume Stamina.

  • Lodestar Gems: Used to make wishes and acquire characters, shop, etc. Purchased Lodestar Gems are considered Paid Lodestar Gems while others acquired through quests and such are called Free Lodestar Gems, which are used first when using gems. Some products and wishes can only be paid with Paid Lodestar Gems.
  • Cole: Used to train characters and Memoria, shop, research, etc.

The player will get new recipes if certain conditions are met and rewards based on the number of recipes discovered. The recipes will then allow the player to synthesize the corresponding item.

  • Daily Missions/Weekly Missions
  • Event Missions: Time-limited missions
  • Achievements


Battle System

Each character has two skills and a Burst Skill. The player first has to choose a skill then a target to finish the character's turn.

Battles are based on a timeline which indicates the turn order for allies and enemies, icons will sometimes appear to indicate a buff/debuff on a character, or when they will/can use a burst skill. There is also a gauge which is filled a bit after each character's turn, once full, a number of items from one to three can be used at the same time. Enemies also have a Stun Gauge which wears down when attacked, when it reaches zero, the enemy will be stunned, their turn delayed and they will receive more damage.

Each character and enemy have their own attribute, as well as weaknesses and resistances to some attributes. There is a total of 7 attributes, Fire, Ice, Bolt and Air which deal Magic Damage, and Slash, Strike and Stab which deal Physical Damage.

The player's party can have at most 5 characters who can't share the same name, and also a certain number of Battle Items.

The game has AUTO and Fast Forward features for battles.

The Skip feature unlocks after completing the three missions of a corresponding battle or after completing a dungeon once.


An atelier in another space created by Saskia.


Unlike other games of the "Atelier" series, the player can only synthesise using Mana, which recovers every five hours to a maximum of six.

The Synthesis system is similar to previous Atelier games, after gathering enough materials to synthesise an item, the player has to select two characters and one material of matching Gift Colors so their traits can be applied. All traits have five levels and the higher, the stronger.


Use Cole to increase the researches levels to strenghten characters and items.

  • Combat Research: Allows to power up the abilities of each role, such as HP Up and Dealt Damage Up.
  • Alchemy Research: Allows to improve the effects and stats of battle items and equipment.
  • Training Research: Allows to raise the minimum character level so if your 5th character with the highest level is 50, then a character who is initially level 10 can be deployed as if they're level 50 too.
Item Conversion

You can convert synthesized items into Shiny Coins which can be exchanged at the Shiny Coin Shop. The amount of coins obtained depends on the rarity of the items and traits levels.


Training Quests

Battles where you can acquire EXP candies to upgrade characters, Power Up Dew to upgrade Memoria, Cole, Orbs to unlock the Growboard, and Pieces to awaken characters. Each has a daily bonus giving three times the rewards up to 3 times a day, except for Pieces.

Material Quests
  • Score Battle: Unlocks as the player progresses through the story. There are three difficulties, Normal, Hard and Very Hard. Materials for synthesis can be acquired.
  • Dungeons: This feature is similar to exploring the open-world of previous Atelier games, the player moves rightwards on the map, engages in battles and gathers synthesis materials without the need to craft tools. Although stamina is restored when the player quits a quest, it isn't the case for dungeons. Finishing the dungeon will unlock a higher difficulty and the Swift Gather.
Secret Quests
  • Elemental Tower: A tower where the higher you go, the higher the difficulty. Stamina isn't needed to battle.



It includes the Cole Shop, the Shiny Coin Shop and the Others Shop. Memory Fragments can also be exchanged for Memory Crystals. Lodestar Gems can be used to buy items in the Others Shop.


The Bundles Shop's content is often changing but for each new Wish banner, two 10x Wish tickets can be purchased for half its original price.

Piece Exchange

Brilliant Wishing Stone can be exchanged for Character Pieces. The amount needed gradually increases as follows:

1-25 times 1
26-50 times 2
51-75 times 3
76-100 times 4
101+ times 5
Wish Medals

Legend Medal can be exchanged for 3★ characters.


Atelier Resleriana brings a new and fresh version of the legacy characters through events and also big opportunity for the community to play together for a objective.

