Star's Cocoon Cafe

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Star's Cocoon is a location in Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator.


On this timeline of Atelier Series, Reisalin Stout work as a "server", she give the other alchemists quests to get EXP Atelier Resleriana, Power Up Dew, Cole, Orbs and Pieces.

Special Quests:

Material Quests

Iksel Jahnn work with delivering material quests for the adventurers, Score Battle that are divided in characters and in difficulty levels, also Dungeons that are moduled zones where you can farm materials for the Synthesis.


Rorolina Frixell work cooking for the Cafe, and she can make 2 pies for day, each of then give 100 Energy to the player.

Elemental Tower

Roman work with helping Wanders to pass the Elemental Tower, that are basically challenges on the game.