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Empel Vollmer is a playable character in Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout, Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key and Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator, and is a supporting character in Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy.

Empel is a wandering alchemist investigating the ruins of the Klint Kingdom together with Lila Decyrus. Due to an injury, he is unable to perform advanced techniques but teaches Ryza the world of Alchemy as she has the talent. He apparently has a sweet tooth that enjoys all kinds of sweets, of which he would often buy dozens of them.

In the DLC Episode: End of an Adventure and Beyond, Empel is one of the main characters involved in the story.


Atelier Ryza

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Before the events of the game, Empel was once an alchemist for the kingdom of Roteswasser, but joined a conspiracy to defy its royal family. The scheme failed after their conspiracy leader, a fellow alchemist, synthesized a powerful explosive, resulting a major injury to his arm preventing him from performing sophisticated alchemy. Since then, he was banished from the kingdom. He found a new purpose after meeting Lila and learning what the Klint Kingdom had done to her people, promising that he would battle against the sins of all alchemist until the day he died. The two travel together working to undo what the kingdom had done to the Underworld and closing the portals that were opened to it.

At the start of the game, he encounters Ryza Stout on Kurken Island while investigating ruins. He starts her on the path to alchemy along the way and as Ryza improves, she joins and helps Empel on the mystery behind the ruins and the main goal in defeating the Philuscha and restoring the Underworld. However, Empel mostly just give advises and uses basic alchemy as he lacks the strength due to his arm injury and must be protected by Lila at all times.

Empel and Lila bickers at one another.

In one occasions when the player interacts with Empel, they will reveal how he first met Lila; long time ago he was exploring some ruins when he coincidentally found Lila all bloodied and injured, at which she leaped at him as Lila just wandered through the human world from a gate. Shortly after, Empel sealed the gate and both had decided to travel together, undoing the Klint Kingdom's awful legacy (though Lila stated it took them two weeks researching the Underworld and the gate), but as they continue to talk to one another it resulted to an angry bicker, of which the rest commented that is how they work well together.

With Ryza proving that she is a good alchemist and can level with Empel's desire to overwrite what the Klint Kingdom's full of mess left behind, Lila showed her a memo of an instruction that can finally make Empel abled and use his arm, though she lacks the materials and believes Ryza can find them. Ryza took advantage of the Gathering Synthesis and using the Resonance Orb that can only be found on the said ancient tool. With Ryza having all the complete materials, she synthesized the Prosthetic Arm, and tries to give it to Empel.

Empel accepts the prosthetics made by Ryza.

Empel, seeing the tool, instantly recognizes she got the materials from Klint Kingdom's and refused to use it. Lila tells Ryza about Empel's history of how he got his arm broken, and reminded of his promise when both had first met. Lila wanted to continue that oath by using the tool, of which is created not by the ones he meant to destroy, but by alchemist of a good heart: Ryza. Empel finally accepts the prosthetic arm and gleefully thanks Ryza that he can now once again perform alchemy. Empel can now join the party as a playable character.

Family Tree

Empel Vollmer

Gameplay - Combat Abilities & Skills

In Atelier Ryza

Empel is the last character to be unlocked in the game, and requires to synthesize a tool named Prosthetic Arm (which can only be made exclusively with a Resonance Orb that can only be found within the Gathering Synthesizer). This will allow him to use his arm extensively, thus unlocking him to finally move freely and join your party. Empel has a large focus in terms of SPD compared to other stats. Empel has 4 Core Item slots, the same amount as Ryza. His abilities are magic based, with various effects extending buffs on allies, extending ailments on enemies, and inflicting additional Stun Damage.


Item Level
Pilgrimage Staff 7
Forest Bell 12
Training Path 20
Holy Arbor Staff 33
Brave Emblem 44

Active Abilities

Name AP Description Tactic Level Bonuses
Forecast - Deals magic damage to a single target

and recovers AP.

Binding Shot 3 Deals magic damage to a single target

and has a good chance to extend ailment time.

[Lv3]: further extends this time.

[Lv5]: extends the time further still.

Chrono Reversal 4 Deals magic damage to a single target. [Lv5]: reduces all target stats.
Extension 6 Extends any existing buffs on a single ally. [Lv3+]: also grants the ally Acceleration.
Time Vortex 9 Deals magic damage to multiple targets [Lv3+]: has a good chance to inflict Slow.
Access Shift - [Action Order] Deals magic damage to a single target

and reduces their SPD.

Distortion - [Action Order] Deals magic damage to a single target

and temporarily reduces their max HP.

Spiral Wand - [Extra Order] Deals physical damage to a single target

with high Stun Gauge damage.

Rewind Flow - [Fatal Drive] Deals magic damage to multiple targets

with extremely high Stun Gauge damage.

Instant Heal - [Normal Order] Heals a single ally. -

Passive Abilities

Name Description
Seasoned Alchemist Increases AP gained when using a Core Item
Lightning Fast Reduces WT when using an Order Skill.
Timekeeper Grants immunity against slow.
Initial Dash Increases your SPD at the start of battle.
Preacher of Wisdom Increased SPD when Tao is in the party.
Sublime Focus Increases your ATK, DEF, and SPD during boss battles.
Strategic Reduces WT when Tactics Level is at 2 or higher.
Battlefield Mage Reduces WT even more when Tactics Level is at 4 or higher.
Aggression Lv1 Slightly increases ATK.
Aggression Lv2 Moderately increases ATK.
Velocity Lv1 Slightly increases SPD.
Velocity Lv2 Moderately increases SPD.
Velocity Lv3 Greatly increases SPD.
Acuity Lv1 Slightly increases critical rate.
Intuition Lv2 Moderately increases critical rate.


Special Editions

Name Stars
Empel ★ 3


Render and Mugshot

Ever Darkness and the Secret Hideout

Other Artworks


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