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Flocke Celha is a character from Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator.


A healthy girl who runs a peddler. She lives with Valeria and Heidi and supports their sloppy lives. She prays to the stars every day, hoping that her parents, who suddenly disappeared one day, will return.

Chapter 1

Flocke Celha is introduced when Resna Sternenlicht is meeting the places on Royal Capital, as they two chat, she leaves and forget her bag with money from the sells, Resna give the back to Heidi that later surprises Valeria and Flocke Celha, saving then from being throw out to streets. After Valeria and Heidi together conclude the requests from Moonlight Society, Valeria, her and Heidi eat together a big meal and enjoy the results of this request.


Name Stars
Flocke Angel of Rose‎‎ ★ 3



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