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This article features information from a game released only in Japan. The editors of this wiki are English speakers, which may cause certain translations or information to be incorrect.

Marlone (most commonly referred to as Marie) is the main protagonist of Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg and its remake Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg. She also appears in the sequel Atelier Elie: The Alchemist of Salburg 2Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Liberator of Polar Night and is one of the most recurring characters within the Atelier franchise. Her other appearances include side games, crossover titles, as well as collaborations with social games. Additionally, she has been referenced to in several games, such as the look-alike character Rurona from Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana.

Marie is a somewhat carefree alchemist who started out as being the worst student in history at the Salburg academy, but worked her way up to becoming a highly skilled alchemist. She usually appears as an alchemist running a workshop or as a highly skilled travelling alchemist. She has a bright attitude and is non-judgmental of others, but is also short tempered and infamous for being bad at cleaning and staying on time.

She believes that alchemy goes beyond creating gold, and wishes to find the true meaning of it. Marie also has an fascination for explosives, and is well known to be capable of massive destruction.

Her signature staff is the "Wand of the Stars and the Moon", which lets her cast the "Sonata of the Stars and the Moon" spell.


Atelier Marie

Marie is a student at the Salburg Academy, a school that is renown for its studies in magic and alchemy. Unfortunately, Marie is notorious for being the worst student at the academy, and achieving the worst grades in the school's history.

Marie seems to constantly fail at alchemy, no matter how positive and hard working she may be. She has an interest in the art of alchemy but seems to lack the attention to detail and dexterity to properly perform it. Even though she considered dropping out she kept attending school for the full 4 years due to her interest. However, the standards for actually graduating are very high, and once Marlone scored the worst result ever at the final exam she is given her own workshop by her instructor Ingrid as an alternative method to learning alchemy.

She is given five years to improve, and can enlist the help of many adventurers and friends throughout her journey. Marie must take part in battle, gather materials, complete tasks, and learn to synthesize successful items using alchemy. If she is able to synthesize an item that meets Ingrid's standards, she will be able to graduate as a full fledged alchemist in five years time.

Marie's open and forgiving attitude lets her make friends with all sorts of people, even ones who have hurt her in the past. With her alchemy skills she is able to solve problems around town and help her friends, such as catching the famous thief Der Himmel or repairing the Schenk brothers' friendship. However, perhaps her most important challenge comes when her best friend falls deadly ill with a condition that can't be cured without an Elixir, a highly valuable and difficult alchemy item.

In the game's canonical ending, Marlone leaves Salburg to aid countryside areas with limited access to medical care. She becomes a traveller, and many fantastical tales of an amazing girl who can defeat devils or cures entire villages make their way back to the capital.

Atelier Marie Remake

Marlone end is basically the same as original game, with updated artwork.

Atelier Elie

After the events of Atelier Marie, Marie has become one of the greatest alchemists that the country has known. She has travelled far and wide to get a better understanding of alchemy, and continues to improve her abilities day by day at the Kenntnis Academy. Marie is Elie's hero and idol, but her reputation among the people of Salburg is not all that good. At first Elie assumes that they are speaking about a different "Marlone", but through travelling together she realises that her idol can actually be someone to be feared at times.

Prior the start of the game, she cures Atelier Elie's main protagonist Elie of a deadly illness that has been plaguing the kingdom. When Marie leaves, she travels back to Salburg, unaware that Elie is now in her pursuit. Marie is first seen in the game attending Schia's wedding, but to see her again the player must make it all the way to the city of Kentonis and pick specific dialogue options during events. 

Although Marie plays a big role in the beginning of the game, she is not seen often as the game progresses. She will play a big role in one of the game's endings and will be seen throughout in several in game events. She is only featured in one other ending. She is also a recruitable party member. Her character events are mostly related to her old friends Schia and Kreis. Marie comes already equipped with her Wand of the Stars and the Moon, and can cast all-range magic attacks. She can be hired in Kenntnis, and some events require visiting her there while she's not currenly an active party member. It is not unlikely that the player will have to take several trips to Kenntnis to see all her events and get her associated ending. 

When talking to the maid at the inn in Kenntnis there is a random chance she will entrust Elie with giving back an item that Marie lost during her stay. The item turns out to be Marie's proof of her friendship with Schia, one out of the two matching Spirit Tears she synthesized as a wedding gift for her best friend. 

Throughout the game it's often mentioned how Marie has no interest in settling down and marrying, instead focusing solely on finding the true meaning of alchemy. She does however tell Elie that it'd be nice to find someone who understands alchemy and believes in the same path as her.

Atelier Elkrone

Marlone is a cheerful adventurer, but is mainly an alchemist. She is looking for her partner who she got separated from during their journey. Marie fights with a staff and bombs made with alchemy, however, she can often get careless with the bombs and cause trouble. She has gotten pretty famous as an adventurer and despite of her looks, she's very strong.

She went to school together with Clemans and Oswald, but despite that she had a teacher called Ingrid, this fact hints that the Marlone in this game is an alternative version of the character and not the same as in the Salburg series. Elkrone-Marie has also never seen a fairy before meeting Popote.

Marie is first introduced in a quest from Popote where Meriela and Popote goes investigating mysterious huge holes that have appeared on a hill. Despite that the knights and adventurers investigated this, they all returned unharmed but with a complete loss of self-confidence. The player can either bring Johann or Erhard along on this quest. It's soon revealed that the holes are caused by Marie hunting Punis using explosives such as Mega Bomb or Tera Bomb, having accepted a quest to hunt 100 of them in the area. Seeing Marie's skills was what left the adventurers and knights with such bad self confidence. In exchange for Meriela telling her about a place she can stay, Marie agrees to teach her how to make her special bombs.

