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Rorolina "Rorona" Frixell is the main protagonist in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland, and is a supporting character in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland, Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland and Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland.

Rorona is a world famous alchemist known all across Arland. The genius alchemist Astrid Zexis once helped her family through a deadly illness. Years later, Rorona has become Astrid's student in order to pay Astrid back for the kindness that she once showed Rorona and her family. 

Rorona grew up in Arland with her parents, and is the childhood friend of Cordelia and Iksel. She is portrayed as a somewhat childish person, who is easily excitable and clumsy. She struggles when she begins practicing alchemy, and is frustrated that Astrid doesn't help her learn. Rorona has a big appetite, and a seemingly bottomless stomach. Pie making is her number one hobby, and she dreams of one day opening up a pie shop, but she keeps her ambitions a secret, after Astrid forbids her from baking pies. 

As Rorona grows up, her alchemy skills improve, and she starts to travel around Arland. She begins teaching others how to do alchemy, although she's self-conscious about her teaching skills. She's very proud when she teaches Totori how to successfully synthesize something, and claims Totori as her first successful student. She even becomes successful enough to create a Chim.

Although she's aged, Rorona still remains very childish, and is enjoying her freedom to travel around Arland, taking some free time away from the workshop. She loves anything cute, and likes to give everybody she meets a "cute" nickname, although most people don't appreciate it. 

Prior to the events in Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland, Rorona adopted Lulua as her daughter. 


Atelier Rorona

Rorona is the main protagonist, and the character that the player will control. After going into Astrid's care, Rorona begins to learn about alchemy. She works at Astrid's workshop, although she doesn't get to learn much about alchemy because Astrid often refuses to take requests from the people of Arland.

Business is slow, and the workshop is on the verge of being closed down by the Ministry. Astrid changes the name of her workshop from "Atelier Astrid" to "Atelier Rorona" and entrusts Rorona with the task of assisting the people of Arls and ensuring that the workshop doesn't get closed down. Rorona is hesitant at first, but is determined to save the workshop and learn more about alchemy.

Throughout the course of the game, Rorona and her companions will complete tasks for the Ministry. Rorona has a set amount of time to compile enough evidence that alchemy is needed in Arland. Rorona can invite her companions to travel with her outside of Arland while she gathers materials and fights monsters. The player's actions will determine Rorona's fate, the game's ending, and the in game events. 

Atelier Totori

6 years after the events of Atelier Rorona, Rorona is now a very distinguished and respected alchemist. She's travelling Arland in search of Astrid and Hom who have disappeared. Sometime in her travels, she collapses and is found by Atelier Totori's main protagonist Totori. Rorona is brought back to Alanya where she is taken care of by the Helmold family. Totori shows interest in alchemy, and Rorona decides to take Totori in as a student and teach her alchemy. 

Several years after this event, Rorona has floated down river to Alanya Village and is fished out of the water by Totori's father Guid. At this point, Rorona has given up on finding Astrid, and decides to help Totori look for her mother instead. She gives Totori a cauldron at her workshop, and also creates a Chim as a gift for Totori to assist her with alchemy. Rorona is also available as a party member to accompany Totori in her travels and can be recruited from her workshop in Arland.

Atelier Meruru

Rorona was summoned to the kingdom of Arls to assist with the kingdom's alchemy needs. There were complications however, and Totori was sent in her place. There are several cut scenes in the game before Rorona is introduced that are flashbacks from Atelier Totori, as Totori tells Meruru all about her teacher. 

During the time between Atelier Totori and Atelier Meruru, Rorona has managed to find Astrid and her Hom. The three of them show up at the door of Totori's workshop in Arls. Astrid explains that she was looking for Totori, and immediately came to Arls once they learned of her whereabouts. Totori is shocked to find that Rorona is now an 8 year old girl after drinking from a Youth Potion that Astrid gave her, which was supposed to turn Rorona 14. Astrid says that she plans on working on a cure to turn Rorona back to her real age, and hurries off, leaving Rorona in Totori's care.

Rorona will draw pictures for Meruru that are actually alchemy recipes. She will also eventually become a recruitable party member, and will be available to recruit if you speak to her at the workshop. She is significantly weaker than she was in the previous two games, but will still be able to use items like an alchemist. 

Atelier Lulua

Rorona is the adoptive mother of Lulua. She has opened up a second workshop in Arklys in addition to the one in Arland. This serves as her and Lulua's home, but due to her work as an alchemist she spends a lot of time away from her family. Lulua looks up to her mother, and the two have a good relationship despite all the time spent apart. However, due to her youthful appearance, sometimes she's mistaken for being Lulua's older sister rather than her mother. She sometimes sneaks off on her own to fight monsters, as she doesn't wish to expose her daughter to any harm. Rorona has a unique way of understanding alchemy, which makes it difficult for her to teach others. She therefore feels a sense of guilt that she hasn't been able to teach her daughter alchemy herself. [1]

Rorona will join the party and aid Lulua in her quest. She shares character ending together with another playable character, Sterk, rather than having an individual one like the other party members.



