Resleriana Academy LEGEND FES

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Resleriana Academy LEGEND FES is a special event of Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator.

Exclusive Characters

Wish Tickets

Wish Ticket Set (No Medals/For Resleriana Academy LEGEND FES Home Use) can be purchased for Lodestar Gems x 1,500 (Payed Currency). (Purchase Limit: 2)


  • Wishes Made with a Wish Ticket will not earn any Legend Medal.
  • Wish Tickets obtained from Wish Ticket Set (No Medals/For Resleriana Academy LEGEND FES Use) cannot be used on wishes outside of the Rose LEGEND FES).
  • Wish Tickets will disappear upon item expiry.

Legend Medals and Legend Medal Exchange

Legend Medals are obtained from wishes made using Lodestar Gems.

Legend Medals can be exchanged for ★3 characters using the Legend Medal exchange.

Legend Medals never expire.

The number of Legend Medals received is as follows:

Note: Legend Medal cannot be obtained from free wishes.

Extra Info

- Individual Characters/Memoria drop rates are given up to the 3rd decimal place and rounded down to the 4th decimal place where applicable. It should be noted that adding up to the values for all rarities will never be equal to 100%, Additionally if given a drop percentage is less than 0.001%, the value displayed up to the Nth decimal place and rounded down to the N+ 1st decimal place or lower.

- The drop chances for Resleriana Academy LEGEND FES are based on each individual wish. Therefore, multiple Resleriana Academy LEGEND FES wishes will not increase or guarantee the changes of any specific Characters/Memoria dropping. Furthermore, there is a chance a give Characters/Memoria may drop more than once from Resleriana Academy LEGEND FES.