During her travels with her partner, she got mistaken as a "bomb devil" and through a number of other misfortunes, they got separated from each other. Since her partner also was the one who kept her wallet, Marlone is now left completely without money. This is what led Marie to take on the Puni hunting quest. For a time, she stays in Elkrone looking for information about her partner and saving up money through quests. However, as Marie's visit is only temporary, there is also an event where Meriela and Marie take farewell.

Alchemist Marie & Elie

Marlone is one of the protagonists, and the player can switch between her and Elie.

As in Atelier Elie, Marlone is pondering the true meaning of alchemy, and now returns to Salburg once again. Overhearing Fuhlen's offer to Elie, she becomes interested in the Origin Flame and teams up with Elie to create the legendary item together. At first she feels like she forced Elie to let her move in, but the two eventually build great trust between each other. She doesn't do any house chores, but by the third year she starts to improve and at least takes out the trash.

If the player has a Weizen Soil in their inventory, Marie will ask King Bredolf for permission to enter Media Forest to restore it from the damage done by alchemists. After this the player will be able to gather materials from Media Forest again, a location that was featured in Atelier Marie.

Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis

Marie is an alchemist who has graduated from the academy of Salburg. She runs her own atelier together with Elfir Traum. The two are tasked with creating new books for the academy's new library. Marie and Elie also mentor Anis Ryftchen, an aspiring teacher. As usual, Marlone has a bit of a chaotic streak and doesn't help out with the housework. The item encyclopedia also hints that she has developed a deep knowledge of alcohol. 

She starts out with a highest Meister (alchemy) and Adventurer levels. She also starts out with her ultimate staff, just like Elie. Out of the three protagonists she is the most suited for adventuring, but least suited for alchemy. The workshop will get messier faster when Marie is synthesizing comparing to Anis or Elie, and her stat growths are better or equal in everything but speed. There are some events that can only be viewed when playing as Marie, especially in regards to characters that were once allies in Atelier Marie. Elie and Anis can hire these characters too, but generally Marie has to be the active protagonist for them to be introduced into the game in the first place. Marie is the only one out of the three who can obtain the Rock from Ancient Times, which without the Final book cannot be completed.

Marie and Elie also encounter the mysterious girl Ru at various locations. Once she has been encountered enough she'll reveal she's a supernatural creature from Media Forest, who came in order to thank Marie for previously saving the forest.

Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists

Marie is the first alchemist to join Nelke in the development of Westbald. She travelled to Nelke's world together with Elie after investigating a strange device in a ruin.

Marie displays many of her characteristics that appeared in the main games such as her love of explosives, but also traits that were presumably taken from the spin-off games and the Atelier Marie & Elie: Zarlburg Alchemist manga series. One of these being her ability to fly on a broomstick, which was not present in her game of origin and didn't become a major mechanic until Atelier Judie.



Name Stars
Marie Lovely Bomber ★ 3
Marie Fortune Full Bloom ★ 3


"Yes, leave it to me!"
          — Character selection.
"Leave it to me!"
          — When her turn is coming.
"Let's do our best."
          — When her turn is coming.
"All set!"
          — On standby during battle.
"I'll show you my determination!"
          — On standby during battle.
"Let's go at our own pace."
          — On standby during battle.
"My turn!"
          — On standby during battle.
"Well done!"
          — When cheering another character during battle.
"Hey! Hey! This too! Bonus!"
          — When using Multi Bomb Throw.
"Leave it to me! Here, here, here!"
          — When using Multi Bomb Throw.
"I can do everything right now!"
          — When getting Boost Skill Damage in battle.
"Yay! Great victory!"
          — When clearing a battle.


  • In Atelier Elie, Marie states that she doesn't really think about love and is mostly focused on alchemy, while in spin-off titles like Atelier Elkrone or Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists she expresses interest in getting married and starting a family.
  • It's possible that Marlone is the criminal who has been roaming Kanalland with bombs in Atelier Viorate, as the "bomb devil" is described as an alchemist with fancy clothing that shows the stomach. This is also fits with her Atelier Elie profile entry, which claimed that the real reason Marlone left Salburg to travel the world really might just have been for her to find bigger places to cause explosions.
  • She makes an appearance in one of the Atelier Elkrone 4-komas.
  • There is a piece of equipment in Mana Khemia that looks like Marie's outfit.
  • There is a Marie-inspired costume available for Rorona in Atelier Questboard, as well as a staff named after her.
  • In Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia, Aurica takes on Marie's role and outfit during her Cosmosphere level E, which is based on Atelier Marie.
  • In Atelier Elie, the lady living next door to Elie's workshop will complain about Marie's time living there, and speak poorly of her.
  • Like Schia, she is from Granville village.
  • She carries a Sprit Tear as an accessory. Originally recieving one from Schia as proof of their friendship, she ended up using it in synthesis. For Schia's wedding Marie created matching Spirit Tears for her and her best friend in order to apologize.
  • She is sometimes portrayed as a heavy drinker or as having an appreciation for alcohol in various spin-offs.
  • Marie and many other popular Atelier main characters are featured as character skins for the fighting game Dead or Alive 5 through a downloadable content collaboration done with Gust.[4]


Salburg Series



Character Events


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