Name Stars
Rorona 5-Star Pie Meister ★ 3
Rorona Fallen White ★ 3


Rorona uses staves in battle. Her skills are a blend of both offensive and supportive.

Atelier Rorona


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Rorona)
Name Ingredient Choices ATK DEF SPD Effect
A11 item 156.png
Alchemy Staff
Neue Metal
7 Angel Heart
Ether Bright
A11 item 157.png
Siphon Rod
?Trendy Staff?
Dry Metal
16 Angel Heart
Medicinal Knowledge
Ether Bright
A11 item 158.png
Spirit Staff
?Magical Staff?
Ster Metal
23 Ether Bright
Spirit Power
Angel Spirit
A11 item 159.png
Angel Staff
?Pretty Staff?
28 Angel Heart
Ether Bright
Blessed Action
Angel Spirit
A11 item 160.png
Legendary Staff
?Awesome Staff?
20 Ether Bright
Angel Spirit
Magic Knowledge
Ether Crown
A11 item 161.png
Seven Star Staff
?Ultimate Staff?
Halmolium 51
10 30 Angel Spirit
Ether Crown
Unkown Spirit
Angel Fullheart


Main article: Armors (Atelier Rorona)
Item Ingredient Choices Stats Effect
A11 item 195.png
Normal Threads
Less Chance S
A11 item 196.png
Traveler's Wear
DEF: 13 SPD+
Max HP+
Resist Paralysis
A11 item 197.png
Artisan Outfit
?Working Outfit?
DEF: 25 ATK+
Resist Poison
Resist Blind
Avoid KO S
A11 item 198.png
Silky Outfit
?Pretty Outfit?
DEF: 35 DEF+
Less Water Damage
Accuracy S
A11 item 199.png
Silky Chain
?Silk Outfit?
Scale Cloth
DEF: 46 SPD+
Resist Sleep
Less Damage S
A11 item 200.png
Dragon Wear
?Silver Outfit?
Scale Cloth ATK: 10
DEF: 59
HP Regen S
Less Wind Damage
A11 item 201.png
Blessed Costume
?Magical Outfit?
Velvetis DEF: 70
SPD: 10
Max HP+
Resist Death
Less Chance S
Evasion S
A11 item 218.png
Lady of Steel
DEF: 29 Max HP+
Resist Death
Less Wind Damage
Critical S
A11 item 220.png
Sun Cloak
?White Cloak?
Scale Cloth DEF: 62 DEF+
Resist Curse
Less Fire Damage
Avoid KO S
A11 item 221.png
Wanderer's Cape
?Filthy Cloak?
Muffcot DEF: 25 DEF+
Resist Paralysis
Less Earth Damage
Less Chance S
A11 item 222.png
Heroic Cape
?King's Cape?
Velvetis ATK: 77 Max HP+


Main article: Skills (Atelier Rorona)
Skill Name Skill Detail Element Target Unlock
Angel Shot Non-Elemental Damage -- Single From Beginning
Ether Light Non-Elemental Damage, Chance of Blind (S) -- Single Level 5
Detect Danger *Auto* Evasion Up by 5+% Skill Level -- N/A Level 10
Bad Luck *Auto* All Chances Up to 10+% Skill Level in Danger -- N/A level 20
Lethal Bomb *Deadly* Applies great damage to all enemies Fire 5 All Enemies level 25
Angel Heart Non-Elemental Damage
Expand: Angel Spirit
-- Single Based on Weapon Quality
Angel Spirit Non-Elemental Damage
Expand: Angel Spirit
Fire 1 Single Based on Weapon Quality
Angel Fullheart Non-Elemental Damage Fire 3 All Enemies Based on Weapon Quality
Ether Bright Non-Elemental Damage, Chance of Blind
Expand: Ether Light
Fire 1 Small Range Based on Weapon Quality
Ether Crown Non-Elemental Damage, Chance of Blind
Expand: Ether Light
Fire 2 Large Range Based on Weapon Quality

Atelier Rorona Plus

Like the original game, she's available from the start. She equips staves, and she uses offensive magic abilities channeled through the staff. She's also the only character that can use items until the "Overtime" period.

She starts at level 1, equipped with an Alchemy Staff and Normal Threads.


