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Resna Sternenlicht its a novice alchemist, she is a character from Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator, learning about alchemy, on her young age her dad disappear while on a hunt, and her mom are always off to adventures, Saskia became Resna teacher after fixing her red ribbon she use, the reason to use is because she expect that her dad will recognize. As she grows up, her best friend Izana Kokoschka became part of her life and adventures.


Resna Sternenlicht is a novice alchemist, she has a deep love for the history of alchemy and her passion is pretty strong, demonstrated on how she acts around everything that involves alchemy in someway, still she scary people and aren't able to sell any of her Synthesis, with this trouble, Izana Kokoschka appears right after her unsuccessful attempts of selling, Resna Sternenlicht is pretty sad about not being able to do any sells but she is remembered about her promise of being a "Full-fledge" alchemist. Saskia gave her assignment to go to Royal Capital and this will allow she a possibility to graduate on her alchemy, but since she needs Cole to the travel expenses, its important that she be able to sell her synthesis.

Resna Sternenlicht goes on a hunt for the materials needed for synthesis of the resources she selling, while doing this a Wyvern arrives suddenly on the scene and Reisalin Stout saves her from being hurt, she learns that Ryza is a alchemist and the bomb she used to save her, was a result from alchemy, and explode in excitement asking her about everything one of this questions was about her past and how became a strong alchemist.

Ryza recollects about her past on Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout, and gives advices on how Resna can sell her synthesized items, after leaving quotes Empel Vollmer "Be bold! That't the only way you can pave your own path on alchemy".

Resna, Judith, Rorona, Shallistera and Marie

After ending her adventure she eats a Strange Candy that takes her to Atelier (Resleriana), Saskia and Resna have a meeting, its discussed about the challenges she having on her assignments and suddenly arrives opening the door, Marlone, Judith Volltone, Rorolina Frixell and Shallistera Argo, they all be blasted by Resna excitement.

Marlone and all other 3 alchemists explain how they wake on this new weird planet with a Strange Candy, and that's how they all suddenly appears on this Atelier, Saskia talks about how this alchemists are called Wanderers, and have more of then around. Resna asks for help to learn more about the alchemy with this masters from other world, but then all can't synthetize like in their previous world, Saskia asks to then try synthetize together with Resna.

Resna be surprised how fast they all learned how to synthetize on this world, she took years to learn and even more a high quality on a level she never could reach. Saskia looking then all working together explains the difference between this world alchemy are the method but the results are the same, Marlone seems worried about this problems with the alchemy.

Saskia explain how the alchemy on past wasn't anything like that, but could be handled alone, in a long time ago this world used to have a incredible amount of mana but as the number of comets reduced, the world enter on verge of mana drought. Which proceeds to bring the decline of alchemy, much time has passed and few people remained to remember the existence of alchemy, also is explained when multiple alchemists bring their power together, they have the ability to amplify mana.

Shallistera Argo asks to Resna if she can help on her assignment, and tell her history on Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea, they together goes on an adventure to gather resources, while doing the gathering Resna Sternenlicht explain how she meets alchemy for the first time, and she finally sells her synthesis and sets to the Royal Capital.

Chapter 1

Resna arrives on the Royal Capital

Resna Sternenlicht, Izana Kokoschka and Shallistera Argo arrives together and they all be astonished on how different it is from their village, she explains to Shallistera what is the assignment she have and what is the reason, this being, being able to sell the materials and making money to survive as alchemist, after completing this, she will be no more a apprentice. As they all walk together and ask for information about where she can go to take jobs for make Cole, and they point to Star's Cocoon Cafe.

Arriving on the Cafe, Reisalin Stout is the first to be seen, they all meet each other, also meet Rorolina Frixell and Iksel Jahnn, she discovers that Rorona is also a alchemist, and Ryza didn't come alone to this world, but for the moment she working as a server, and on the requests.

Resna, Izana, Rorona and Iksel

Working on the requests from Star's Cocoon Cafe, Shallistera Argo invites then to explore the place and learn more about it to see if is possible to find what they need around the town, Izana walks to the weapons store and check what have to sell, while chatting she remember how Resna was there for her when she had hard times after failing the "knight exam". Back to explore the place, Resna found Flocke's Shop, she meets Flocke Celha a sweet businesswoman that lives selling for travelers and people from the town, she leaves and forget her bags with the money for pay her rent and food for the day there, but Resna Sternenlicht found Heidi, and she knows Flocke, and will be able to return to her.

Everyone goes together to explore the Dungeon, and continue the assignment from Saskia, on the adventure, Reisalin Stout explain how important is to learn about new things but still be aware of how important is our ordinary routines, she succeed on her exploration. Back to atelier again, Shallistera Argo, Resna Sternenlicht and Ryza synthetize together and with this she deliver her first request.

After she receive her payment, decides to follow on a new objective, found a author of a book she used to read, and to this, will start to explore on Royal Capital. The first place to be set the exploration is on the fountain at the town scare, that is mentioned on the book, sometime pass and they couldn't find anything about it, but this lead then to search for a alchemist that should be living around the town for more time, while doing this Resna Sternenlicht see how the city folks feel about alchemy, this make she really sad. Shallistera Argo find another book from the same author that is called Allar. They back to Star's Cocoon Cafe and together surprises Izana Kokoschka and Resna with a big meal.


Name Stars
Resna Starry Heavens Gift ★ 3
Resna Innocent Dreamer ★ 3
Resna Loved Rookie ★ 3