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Valeria is a character from Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator, she is tall and strong fighter with some dragon features, she uses a shield and sword that are attached to her arms.


Valeria is introduced on first chapter, looking to someone, its all on red dust as this unknown says to "Nana" sleep. Ayesha Altugle wakes her and the story goes from here. She lives on Flocke Celha house with Heidi they work together hunting and doing requests from Crow, to being able to pay for they survival on this place. Valeria don't remember anything about her past and its trying to understand who she is.

Valeria's name come from Heidi when she save her from monsters on Chapter 2, since she cant remember anything or what the reason she are there, Heidi thinks that she deserves a name to be adressed by.

Chapter 1

Ayesha Altugle wakes Valeria on middle of the Royal Capital, she seems like was hurt and tired from her last work, its her way of helping to pay the things to help Flocke Celha to keep the rent and have a place to live. Flocke Celha arrives and discovers that she lost the bag with all her money from the sells, Heidi appears with the bag that Resna Sternenlicht found, all the problem is solve and they two left to do the work.

Heidi found a request from the Moonlight Society, its a time request and they must before it ends, the power of this group over the Royal Capital seems big, since Heidi its clearly worried about being banned from the place, not only losting their house. Night comes and Valeria do the work without any problems, until appearing one big rocky creature, showing her amazing fighting skills. After the request, her, Flocke Celha and Heidi eat together a big meal and enjoy the results of this request.


Name Stars
Valeria Secret Amnesia ★ 3
Valeria Warrior of Rose ★ 3