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Viese Blanchimont is the main female protagonist of Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny, alongside Felt Blanchimont. She also appears in the spin-off title Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World.

She is a budding alchemist, like Felt, although her skills are very average. She grew up in Eden as an orphan, but is a very high spirited and endearing young woman.

After Felt leaves, she constantly worries about his safety in Belkhyde. She also takes role as Iris's guardian, and immediately thought of the latter as a younger sister. She shares the same sense of justice Felt possesses, believing that art of alchemy is an art to help people. Viese is a strong woman, able to put all of her worries on Felt aside to help him in the best way she can.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Viese's story begins when she was acknowledged as a full-fledged alchemist. She was first seen conversing with Kreuz, who gave her a pair of alchemically-made ring, adequately named "Share Ring". Kreuz then told her to give the ring to someone special, to which immediately Viese blushes. Wondering on where Felt could be, she then set out toward Belkhyde Gate, where she found the boy.


Viese possesses a fair talent in alchemy, however with her hard work she is now able to synthesize almost everything. She is well-read, knowledgeable in alchemy. Viese is also good at decoding ancient writings, as seen when she decoded the writing in the Share Ring.

In Battle

Viese is the character with highest magic affinity, and she is a healing master. Viese is able to cast the most powerful healing magic in game: the Gold Hand Healing which heals full HP and dispels all ailments on all allies in the field. In accordance to the next title of the series, Viese possesses the skill Elemental Extraction and its variation, though it may not always work. Like all the female mages in the previous and late titles, Viese is the character with lowest HP cap and she also has the weakest attack among the party, however her high magic somehow makes up for the weakness she possesses. Just like Felt and Poe, she is able to take on the enemies classified as solid or spiritual beings, making her a very flexible attacker and supporter.


  • Viese is the only character able to do Synthesis in cauldron. This also makes her the only character able to do Initializing on Mana Items she synthesized, allowing the player to use elements in recreating the items.
  • She is the shortest female playable member, standing at 158 cm.
  • She shares her voice over actor with Iris Fortner of Atelier Iris 3.
  • Curiously enough, her sprite in-battle depicts her as having green eyes, although her official render and her render in anime cutscene has her eyes color as blue, the same as Felt.
  • She and Felt are the only character able to extract elements from the enemies if they deal the killing blow.
  • She is the only character to have most skills at her repertoire when the story switches to her point of view, possessing the skill Copper Hand Healing, Elemental Extraction and Living Item.
  • It is very possible that Iris Blanchimont of Atelier Iris 1 took her last name from Viese's last name, since Atelier Iris 2 is the prequel of the aforementioned series.
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