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"But of course! I see everything! hahaha! and now farewell!"
          — Mana to Lulua

Mana is a character in Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland. She lives at the orphanage along with the other orphans. She acts seemingly mischievous at times while sometimes being serious a bit cryptic.


Mana lives at the Armster Orphanage along with the other orphaned children. In one of the events Lulua questioned Eva about when Mana appeared in the orphanage as neither of them remember Mana joining the orphanage despite the remembering when the other children joined. In the end, they brushed off the topic as they consider Mana as part of their small family regardless.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Throughout the story Mana suddenly appears in the most unexpected places far from where she live despite of warnings given out by Eva.

Mana is sometimes shown to have a special relationship with Stia and Ficus Finis. It was later revealed that she sent Ficus, who works under her, to keep an eye on Lulua. Sometime later, she sets Fiscus free from her, only to say that he is still required to follow her orders if she commands him to.

In Chapter 9, in order to be able to use the Authorized Key, Lulua and Stia meet up with Mana to transfer authority to Stia. In this moment, Mana reveals herself as "Mana Orthogalaxia" (also known as Machina of God), an Elite Operator who currently holds the highest rank after inheriting Sharm's authority, and asks Lulua to defeat her in order to be "weakened", which makes the process easier and faster. After the battle, Mana successfully transfers authority to Stia. Mana then asks if Stia is prepared when the time comes with the Operator agreeing albeit a bit hesitant. Mana later appears in Fellsgalaxen's control room, informing Lulua about the self-repairment function. She keeps an eye on the control room and sends Lulua back to her atelier to make a decision.

In Chapter 10, Mana visits Lulua and her friends in order to check if she has already made a decision. Mana also informs Lulua on how the process of the function works by telling her that it is possible to seperate Stia physically from the core after merging. She also mentions that Stia's memories will reset once the merge happens but will be fine if Lulua can preserve Stia's memories separately. Stia expresses her concerns about possibly breaking the control unit but Mana laughs at it by saying that Fellsgalaxen is already broken at this point. Mana also points out that the self-repair function can buy more time to fix Fellsgalaxen using alchemy. After the battle with Stia, Mana returned to the orphanage and met up with the other orphans.

If the Machina Domain DLC is bought, at the end of the main game (should the player loads the clear game and chooses to continue), Mana will visit Lulua at the atelier to tell her to go and meet her at Machina Domain. Once Lulua and her friends reach the location, Mana warns her about the danger of the monsters in the area and decides to gatekeep the location until Lulua defeats her. Once defeated, Mana gets impressed and allows Lulua to pass and also reveals the place to be formely known as the Machines Domain, like the ones visited in the main story. She also reveals that it was technically her home, along with the other machines and that she, along with the other machines, malfunctioned and went haywire after the destruction of Enthogalaxen. She also says that she was defeated by Meruru and her party at the end of Machina Domain sometime in Atelier Meruru. This defeat caused her to regain some sense and were able to function normally once again.



  • Mana's backstory in Machina Domain reveals that fighting her in Atelier Meruru was canon despite being an optional secret boss in that game.


  1. ふふっ…。思いっきり楽しんでくることだな!お土産は忘れるなよ!ふははははっ!
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