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Alchemist Marie & Elie: Two People's Atelier (マリー&エリー~ふたりのアトリエ~, Marī & erī ~ futari no atorie ~, literally "Marie & Elie: Two People's Atelier) is a video game developed by Gust and E3Staff for WonderSwan Color.

It features the main protagonists of Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg and Atelier Elie: The Alchemist of Salburg 2 as its two main protagonists. It was later followed up by Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis: Message on the Gentle Breeze.


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The game takes place in an alternative timeline of events starting from the end of the fourth year of Atelier Elie: The Alchemist of Salburg 2.

Elfir "Elie" Traum is offered a spot in the Meister Rank of the Academy, but turns it down to pursue helping people in their daily lives rather than to research. After graduating she heads to Kenntnis to learn about the origins of alchemy, and is reunited with her hero Marlone (Marie). The two soon get engrossed in the idea of what alchemy truly is and both return to Salburg to further pursue this concept.

Elfir decides to open up her workshop again, but is going to have to start over from nothing after a burglary. She is then offered a deal by a messenger from the Kentnnis Academy, Fuhlen. If she can create the rare Origin Flame(原初の炎) the academy will pay for the costs of opening up her business. This item peaks Marie's interest and the two team up to run a workshop together and create the Origin Flame.[2]


The official goal of the game is to create an "Origin Flame(原初の炎)", however, there are multiple other ways to achieve a non-bad ending.The player can switch between the two main characters.


The player can choose between Elie and Marie to synthesize an item, or synthesize an item with both characters. The player can make Marie and Elie synthesize different items during the same time. When both protagonists are working together the success rate goes up and the time consumed is reduced. Towards the latter half of the game there are also items that must be synthesized together or otherwise cannot be made at all. There are 200 items in the game, and some of them are exclusive to a specific protagonist.[3]


The player can choose between which one of the two main characters to send out to gather ingredients. While one is out gathering, the other one can do another task or go gathering in a different area. Gathering works largely the same as in previous games, but the player can now choose to use items to temporary increase their inventory capacity. A bar indicating how full the player's gathering basket is has also been added.

Tea parties

It is possible to invite party members to tea parties at the workshop and serve them food items the player has synthesized. The characters have different preferences when it comes to food and conversation topics, but they may share important information such as recipes. The activity also recovers the protagonists from Fatigue .[4] The higher Marie and Elie's Friendship with the character is, the more likely it is to get a good result.[5]


Unlike previous games, Marie & Elie features many different alchemy workshops to visit. The player can buy already completed alchemy items from the other alchemist characters there, generally staple materials such as supplements. Unlike other shops, individual alchemy workshops are closed on certain days. Alchemists that can be recruited into the party also have their own alchemy level, like Marie and Elie do.


Unlike previous games the player no longer control each party member individually. The player picks a strategy while the rest is up to the computer. Only Marie and Elie can be equipped with useable items, and instead the other characters bring their own items into battle that essentially works as a sort of "skill" rather than consumable. The range of items available is unique to each character, and the list increases as their Alchemy level goes up (Adventurer Level in case of adventurers).


The game features over 40 characters and over 400 event scenes.[8] While the game continues to develop some story threads that were left hanging in previous games, it also has many original characters and stories that never made an apperance outside of this particular game.

Playable Characters[9]

Non-playable Characters


  • Origin Flame (原初の炎): Start the synthesis of the Origin Flame.
  • Bad end (バッドエンド)

Normal endings

  • The Adventurers (冒険者たち): Both Marie and Elie's adventurer levels have to be at 50, all bosses must have been defeated.
  • The Oddly Sweet Two (お菓子なふたり): Have at least one of each tea time food item and drinks in your inventory.
  • The Two's Atelier (ふたりのアトリエ)
  • The Solitary Alchemist (孤高の錬金術士)
  • Laid-back Workshop (まったり工房)
  • The Season of Goodbyes (別れの季節)


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