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Escha Malier is one of two protagonists in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky and a playable character in Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea, and Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Liberator of Polar Night, She also makes an appearance in Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey.

In Escha & Logy, Escha Malier is a young girl living in the small remote town Colseit, and has now become a new offical of the development team of the Colseit's branch of the Unentered Area Special Investigation Bureau. Prior to becoming an government official, she helped with alchemy work. She was officially assigned to the team at the same time as Logix "Logy" Fiscario, and the two will work together. 

Escha is often shown to be quite quirky and cheerful, and often shows her feelings very clearly. She is full of energy and is also very curious. She is sometimes a little shy, though, and may not always think about her actions. She is very hardworking, and became a part of the development project because she wanted to help others by using her own knowledge about older alchemy. She loves sweets, especially apple tart[2].

Her family have since long been apple farmers and are managing the area around what appears to be the oldest tree of the apple orchard. Her mother Miria passed away when she was young, and her mother's close friend Clone has a motherly role to her.

To go to The Unexplored Ruin has been her dream since she was young. Her mother used to read her many folklores, and many of them were about The Unexplored Ruin. Therefore, she feels like the ruin is important to her.

Her "tail" is an accessory made by her mother. Escha doesn't know how it was made and how it can move.


Atelier Escha & Logy

The player can choose Escha as the protagonist of the game. If chosen as protagonist, Escha will be the character the player will take the role of and control through the game. The game will involve more daily-life scenarios, and is described as being targeted to fans of the previous games. 

If not choosen as protagonist, Escha will be available as a party member. It will still be possible to use Escha's item synthesis, and equip her with usable items.

Escha is officially assigned to development team of the Colseit branch at the start of the game, at the same time as Logix "Logy" Ficsario. Together with Logy, the two fulfill assignments given to them. Escha also helps out with building an airship by gathering materials and synthesizing various items. Eventually after the airship has been completed, Escha and her colleagues are assigned to explore The Unexplored Ruin.

Atelier Shallie

Escha is an alchemist brought down from Colseit to help Solle in his work as he goes about his investigations in Stellard. While well versed in ancient alchemy, for some reason, she has a proclivity towards using her skills for food-related alchemy. A real go-getter, her wild imagination often compels her to challenge her alchemy in new and interesting ways, which routinely invites trouble upon her as a result.[3]

Shallistera and Shalotte helps Escha to open up her own shop, as well as to hold a baking contest.

Atelier Firis

Escha is a cheerful and gluttonous 11-year old. This incarnation of Escha has several differences from the Escha who appears in the Dusk series, such as a different backstory as well as lacking the family name Malier and a tail.

She is a resident of Flussheim and friends since childhood with Mea Holthaus. She eventually starts helping out in Logy's shop in the same town. When she's first introduced she's not an alchemist, but later learns alchemy from Firis in order to make a present for Logy.

Atelier Lydie & Suelle

While she does not appear in the game, Firis continues to teach her alchemy.



Name Stars
Escha Endless Tarts ★ 2
Escha Sweet Monochrome ★ 3

In Battle

Atelier Escha & Logy

Escha can use items and skills during battle. She is weaker than Logy in all stats but MP, fire resistance, and water resistance, but her passive skills makes her more powerful for using items. Together with Logy, she can use "Double Draw", allowing the player to let Escha and Logy use one attack item each in the same action.

She lacks defense, attack, and HP, and unlike the other non-alchemist playable characters, she does not possess any Finishing Strikes.

Unlike Logy, (most of) her exclusive items aren't connected to her.


In both E&L & Shallie, Escha uses staves as her primary weapon.


In both E&L & Shallie, Escha can only equip clothes.

