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Heidi is a character from Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator.


She is a traveler and adventurer who wants to be able to make a living working with what she love the most. Although she is not good at fighting, still is good at standing around, so she has been supporting the tactical side as Valeria partner.

She gave Valeria her name, because when they meet, Valeria didn't have any recollection of her past.


Name Stars
Heidi Thief of Rose ★ 3

Chapter 1

Heidi is introduced right when Resna Sternenlicht found Flocke Celha bag, inside the bag have all the money of Flocke's sells from the day. Resna give the back to Heidi that later surprises Valeria and Flocke Celha, saving then from being throw out they house.

Heidi found a request from the Moonlight Society, its a time request and they must before it ends, the power of this group over the Royal Capital seems big, since Heidi its clearly worried about being banned from the place, not only losting their house. Night comes and Valeria do the work without any problems, until appearing one big rocky creature, showing her amazing fighting skills. After the request, her, Flocke Celha and Heidi eat together a big meal and enjoy the results of this request.



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