Main Characters

A fledgling alchemist. She is very passionate about alchemy and has an unparalleled love and knowledge of the subject, which is evident in her tendency to get excited and talk very fast. Her dream is to revive the neglected art of alchemy and use it to enrich people's lives.
An innocent beast girl and Resna's best friend. Ever since she was a little girl, she dreamed of being a knight. She swore with Resna that they will make their dreams come true, and sometimes they encourage each other. Influenced by her blacksmith father, she uses a huge hammer as a weapon.
A self-proclaimed "handsome adventurer" Resna meets in the capital. He seems to be interested in alchemy and asks to join Resna and her friends. He is a cheerful, good-natured fellow, but also a skilled adventurer who can handle anything with ease.
Resna's alchemy mentor. She met Resna in a village where she stopped on her journey and taught her the basics of alchemy. She usually has a cheerful and straightforward personality, but when it comes to alchemy, she can show a stern side. She is also rather careless in her personal life, and Resna often has to take care of her.
A warrior with amnesia. Relying on her excellent fighting skills, she and Heidi tend to take on a variety of rough jobs. With no memory of her past, she spends her days trying to figure out who she really is. She has a strong and outspoken personality, but is surprisingly weak when pressured by others.
A good-natured companion. She has ended up in the capital after escaping from all sorts of things and plans to work as an adventurer to earn money and one day turn her life around. She is not much of a fighter, but she can handle herself well and helps Valeria with tactical support during battles.
A lively girl who runs a peddling business. She lives with Valeria and Heidi and supports them in their daily lives. She spends her days trying to be a good girl, praying to the stars every day and hoping that her parents, who suddenly disappeared one day, will come back to her.
A drink-loving former sailor. He used to be a well-known sailor with a rough personality, but a certain incident drove him to spend his days drinking. He often gets drunk and ends up being taken care of by Flocke, whom he worships as an angel.
Among the kingdom's knights, she is one of the ``Knights of the Midnight Sun,'' who play important roles such as protecting the royal family and eliminating dangerous monsters. She is famous in Lantana as a dragon hunter, and there are even adventure stories about her. She is dignified and doesn't talk much, but at heart she is kind and cares about the people.


A masked girl who hides her true face. She elusively appears from the shadows, then disappears as if dissolving into the shadows, causing people to fearfully refer to her as “Crow”.
A noble-looking alchemist. She uses alchemy to satisfy her own desires and clashes with Resna and her friends who believe alchemy is for the purpose of making people happy.
An alchemist with a partially animalized body. He doesn't talk much but is willing to use force to overcome his opponents in order to achieve his own goals.

Legacy Characters

The game will feature the ability to summon and recruit characters from past Atelier games. These characters can fight alongside the main characters in battle, and can also provide services in the game's main hub area, such as selling items and assisting with Synthesis.

  • Confirmed so far*
Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg Marlone
Ruven Filnir
My Sextans
Atelier Elie: The Alchemist of Salburg 2 Elfir Traum
Atelier Lilie: The Alchemist of Salburg 3 Lilie
Atelier Judie: The Alchemist of Gramnad Judith Volltone
Atelier Viorate: The Alchemist of Gramnad 2 Viorate Platane
Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis Vayne Aurelius
Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy Razeluxe Meitzen
Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland Rorolina Frixell
Cordelia von Feuerbach
Esty Dee
Iksel Jahnn
Sterkenburg Cranach
Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland Totooria Helmold
Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang
Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland Merurulince Rede Arls
Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk Ayesha Altugle
Nio Altugle
Regina Kurtis
Marion Quinn
Keithgriff Hazeldine
Wilbell Voll-Ersleid
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Logix Ficsario
Escha Malier
Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea Shallistera Argo
Shallotte Elminus
Nady Elminus
Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book Sophie Neuenmuller
Monika Ellmenreich
Oskar Behlmer
Tess Heitzmann
Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings Lydie Malen
Suelle Malen
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey Firis Mistlud
Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout Reisalin Stout
Klaudia Valentz
Lent Marslink
Tao Mongarten
Empel Vollmer
Lila Decyrus
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy Patricia Abelheim

Comic series

There is a complementing promotional yonkoma web comic series to the game. It is drawn by Kadoseara (門瀬粗), who previously did the yonkoma series for Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle.

Comic series Translated




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