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Odelia is a character appearing in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk, Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea and Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Liberator of Polar Night.

Odelia is an automaton (a mechanical doll created with alchemy) who works at the ancient library Zweiteturm. There are over 80 million books in the library, and Odelia can verbally recite each one if requested. Her name was given to her by her creator (whom she refers to as "Master") who has now left the library in her care.

It's unknown how old she is or how long she has worked at the library, but she is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Although, she has begun to have troubles with her memory. It can be assumed she is at least over 900 years old.

Odelia is bored that nobody comes to visit, and she appears to be the only person working at the library. The last order her master gave her was to guard the library. She later accepts Keithgriff as her new master. She does not need to eat or sleep, but has a guilty pleasure for anything sweet.

She is available as a playable character by purchasing downloadable content.


Atelier Ayesha

Odelia helps Ayesha finding a book about rare flowers when she visits the library as she searches for ways to help Nio. She lets her check the book out, but asks Ayesha to bring it back within one year. It's later revealed that she is a part of "The Two Cradles", with Zweiteturm being the cradle for protecting knowledge.

She often feels bored, and asks that Ayesha come and visit her. She can be found at the entrance of Zweiteturm, where the player can also buy items from her. 

Atelier Shallie

She is currently following Keithgriff as he is her master. She also picked up some of her master's tics. She accompanies Keithgriff throughout the story line, but does not take many initiatives on her own.

Albert Perriend is deeply in love with her throughout the game, but when he confesses his love, she doesn't understand either him or the gift he gave her.



Name Stars
Odelia Ancient Machina Doll ★ 3


Odelia is available as a playable party member by purchasing downloadable content. Odelia is described as being an "ideal supporting party member" in battle. She becomes recruitable after the event "Mysterious Mansion" is cleared and can be invited from the entrance of Zweiteturm.




Skill Level Learned MP Usage Skill Description
Electrol Default 10 MP Deal lighting damage to target and increase damage target takes by 10%.
Prism Light 35 MP Deal lighting damage to all enemies and also decreases their attack.
Slag Call 25 MP Summons a Porter Slag to deal fire damage to a small area. May inflict Blind. Effect will repeat.
Slag Signal 40 MP Summons a Tera-Slag to revive KO'd ally and recover HP. Effect will repeat.
Mechanical Body Default N/A Lowers damage taken from PH attacks by 25%
Maintenance Default N/A Change a portion of HP damage received in battle to MP.
Slag Support 2AC Summons two Guard-type slags to deal PH damage to a target. May inflict Weak. Effect will repeat.
Barrier Field 2AC Creates a magic barrier to reduce damage received by 50%.
Boost Shock 30 N/A Odelia's "Super Move", requires full special attack gauge. Deals huge PH damage to a target.


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