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Mimi is a supporting character in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland and Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland She also appears in Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland.

An aristocrat of the esteemed Schwarzlang family, Mimi travels throughout Arland to spread her family's name. She is proud of both her family name and her nobility. Mimi has polished her skills throughout the years, and is now a determined adventurer. She aims to beat any fellow adventurers that are better than her. 

Not much is known about Mimi's past despite being from a noble family. It's known that she doesn't have a siblings and that her mother died when she was very young. She doesn't show or control her emotions well, and this often reflects in her quick temper. Because of this, the only true friend that Mimi's ever had is Totori, who she thinks highly of, even if she doesn't admit it. 

Mimi is stubborn, and has a hard time apologizing, even if she knows that she's wrong. She's extremely blunt, and can give harsh criticism at times, but this is a way of showing that she cares about people. Deep down, Mimi would like to let her guard down and be more open with people, but her sense of pride prevents her from doing so.


Atelier Totori

A young noble girl who was first introduced when she was seen with Cordelia when Gino and Totori went to get their adventurer's licenses. When Cordelia refuses to give her a license, she marks Totori as her rival and storms out of the guild.

Mimi will travel to Alanya a few weeks after and find Totori at her workshop. After telling Totori that she too has her license, she will formally introduce herself. After her official introduction, Mimi can be recruited from inside of the Adventurer's Guild in Arland

As Mimi's friendship increases, she becomes attached to Totori and becomes very protective of her. Her ultimate goal is to spread her family's name throughout Arland.

Atelier Meruru

Mimi is one of the adventurers hired by Rufus to escort Princess Meruru. If the player's adventurer level is higher than their alchemy level, then Mimi can be recruited as early as the first time the Arls National Mine is discovered. If the player's alchemy level is higher, then Gino will arrive instead, and Mimi will arrive in Arls 60 days afterwards.

Mimi is now a confident and veteran adventurer. Although she still values her nobility, she isn't as focused on spreading her family's name as she was in Atelier Totori. She takes her job as a bodyguard seriously and is always looking for an opportunity to show her skills. Mimi can be recruited from the Town Outskirts just outside of the workshop. 

Like in Atelier Totori, Mimi has her own game ending that can be seen through a variety of events throughout the game and by befriending her.

Atelier Lulua

Though not playable in this game, Mimi is still present as Totori's friend and bodyguard.

Atelier Resleriana


Name Stars
Mimi Lonely Glory ★ 3


Atelier Totori


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Totori)
Skill Level HP MP LP ATK DEF SPD Ingredient Choices
A12 Item 251.png
Heirloom Bardiche
1 - - - 8 - - Ingot
A12 Item 252.png
Spee Weiss
?Elegant Spear?
3 - - - 13 - - Tinc
Dry Metal
Ster Metal
A12 Item 253.png
Crimson Polearm
?Red Spear?
5 - - - 23 - - Goldstein


A12 Item 254.png
Valkyrie Arm
?Nordic Spear?
7 - - 10 38 - - Platine
A12 Item 255.png
Rhein Scheiden
?Ultimate Spear?
9 10 10 25 58 - - Halmolium


Main article: Skills (Atelier Totori)
Skill Level Learned MP Cost Description Target
Blitz Stoss 10 15 MP Targets a line of enemies. Vertical Line
Himmel Waltz 15 24 MP Attack one foe. Single
Einzelkampfer 30 0 MP Super Attack. Attacks one foe. Single
Quick Reflex 20 N/A Increased evasion. Passive ability. N/A
Aristocrat 25 N/A Resisistance to status ailments. Passive ability. N/A

Atelier Meruru


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Meruru)
Name Level HP MP LP ATK DEF SPD Ingredients
Heirloom Bardiche 2 15
  • Tinc

  • Dry Metal

Rhein Schneiden 4 32
  • Ster Metal

  • Platine

Rivale Lance 7 20 49 10
  • Halmolium

  • Sunlite

Maenad's Lance 9 30 67 20
  • Regentium


Main article: Skills (Atelier Meruru)
Skill Level Learned MP Usage Skill Description
Blitz Stoss 14 Non-elemental damage to a line of enemies (3 turns).
Schwartz Slicer 36 Non-elemental to a single target (3 turns).
Himmel Waltz 22 Non-elemental damage to a target. Lowers speed.
Spare Bolen 30 50 Non-elemental damage to a single target, disregards enemy's defense.
Quick Reflex N/A Raises evasion by 15% and accuracy by 50%.
Acrobatics N/A WT shortens by 30%
Angel Horn 35 N/A Special ability, requires gauge to use. Large damage to a single target.


Ending - Mimi


  • In Atelier Lulua, Mimi refers to herself as "Mimi Houller Von Schwarzlank" instead. This is probably due to the lack of English dubbing for the game and instead matches her name in the Japanese version.


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