Exclusive Items

In Escha & Logy, Escha's exclusive items are:


Atelier Escha & Logy

Active skills
Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Ether Shoot Level 7 15 MP Damages target, and delays next turn. Single enemy Physical
Protection Level 15 27 MP Temporary raises all stats. Effect lasts 5 turns. Self -
Ether Spear Level 25 28 MP Damages target, and slightly delays next turn. Enemy line Physical
Passive skills
Skill Learning condition Description
Super Energetic Level 10 Reduces WT when using items, and slighly avoids KO.
Ancient Alchemy Level 20 Strengthens effectiveness of all usable items.
Chain skills
Skill Learning condition Support Gauge consumption Description Target
Support Guard Default 1/2 point Protects the target from an enemy attack and reduces damage. Single ally
Hard Guard "Linked Guards" research 1/2 point Strengthens support guard to reduce damage by 50%. Single ally
Support Attack Default 1 point An additional attack. Later attacks will cause more damage. Single enemy
Power Impact "Linked Attacks" research 1 point Performs a high-power Support Attack. Single enemy
Ether Mark After 6th character joins 1 point, 200% Damage Rate Special Support. Deals strong physical damage and increases effectiveness of items. Single enemy
Ether Point "Linked Specials" research 1 point, 200% Damage Rate Special Support. Deals physical damage to the target, and increases item effectiveness. Single enemy

Atelier Shallie

Active skills
Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Power Swing Default 0 MP Normal attack. Physical damage. Single enemy Physical
Fla Bomb Level 5 18 MP Fire damage. Single enemy Fire
Apple Tart Level 10 18 MP HP recovery+Increases max HP. Single ally Physical
Mach Synthesize Level 15 31 MP Create a 3-turn time card for attack item (only while in front). Single enemy Physical
Apple Story Level 20 77 MP HP Recovery+Increase level. All allies None
Ether Strike Level 25 60 MP Magic Damage+Blind. All enemies Magic
Tauzent Force Level 30 42 MP Magic Damage+Increase Burst gauge. Single enemy Magic
W. Draw O Level 30 0 MP Ultimate Attack. Consumes Ultimate Gauge. Deals a large amount of non-attribute damage. Single enemy None
W. Draw End Level 30 and Logy in the party 0 MP Variation of W. Draw O that only activates when Escha and Logy are in the front line at the same time and when this attack ends the combat. Single enemy None
Passive skills
Skill Learning condition Description
Super Cheerful Level 10 Reduces wait time by 20% and 25% chance withstanding a KO by 1 HP.
Ancient Alchemy Level 15 Skill effect increases by 25%.
Live Tail Level 20 Regen HP during action + increase chance of dodging enemy attacks.
Controller's Blessing Level 25 Gain Physical and Magical attack resistance.
Assist skills
Skill Learning condition Description Target Attribute
Assist Attack Default Additional attack. Trade places with front line unit. Single enemy Magic
Crazy Bomb Attack Default Fire damage + slow down action turns. Only usable during Burst. Single enemy Fire
Ether Rush Default Variable Strike. Physical damage + delays action turns. Only usable during Burst. Single enemy Physical
Assist Guard Default Takes damage in place of the front line character. Reduces damage by 30% and the character will survive with 1 HP even if the attack would otherwise result in a KO. Single ally -
Ether Barrier 7 Growth Points (Level 40) Enhances the Assist Guard. Reduces damage by 30%. Trade places with front line unit. All allies -
Potentialize Selectable when in the rear line at start of Burst. Item effects increase while active. All allies -


Escha uses a cauldron for performing synthesis, which is revealed to be known throughout Central as "old-style alchemy" during the time Atelier Escha & Logy takes place. Prior to meeting Logy, she didn't know about any kinds of alchemy except her family's special old-style and assumed that all alchemists used cauldrons. She hopes that her own alchemy will make others happy.

She began to learn alchemy when she was very young, and doesn't remember very much from then. She learned from watching her mother rather than being taught, and has used what she learned to study on her own. Therefore, she's somewhat of a beginner at the start of the game.

With Escha's synthesis, the player is able to synthesize many different kinds of items such as usable items, synthesis ingredients, and accessory equipment. She can't synthesize weapon or armor equipment, but Logy can with his imbuing skills.

Alchemy skills

Active skills

These skills can be used during synthesis when selected. They can only be used once per synthesis, but their effects accumulate (meaning that, for example, if both "Quantity 1" and "Quantity 2" are used during a synthesis, the quantity or usage increases by 3 in total). The points needed to use them are obtained by introducing the materials during the synthesis process.

