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Crow is a character from Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator she is a Villain.


A girl who hides her true face behind a mask. People call her the "Crow" and fear her because she appears from the shadows and then disappears as if melting into the shadows. Works with the Moonlight Society and keep sure that all the requests are done in time.

Chapter 3: Resna and Valeria

Valeria and Heidi be confronted by Crow and she bring a really hard request, its to kill Resna Sternenlicht and wont have other option at the moment that isn't accept, this is part to make they able to access more higher-levels requests and get more for then.

Crow confronts Valeria on the beach, when she was about to win, Resna, and everyone gather together to stop her successfully. After that, they take Valeria back to the Atelier, with help of the Lanterna Blossoms she took before, Resna synthesize with the help of others alchemists something to help Valeria.