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Razeluxe Meitzen (known simply as "Raze") is the main male protagonist of Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy and Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Liberator of Polar Night.

Raze has been living with his grandfather Eugene ever since his parents died when he was young. After Eugene lost the ability to take care of Raze, Raze was entrusted to the care of the wealthy Vehlendorf Household.

While living at the Vehlendorf household, Raze became the servant of Lilianne Valendorf. After 10 years, Lily brings Raze with her to the Al-Revis Academy, so that she may be close to him. Raze studies combat, being more interested in sword play than in alchemy. He's quite talented for his age, and it's rumored that he has the highest combat score in his class. Raze is quiet, blunt, and prefers to stay out of other people's affairs. He seems to have a pent up hated towards Manas.

Later in Raze's ending, Eugene managed to get his Mana back, but the Mana didn't want to renew the contract with Eugene. Instead, Raze will make a pact with the Mana.


Special Editions

Name Stars
Raze Sword of Light ★ 3

Battle Tips

Raze has a very high physical offense stat, both his defense for magic and physical are fairly good. He has also a good speed stat, although he does not do well for magic.

Later in the game, Raze is given a "Ring of Light" by a mysterious man named Reicher. The ring enables him to transform his dagger into a 'Sword of Light', which deals grand damage on Mana-type enemies. Apparently, the ring's power is really strong that sometimes Raze himself is unable to control it. The example of this is when he initiates his Finishing Strike.

Battle Quotes

  • "Alright, we got the first strike!" - First strike
  • "They look tough..." - First strike, big enemy
  • "I'll finish this!" - Falling Leaves / Falling Blades
  • "Can you take this!?" - Twin Caliber
  • "Just watch!" - Attack support
  • "I'll stop them!" - Defense support
  • "Let's take a chance!" - Unite Mode
  • "I'll save you now!" - using healing item / healing skill
  • "I can switch." - Ready to switch
  • "Take this power, go!" - Intimate Strike 2, Brionac Raid
  • "Go! Keep going!" - Intimate Strike 1, Uppergram
  • "The light!? Dammit! I'm not gonna let you take me over!" - Finishing Strike, Mana Extinguisher
  • "Light, protect us!" - Intimate Guard, Mobius Sage
  • "This is a joke, right!?" - unconcious
  • "The energy is coming back to me!" - awaken from unconscious because of Blessing of Light effect
  • "That went pretty well!" - Victory


Skill MP Usage Element Skill Description
Analyze Light Shows enemy's HP, trait, weaknesses, and resistances. Strangely, it lacked information about status resistance unlike Chloe World of book.
*Shadow of Light / Photon Silhouette Splits up for turns, give you an extra turn.
*Falling Leaves / Falling Blades: Light Time sphere skill.
Twin Caliber Light Attacks the enemy with two swords.
Drive Caliber Light Attack the enemy with a big sword.
Uppergram Light Raze's first Intimate Strike. Attack the enemy up to the air. (Only usable in Unite Mode)
Brionac Raid: Light Raze's second Intimate Strike. Changes the sword into spear and attack the enemy. (Only usable in Unite Mode)
Uniter of Light and Darkness [Special Co-op skill] Only can be initiated if Ulrika and Raze are in a same party. Make Raze do the second Intimate Strike after Ulrika initiates the first. (Only usable in Unite Mode)
Mobius shield 0 MP Light Slightly increases unity gauge. Also guards all ally vanguard.
Mobius Sage: 0 MP Light Raze's Intimate Guard. Increases ally vanguard's DEF and RES. (Only usable in Unite Mode)
Mana Extinguisher: Full Finishing Gauge Light Raze's Finishing Strike.

(Note: Every skill except Analyze, can only be learned after Raze obtains the Ring of Light in Ch.2.)

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