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"A girl who opens a mass production shop in Kirchen Bell. She's an alchemist like Sophie, but her ability is to duplicate objects. However, using her ability causes her body to shrink as a toll, so she tries not to overuse it. She's a very easygoing person who lives life at her own pace. She decides to become famous to find her father, who she has never known, and currently runs a warehouse store."
          — Official description from Atelier Sophie.

Corneria is a character in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book, Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings and Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Liberator of Polar Night.

She tends to have a bit of a emotionless expression on her face, but she is always kind. Corneria also seems to have a fondness for milk.


Atelier Sophie

Corneria is a playable party member and owns a shop where the player can register items and ask her to auto-refill used items. As the player gets to know her better, she will decrease her fees and eventually provide her service for free.

Sophie helps her repair a music box that plays the melody of a song from another country. Logy recognizes the melody and points her in the right direction to find her father's homeland. However, in the end, Corneria decides to stay in Kirchen Bell and expand her shop so that its fame may one day reach the ears of her father.

Atelier Firis

While she doesn't appear in person, a doll shaped like her appears and provides the same refilling service as she did in Atelier Sophie, at the cost of milk.

Atelier Lydie & Suelle

Corneria is the manager of "Corneria Company." She visits Melveille for business and opens a shop.[1] She starts to duplicate items for Lydie and Suelle after they have synthesized an Ice Box so she can store food. Drossel Weissberg meets Corneria and recognizes her clothes from a place she had visited. Drossel takes an advertisement for Corneria's shop and is able to locate Coneria's father. After he arrives in Melveille they arrange to meet in Kirchen Bell with her mother. He had never left her family but took too large of a job and became too small to be seen.



Name Stars
Corneria No Milk No Life ★ 3


Corneria can use a very wide variety of items, only surpassed by Plachta and Sophie. Most of her skills involve item use. She uses gloves as weapons.





Active skills

Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target
Attack Default 0 MP Normal attack. Physical damage. Chance to chain attack (up with speed). Single enemy
Spirited Attack Default Magic damage (ignores defense). Delays turn. Single enemy
Spirited Blow 3 ability points Magic damage (ignores defense). Delays turn. Replaces Spirited Attack. Single enemy
Meditation Level 5 Recovers HP (scales with attack power). Increases defense. Self
Mental Concentration 5 ability points Recovers HP (scales with attack power). Increases attack power, defense and speed. Replaces Meditation. Self
Merciless Kick Level 10 Physical damage. Increases effect of items against enemy. Single enemy
Super Galactic Kick 7 ability points Physical damage. Increases effect of items against enemy. Replaces Merciless Kick. Single enemy
Duplication Alchemy Level 15 Use an equipped item without consuming it. The item effect is much weaker than the original. Depends on item
Rapid Alchemy 5 ability points Use an equipped item without consuming it. Can be used quickly. The item effect is weaker than the original. Replaces Duplication Alchemy. Depends on item

Passive skills

Skill Learning condition Description
Sense Danger Reduces chance to be affected by status ailments. Success rate of "Run" increases.
Ancient Knowledge Increases item power. Reduces wait time after using items.
Graceful Increases evasion rate. Increases chance for chain attacks after normal attacks.
Element Absorb Part of damage dealt restores HP.
Swift Gale 5 ability points Increases speed (XXL). Increases all stats proportional to speed.
Mental Sublimation 5 ability points Increases skill power (L).
Defensive Spell 5 ability points A portion of damage taken is converted to MP damage instead.
Blessing of Light and Shadow 5 ability points Bestows fire and ice resistance.

Chain skills

Skill Stance % chain Description
Latent Seal Offense > 200% Offense Act. Chain attack, reduces attack, defense and speed.
Latent Absorb Offense 300% Special Attack. Powerful chain attack, absorbs attack, defense and speed.
Purify Defense > 200% Defense Act. Automatically recover from status ailments each turn.
Awakened Alchemy Defense 300% Special Guard. Enhances item damage.