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For Atelier Shallie's Linca, see Linca (seventh).

Linca is a playable character in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk, Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky and Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Liberator of Polar Night.

Linca is a skilled sword user who has been practicing the art of swordplay since she was young. She was saved by Marion several years ago, and has since then remained loyal to her.

She is known to have at least seven "siblings", all of whom look almost identical and all share the same name, Linca. While Linca and Marion have been bothered by a more malicious sister for some time, Linca also has more friendly older sisters (the third and seventh). The "Lincas" were created artificially in an underground garden. Linca is the eighth "Linca" to be born.


Atelier Ayesha

She works as Marion's bodyguard. She and Marion arrived from a land very far away for an important investigation. She's a devoted companion who is always thirsty for a good battle. She's a very skilled sword user, but is virtually clueless about everything in life outside of battle.

Marion entrusts Linca to Ayesha and her party as a companion when they visit Hallos Village. Although Marion and Linca have a good relationship, Marion wishes for Linca to have more friends and to become better socialized. By travelling with Ayesha, Linca learns to cook, and begins to understand simple concepts better.

Linca also admits that she wishes to have short hair and clothing more suitable for battle. Because Marion takes good care of her, Linca has never changed her appearance, all to please Marion.

If Linca is the character with the highest friendship in the third year of the game when Ayesha's birthday event occurs, the player will recieve a Chain Shirt as a gift from Linca and Marion. After a character event, Linca will open a shop that is open during the bazaar, where the player can buy items from her.

Atelier Escha & Logy

After the events of Atelier Ayesha, Linca has left the Land of Dusk and now works for the Colseit branch. Linca is a specialist in combat who supports Marion, and her sword skills are first class. Her main duties include subjugating monsters and searching for wanted criminals [1]. She was assigned to the development team together with Marion, and becomes like a senior to Escha and Logy.

Linca's clothes are still picked by Marion, and Linca continues to attempt to fulfill her goal of making 100 friends. It's still difficult for her to make friends, and is unable to act on a equal basis with Marion. But she is not hesitant in front of anyone, and her feelings for her companions are very strong [2].

Linca is introduced early in the story as Logy and Escha's senior colleague at work, shortly after the scene where Escha and Logy met for the first time. She is available as a playable party member and joins Escha and Logy in their investigations later in the game. Linca also has her own character ending.

Atelier Resleriana


Name Stars
Linca Assistant Squad Leader ★ 1


Atelier Ayesha


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Ayesha)
Single-Edge Sword 8 - - 7 - - - - - -
Protector Sword 17 - - 9 - - - - - -
Glass Blade 23 - - 11 - 5 - - - -
Magic Sword 32 10 - 13 - - - - - 33
Angel Sword 41 - 20 16 5 - 5 5 - -



Skill MP Usage Skill Description
Start Rush 6 Physical damage to one target, might inflict Hold.
Adrenaline Dance 7 Deals physical damage and increases the odds of being targeted.
Valkyrie Dive 10 Physical damage to all enemies, may inflict slow
Stomp Charge 13 Physical damage to a medium area, may inflict Hold
Raging Edge Super "Super Move". Deal huge physical damage to a target.
Calm and Serene N/A Decrease effects of status ailments and shorten wait time by 15%. (Passive)
Reinforce Body N/A Decrease physical damage by 15% and increase critical damage by 15%. (Passive)
Checkmate 2.5 AC Stop a target's action. Invalid on strong enemies. 
Knock Out 1.5 AC Deal PH damage to a target and knock back their turn. 

Atelier Escha & Logy

Linca will join the party during fourth assignment's free time. She starts at level 25. Linca has high HP, attack and defense, but low MP and speed.


Name Level, CP HP MP ATK SPD DEF Wind RES Water RES Fire RES Earth RES Ingredients
Great Blade 3 - - 13 - - - - - -
Cleaver 11 - - 19 - - - - - -
Boneshatter 18 - - 26 - 10 - - - -
Slaying Blade 26 10 36 - - - 15 15 -
Humming Quasar 37 20 20 52 25 - - - - -


She can equip clothes, light armors and heavy armors.


Active skills
Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Ground Line Default 8 MP Deals earth damage to targets, and has a chance to slow them. Enemy line Earth
War Smash Default 15 MP Deals physical damage and has a chance to weaken them. Medium enemy area Physical
Arc Break Default 20 MP Physical damage and greatly reduces their speed. Large enemy area Physical
Gravity Cross Level 30 0 MP Finishing Attack. Deals massive physical damage to the target. Single enemy Physical
Passive skills
Skill Learning condition Description
Valkyria Default Increases chance of being targeted for attacks and increases critical damage bonus.
Muscle Up Default Increases critical chance and reduces physical damage taken.
Chain skills
Skill Learning condition Support Gauge consumption Description Target
Support Guard Default 1/2 point Protects the target from an enemy attack and reduces damage. Single ally
Hard Guard "Linked Guards" research 1/2 point Strengthens Support Guard to reduce damage by 50%. Single ally
Support Attack Default 1 point An additional attack. Later attacks will cause more damage. Single enemy
Stunning Blow "Linked Attacks" research 1 point Delays the target’s turn a small amount when using a Support Attack. Single enemy
Fissure Blow Default 1 point, 200% Damage Rate Special Support. Physical damage that is proportional to the enemy’s remaining HP. Single enemy
One Cut Blow "Linked Specials" research 1 point, 200% Damage Rate Special Support. Physical damage proportional to the target’s remaining HP. Single enemy


Atelier Ayesha

"My intuition is telling me, that this item is edible."
          — When gathering


Ending - Linca


  • The song Promised Gemini, available exclusively as a downloadable content for Atelier Ayesha from Weekly Famitsu issue 1234, is a song in "Linca's image"[3].
  • She thinks fighting would be easier if her hair were shorter or even if she had none at all, but Marion would not permit her to do so, and Ayesha expressed the same thoughts too.
  • Marion once scolded her for eating food picked up from the ground and following strangers, Linca didn't do it again afterwards.
  • Every month, she receives a delivery of ten same sets of clothes because she rips them very often while fighting.
  • Linca came in second place in Gamer's Atelier Escha & Logy character popularity voting[4].
  • Linca shares voice actress with Lina Alterier, the protagonist of Atelier Lina.



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