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"Thank you. Rorona is so lucky to have such a great master like you. "
          — Laura to Astrid, Atelier Rorona

Laura Frixell is a a character in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland. She is Rorona's mother.

Laura lives with her husband Ryan in Arland. They once suffered a severe family illness, and were supported and aided by Astrid. Several years later, the Frixell's have sent their daughter to Astrid to repay the debt.

Now that Rorona is under Astrid's care, Laura and her husband take the opportunity to go on long trips, claiming that it will give Rorona more time to focus on alchemy and her assignments. They often leave for extended periods of time, but will bring back "souvenirs" from their travels which are usually alchemy ingredients.

The Frixell house is located on the Main Street of Arland. The player can visit the family home to pick up ingredients brought back from the Frixell's travels, even if they're not home.


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