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Mana are spirits which lend their power to humans in order to allow them to use alchemy.

In both the Iris Series and Mana Khemia series, Mana holds great importance to the advancing of storyline and also to enchant characters' ability in battle. In Mana Khemia 2, it's shown that some Mana, if not all, have the ability to adopt a human form in order to perform day-to-day activities more easily.



Atelier Iris 2

"Mana, the father of power, the mother of life...The source of all nature." -Atelier Iris 2

Mana are depicted in Atelier Iris 2 as beings that govern all elements in nature, and they are a very important source of power in alchemy. According to the legend, there is a Mana called Lilith who is the most powerful of all, aptly named 'Mana of Creation'. Alchemists make pact with them, and they live in harmony with humans. In Eden, there are several Manas that roam freely, allowing the player to interact with them.

Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

Over the course of the game some your party members make contracts with Mana. Flay and Nikki's mana are gained through the stories progression while Roxis's has to be earned through his character quests. In the game it is implied that Vayne/Other Vayne was the most powerful mana, but that was short lived after Heart's Prison since Vayne gave up his powers and his other self disappeared.

Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy

Close to a decade after the events of Mana Khemia, a steady decrease in the power of Mana began occurring as the Mana themselves began disappearing from the Human World. This caused severe effects to occur such the Academy crashing back to the ground due to the power from the Wind Mana that kept the Academy afloat, certain plants that grow from the Mana's energy to slowly wither away, and slowly preventing humans to make contracts with Mana, which is need in order to use alchemy.

Later in the game, it's revealed that the reason why the Mana had been disappearing was because of the Light Mana King, who had heard about an alchemist and his Mana had become lovers and the Mana that became pregnant with their hybrid child had died from childbirth, resulting in him believing that if this continued all Mana would be in danger. So he began having the Mana return to the Mana world and cut all ties with humans, including the ones born in the human world, and granted certain humans special rings imbued with some of his power to hunt the unwilling ones down.


"Mana are beings who govern the various phenomena of our world. Wind, fire, earth, water, darkness & light, the moon & stars, emotions & heart. There are many kinds, but they’re all alike. In other words, pure power. Long ago alchemists sought to extract that power. Many Mana were hunted in the name of research… Tens of thousands… Trapped, drugged, dissected alive.

 Eventually, they succeeded in extracting the power…But it was too much for mere humans to manage. Free of its vessel, the power surged, instantly burning everything to ash. Nothing remained. Not even a single tree, or a living human. The alchemists cancelled all experiments and froze the Mana specimens. They denied such an event ever happened, and erased it from all the records."  -Mana Khemia Alchemists of Al-Revis , Isolde Schelling

Older mana and a select few knew the truth about the mana experiments, among those being Isolde Schelling. In the Mana Ruins at Al-Revis academy, thousands of different Mana are trapped within their crystallized prisons. Certain people are able to hear the voices of some of the mana begging for freedom, Zweis Monde being one of those pleading mana and one to escape.

The Wind Mana who was sacrificed to keep Al-Revis afloat was chosen to prevent the violent actions of alchemists from repeating themselves by holding up an academy of alchemy.

There has been one known case of a man who could create an artificial mana, the legendary alchemist Theofratus Aurelius.

List of Mana types

  • Lilith - The Mana of Creation
  • Dour - The Mana of Wood
  • Uru - The Mana of Fire
  • Plua - The Mana of Darkness
  • Diemia - The Mana of Stone
  • Nymph - The Mana of Water
  • Silwest - The Mana of Air
  • Aion - The Mana of Life
  • Eital - The Mana of Light
  • Luplus - The Mana of Time
  • Grupt - The Mana of Power
  • Fanatos - The Mana of Evil
  • Flay - The Mana of Spirits
  • Zeilia - The Mana of Lightning
  • Paltia - The Mana of Holiness
  • Zuvelk - The Mana of Metal
  • Aroma - The Mana of Fragrance
  • Jiptus - The Mana of Poison
  • Faustus - The Mana of Illusions and Dreams
  • Siren - The Mana of Sound
  • Vayne Aurelius / Other Vayne - The Mana of Wishes
  • Whim - A Water Mana
  • Yun - A Fire Mana
  • Uryu - The Mana of Souls
  • Light Mana King - A powerful Light Mana and one of the Mana Kings.
  • Dark Mana King - A powerful Dark Mana and one of the Mana Kings.