Skill Learning condition SP cost Description
CP Recovery+ 1 Alchemy Level 8 1 fire point Adds 10 to CP value. There is no limit to this effect.
CP Recovery+ 2 Alchemy Level 14 2 fire points Adds 25 to CP value. There is no limit to this effect.
CP Recovery+ 3 Alchemy Level 31 3 fire points Adds 50 to CP value. There is no limit to this effect.
Power+ 1 Alchemy Level 20 3 fire points Doubles the selected item's Attribute value.
Power+ 2 Alchemy Level 34 5 fire points Triples the selected item's Attribute value.
Draw Property Alchemy Level 26 2 fire points Forces the next Property Bonus to be drawn.
Conversion 1 Alchemy Level 8 1 water point Adds 1 point to another attribute.
Conversion 2 Alchemy Level 16 2 water points Adds 2 points to another attribute.
Conversion 3 Alchemy Level 28 3 water points Adds 3 points to another attribute.
Crafting Help 1 Alchemy Level 10 1 water point Reduces CP consumption by the selected item by 50%.
Crafting Help 2 Alchemy Level 22 2 water points Reduces CP consumption by the selected item by 75%.
Crafting Help 3 Alchemy Level 32 3 water points Reduces CP consumption by the selected item to 0.
Division Alchemy Level 17 2 wind points Splits item, allowing it to be used again. CP cost remains same.
Perfect Division Alchemy Level 33 4 wind points Splits the selected item, allowing it to be added again.
Compression Alchemy Level 29 3 wind points Reduces crafting time by 1 day. Equipment limitations reduced (compress 1 cost slot).
Reset Attribute Alchemy Level 37 1 wind point Reduces attribute on completed item to 0 and adds value to another attribute.
Absorbs Attribute 1 Alchemy Level 8 1 wind point Adds 20% of current total attribute value to the effect value.
Absorbs Attribute 2 Alchemy Level 23 3 wind points Adds 50% of current total attribute value to the effect value.
Effect+ 1 Alchemy Level 8 1 earth point Increases effect value on the completed item by 5.
Effect+ 2 Alchemy Level 13 2 earth points Increases effect value on the completed item by 10.
Effect+ 3 Alchemy Level 25 3 earth points Increases effect value on the completed item by 25.
Quantity 1 Alchemy Level 19 3 earth points Increases quantity or usage number of the completed item by 1.
Quantity 2 Alchemy Level 35 5 earth points Increases quantity or usage number of the completed item by 2.
Strengthen Material "M. Superiority" research 1 of each element points Increases attribute value of selected item by 100% and effect value by 25.
Full Power "World System" research 2 of each element points Increases all attributes of completed item by 50% and effect value by 50.

Passive skills

These skills are active in every synthesis upon learning them.

Skill Learning condition Description
Expert Skill Alchemy Level 30 Dramatically increases Cost Poin (CP).
Quick Synthesis Alchemy Level 25 Decreases synthesis time.
Inherit Synthesis Alchemy Level 20 Properties on used materials can be carried over.
Manifest Property Alchemy Level 15 Reveals hidden properties on the crafted item.
Bonus Generation Alchemy Level 8 Creates an attribute bonus and allows skills to be used.
Freestyle Alchemy Level 8 Allows materials to be added in any order for better synthesis control.
Inherit Apprentice Alchemy Level 18 Base PP for property inheritance increases by 5.
Inherit Journeyman Alchemy Level 24 Base PP for property inheritance increases by 10.
Inherit Master Alchemy Level 33 Base PP for property inheritance increases by 20.

Character Events

Main article and event listing: Events - Escha

Escha has 6 character events in total, and they occur when Escha is the protagonist choosen.


  • In Dengeki Playstation (電撃PlayStation, dengeki playstation) vol. 541 a short story about how Escha became an government official is featured. It was written by the scenario writer 田中裕樹 and illustrated by Abaraheiki (肋兵器).
  • Prior to the game's announcement, a blurred silhouette of Escha was shown in a Dengeki magazine.
  • Escha came in fourth place in Gamer's Atelier Escha & Logy character popularity voting[4].
  • An illustration of Escha, together with Ion from Ciel Nosurge , was at the cover of the summer 2013 issue of the magazine Utahime (うたひめ).



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