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"Sophie's best friend. She was born into a decently well off family, and she's a talented girl capable in both studies and fencing. She's very serious about everything, and acts politely. She and Sophie are childhood friends, and while she's always pointing out Sophie's faults, she's also very willing to help. She actually has quite a liking for singing, and can be found practicing in secret at times. She often visits Sophie's house to eat sweets, but she also cleans the place up in exchange."
          — Official description.

Monika Ellmenreich is a character in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book and Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator

She is Sophie's close friend from childhood.


Monika is Sophie's childhood friend and one of the first characters to help Sophie.

She secretly enjoys singing and eventually the Kirchen Bell Café hires her to sing. Although she reluctantly declines it at first, Sophie encourages her to sing.

Monika courageously sings that night and finds herself having fun. She hopes she can sing professionally. After Monika's event, the player can ask her to sing at the Kirchen Bell Café at night.

Atelier Resleriana


Name Stars
Monika On Stage ★ 2



Main article: Weapons (Atelier Sophie)#Rapiers

Monika uses rapiers as her weapons of choice. The rapiers she uses are:

  • Formal Rapier
  • Brave Rapier
  • Knight's Rapier
  • Hero's Rapier
  • Monika's Estoc

In some of her skills she's seen wearing a shield alongside the rapier. However, these can't be equipped and are only considered part of the animations.



She can equip mainly sweets and obstructing items.


Active skills

Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target
Attack Default 0 MP Normal attack. Physical damage. Chance to chain attack (up with speed). Single enemy
Light Edge Default Physical damage. Reduces enemy attack power. Single enemy
Holy Edge 3 ability points Damage ignores defense. Steals enemy attack power. Replaces Light Edge. Single enemy
Brave Heart Level 5 Temporarily increases base damage. Restores Break value. All allies
Brave Soul 5 ability points Temporarily increases base damage. Restores Break value. Replaces Brave Heart. All allies
Tri Star Level 10 Physical damage. Medium enemy area
Kaleid Star 7 ability points Physical damage. Reduces critical rate. Replaces Tri Star. Medium enemy area
Blessing Level 15 Single ally
Godspell 5 ability points Revive from KO. Restores HP every turn, Single ally

Passive skills

Skill Learning condition Description
Pious Chance to avoid KO. Reduces chance to be affected by status ailments.
Loves Sweets Enhances effect of (Sweets) items.
Pure Blessing Increases reliability of skills.
Bravery Enhances Assists.
Goddes Shield 5 ability points Reduces all damage taken (M). Increases evasion rate (M).
Holy Blade 5 ability points Increases base damage (XXL). Undead Slayer.
Bonds of Best Friends 5 ability points Greatly increases stats when Sophie or Oskar have low HP.
Supreme Healer 5 ability points Greatly increases effect of healing skills.

Chain skills

Skill Stance % chain Description
Sword Break Offense > 200% Offense Act. Chain attack, attack power down.
Valkyrie Rondo Offense 300% Special Attack. Powerful chain attack, attack power down.
Angelic Heart Defense > 200% Defense Act. Enhances healing, reduces skill cost.
Eternity Chain Defense 300% Automatically revive when KO'd.