Active skills
Skill Learning Condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Angel Shot Default 5 MP Physical damage on one enemy. WT is reduced. Single enemy Physical
Ether Light Level 5 9 MP Physical damage on one enemy. Can cause blindness Single enemy Physical
Angel Spirit Level 25 24 MP Strong physical damage on one enemy. Single enemy Physical
Mysterious Recipe Level 35 0 MP *Deadly* Applies damage to all enemies. All enemies Phyisical
Passive skills
Skill Learning Condition Description
Detect Danger Level 10 Evasion rate up by 10%. Physical damage down 10%.
Bad Luck Level 20 Accuracy, evasion, critical up 25% in Danger.
Assist skills
Skill Learning Condition Assist Gauge consumption Description Target
Ether Crown Level 15 1 point (second attack) Physical damage on one enemy. Can cause blindness. Single enemy
Angel Fullheart Level 30 1 point (third attack) Physical damage to all enemies. All enemies
Lethal Bomb Level 40 2 points (third attack) Powerful fire damage to all enemies. All enemies

Atelier Totori


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Totori)
Skill Level HP MP LP ATK DEF SPD Ingredient Choices
A12 Item 266.png
Master's Rod
2 - - - 20 - - Ingot
A12 Item 267.png
Guardian Rod
?Guardian Stick?
4 - - - 24 5 - Tinc
Dry Metal
Ster Metal
A12 Item 268.png
Angel Staff
?Pretty Stick?
6 - - - 32 - - Goldstein


A12 Item 269.png
Sage's Staff
?Clever Stick?
8 - 30 - 44 - - Platine
A12 Item 270.png
7-Star Rod
?Universe Stick?
10 20 - - 60 10 10 Halmolium


Main article: Armors (Atelier Totori)
Name Ingredient Choices Stats
A12 Item 277.png
Normal Threads
?Normal Clothes?
DEF +1
A12 Item 278.png
Traveler's Wear
?Travel Clothes?
DEF +5
A12 Item 280.png
Angel Robe
?Pretty Robe?
Scale Cloth MP +20
DEF +10
SPD +10
A12 Item 281.png
Ancient Garb
?Ancient Robe?
Velvetis HP +20
LP +20
DEF +15
SPD +5
A12 Item 292.png
Rose Maiden
?Lady's Armor?
ATK +7
DEF +8
A12 Item 293.png
Gorgeous Dress
?Pretty Dress?
Scale Cloth DEF +12
SPD +20
A12 Item 294.png
Saint Robe
?Clergy Ourfit?
Velvetis LP +30
DEF +18

A12 Item 298.png
Solar Cloak


Scale Cloth HP +10
MP +10
LP +10
ATK +10
DEF +20
SPD +10


Main article: Skills (Atelier Totori)
Skill Level Learned MP Cost Description Target
Bomb Throw Default 0 MP Throws bombs as a regular attack. Small Area
Pie Making Default 10 MP Synthesizes a pie for one ally. Single
Angel Fullheart Default 40 MP Attacks all foes. All Enemies
Mini Punishment 30 0 MP Super Attack. Attacks one foe. Single
Airhead Default N/A Reisistance to status ailments. Passive ability. N/A
Under Pressure Default N/A Stats increase when HP is low. Passive ability. N/A

Atelier Meruru


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Meruru)
Name Level HP MP LP ATK DEF Ingredients
Master's Rod 2 12
  • Dry Metal

  • Ster Metal

7-Star Rod 5 30 25 24
  • Platine

  • Halmolium

Invincible Rod 9 50 36 15
  • Sunlite

  • Regentium



Main article: Skills (Atelier Meruru)
Skill Level Learned MP Usage Skill Description
Hom Support M Starting level. 16 Removes an ally's ailment. Takes 1 turn to execute.
Hom Support F Starting level. 24 Heals an ally. Takes 1 turn to execute.
Angel Heart 20 Non elemental damage to a target. Attack less likely.
Heartful Attack 30 60 Non elemental damage to all targets. Attack less likely.
Small N/A Raises evasion by 33%. Passive ability. 
Quick Use N/A WT for item use lowers by 50%, but lowers effect by 30%. Passive ability.

Atelier Lulua




Title Description Assits Condition MP Level
Angel Tiara Deal light magic damage to a single enemy. Increase fire resistance by 1. 30 35
Holy bolt Deal light magic damage to a single enemy and knock them down. 30 35
Peaceful light Increase physical resistance of all allies by 1. 60 35
Spinning Synthesis Classroom (Ultimate Attack) [AP:100] Remove aliments and completely recovery HP and MP od all allies. Increase physical resistances of all allies by 3. 100AP 50
Heavenly Law (Assist) Deal magic damage to all enemies. Issue a Time Card that cause magic damage to all enemies [50% Chance] Take damage from an enemy 0 35
Double Palace of Annerose (Assist) Recovery MP of all allies. Issue 1 time card that cause great magic damage to all enemies [30% Chance] Take damage from an enemy 0 N/A
Invisible (Passive) Increase evasion rate 0 35
Magic Card (Passive) Increase magic resistance by 1. 0 35
Demon Alchemist (Passive) Increase MaxMP 0 N/A


Ending - Rorona


  • There's is an additional costume based on her Atelier Rorona appearance in Blue Reflection, another Gust title. This outfit has appeared as additional costumes for Meruru and Lulua as well.
  • Atelier Meruru Plus added a new ending where Rorona is restored to her true age.
  • Rorona and many other popular Atelier main characters are featured as character skins for the fighting game Dead or Alive 5 through a downloadable content collaboration done with Gust.[2]



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