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Klein Kiesling is the main protagonist of Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. He also appears in the spin-off title Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World.

Klein is a young alchemist traveling the world. He was raised by his grandmother, Daphne, who was a great alchemist, and who left him her alchemy notebook. He is now on a journey for alchemic items and more information on Alchemy along with his Wood Mana friend, Popo. Klein becomes involved in greater things when he runs into Lita Blanchimont in the forest and is eventually recruited by her to become a Galgazit, or monster hunter.

Role in Atelier Iris

He is then known to the Town of Kavoc and a man named Beggur Lixiss is interested in recruiting him in the Alkavana Knights but Klein refuses after witnessing Beggur treating the mana of fire with no respect and saying he is capable of doing anything to the defenseless mana. Klein then manages to flee with the help of Uru , the Mana of Fire and Delsus . They then decided to head for Lake Forwell to steer clear from Beggur and his fellow knights.

After some time the game progresses, the town was fussing over a play that will occur at the Outdoor Theater. While the play is in progress, a cat-like girl suddenly hits Klein and scolds him for being clumsy. He appologizes then the girl leaves. After the play, Klein realises that his Alchemy book is missing and suspected that the cat-like girl took it. They head for Kavoc to find the girl and reclaim back the book. After a scene in the church trying to help the girl being cornered by Alkavana knights, the cat-girl flees yet again. Arlin then tells the party that she's headed for the forest.

Once they met back the cat at the Poto's Forest, that's when they first encountered the witch named Zeldalia . Her appearance is of a young child thanks to her amazing powers. Klein requested the book back from the girl but then Zeldalia asks if Klein understand the contents in the book. Klein remained silent knowing that he doesn't have the knowledge to understand the inscriptions written in the book. She then gives Klein a test where she sends out her student which is the cat-girl who is now known as Norn to battle against Klein alone. Klein emerges victorious and for that, Zeldalia gives a reward to him and tells Norn to assist Klein in his journey and also returning his book back.

Things get even more serious after Klein witnessed Lita's Ruby prism being taken forcefully by Mull and was unable to do anything to protect Lita. Feeling worried for Lita, he heads to Zeldalia's place to ask Zeldalia's help. While saying that he wanted to defeat Mull to take back the ruby prism, Arlin entered and challenged Klein to make him realise that he is not strong enough to defeat Mull. He then tells Zeldalia that he himself will create a ruby prism for Lita and will surpass Mull. This is where Arlin joins the party.

While the game progresses even deeper, Klein develops a romantic relationship with Lita Blanchimont. A scene will appear where Lita asks Klein about the day they first met and that's when they both realize that they have feelings for each other.

In the final battle, Klein and Lita defeats Amalgam and transforms him back into a flow of pure mana using elemental extraction with the help of Lita's power. In the final scene, Klein decides to go back to his hometown with Lita.


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