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Saskia is a character from Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Liberator of Polar Night, Resna Sternenricht alchemy master.

She met Resna Sternenlicht in a village where she stopped during her travels and taught her the basics of alchemy. She has a bright and invigorating personality, but when it comes to alchemy, she shows a stern side.

Chapter 1

Saskia role on prologue is making Resna Sternenlicht start her adventure to the Royal Capital. On the way of this adventure, she meet and explains about how this alchemists are called Wanderers, and have more of then around. Resna asks for help to learn more about the alchemy with this masters from other world, but then all can't synthetize like in their previous world, Saskia asks to then try synthetize together with her.

Resna be surprised how fast they all learned how to synthetize on this world, she took years to learn and even more a high quality on a level she never could reach. Saskia looking then all working together explains the difference between this world alchemy are the method but the results are the same, Marlone seems worried about this problems with the alchemy.

Saskia explain how the alchemy on past wasn't anything like that, but could be handled alone, in a long time ago this world used to have a incredible amount of mana but as the number of comets reduced, the world enter on verge of mana drought. Which proceeds to bring the decline of alchemy, much time has passed and few people remained to remember the existence of alchemy, also is explained when multiple alchemists bring their power together, they have the ability to amplify mana.