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"Don't look down. I can't see your beautiful face down there..."
          — Tantris to Rorona

Tantris is the pseudonym of Tristan Alcock, a character appearing in Atelier Rorona.

A former resident of Arland and a flirtatious musician, Tantris is a playful ally of Rorona. It is revealed that he is the son of the Minister of Arland, Meredith Alcock, although the two have an estranged relationship. He greatly enjoys the company of women, which is even apparent in one of his passive skills. Taking an interest in Rorona, he offers to become her "shield" during her travels, all while disregarding his orders to sabotage Rorona's workshop.

He enjoys playfully teasing Rorona, and feels a bit guilty about Meredith's desire to interfere with the success of her workshop.

However, despite the strained relationship between he and Meredith, Tantris still cares about him, and truly wishes for his approval.


Tantris appears early in the second year as a wandering bard, playing his song to an audience of woodland animals, when Rorona stumbles in, scaring the animals away. Rorona heads off, slightly embarrassed. Later, he appears in the workshop, and offers to accompany Rorona next time she leaves town.

It is later revealed that he is Meredith Alcock's son; however, the two don't seem to get along, nor see eye to eye. Meredith asks for his help in closing the workshop, but Tantris has little interest. At the same time, he doesn't think Meredith is doing an effective job hindering Rorona, and decides to not get involved.


Atelier Rorona


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Rorona)
Name Ingredient Choices ATK SPD Effect
A11 item 180.png
Dry Metal
Ster Metal
10 2 Healing Lullaby
Lizard Busting
Victory Rush
A11 item 181.png
Manly Iron
?Hard Glove?
27 5 Victory Rush
Ghost Busting
Protection Song
A11 item 182.png
Shadow Glove
?Shadow Glove?
33 8 Healing Lullaby
Victory Rush
Lizard Busting
Protection Song
A11 item 183.png
Metal Glove
?Steel Glove?
Platine 39 10 Protection Song
Victory Rush
Ghost Busting
Hero's Hymn
A11 item 184.png
Risky Gauntlet
?Pretty Glove?
Halmolium 47 25 Victory Rush
Hero's Hymn
Lizard Busting
Poison Rush


Main article: Armors (Atelier Rorona)
Item Ingredient Choices Stats Effect
A11 item 195.png
Normal Threads
Less Chance S
A11 item 196.png
Traveler's Wear
DEF: 13 SPD+
Max HP+
Resist Paralysis
A11 item 197.png
Artisan Outfit
?Working Outfit?
DEF: 25 ATK+
Resist Poison
Resist Blind
Avoid KO S
A11 item 198.png
Silky Outfit
?Pretty Outfit?
DEF: 35 DEF+
Less Water Damage
Accuracy S
A11 item 199.png
Silky Chain
?Silk Outfit?
Scale Cloth
DEF: 46 SPD+
Resist Sleep
Less Damage S
A11 item 200.png
Dragon Wear
?Silver Outfit?
Scale Cloth ATK: 10
DEF: 59
HP Regen S
Less Wind Damage
A11 item 201.png
Blessed Costume
?Magical Outfit?
Velvetis DEF: 70
SPD: 10
Max HP+
Resist Death
Less Chance S
Evasion S
A11 item 216.png
Work Clothes
Nylonfeather DEF: 11 DEF+
Resist Sleep
Resist Paralysis
A11 item 217.png
Full Metal Jacket
?Steel Outfit?
Ster Metal
DEF: 36 ATK+
Resist Poison
Less Damage S
A11 item 219.png
Night Cloak
?Black Cloak?
Tanbeash DEF: 55 ATK+
Resist Blind
Less Water Damage
Critical S
A11 item 221.png
Wanderer's Cape
?Filthy Cloak?
Muffcot DEF: 25 DEF+
Resist Paralysis
Less Earth Damage
Less Chance S
A11 item 222.png
Heroic Cape
?King's Cape?
Velvetis ATK: 77 Max HP+


Main article: Skills (Atelier Rorona)
Skill Name Skill Detail Element Target Unlock
Battle Song

Large range, increases ATK

Expanded Skills: Healing Lullaby, Protection Song, Hero's Hymn

-- Multiple
Gorgeous Slash

Earth Elemental Damage

Expanded Skills: Victory Rush, Poison Rush

Earth Single
Lucky Star Increased chance of victory items -- N/A
Manly Motivation Becomes stronger with female allies in party (Passive) -- N/A
Dreamy Ball Great damage to a single enemy -- Single

Atelier Rorona Plus

Tantris can join as soon as the fifth assignment, after a couple of events involving him. He joins at level 18, equipped with a Knuckle and Traveler's Wear.


Active skills
Skill Learning Condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Battle Song Default 20 MP Attack up for everyone in the party. All allies None
Gorgeous Slash Default 18 MP Physical damage and attack down on an enemy. Single enemy Physical
Venom Rush Level 25 34 MP Physical damage and speed down on an enemy. Single enemy Physical
Passive skills
Skill Learning Condition Description
Lucky Star Default Victory item quality up. Evasion rate up 10%.
Manly Motivation Level 20 Gets stronger if you have a girl in your party.
Assist skills
Skill Learning Condition Assist Gauge consumption Description Target
Assist Attack Default 1 point Perform an additional attack to deal damage after Rorona attacks with items or skills. Rorona's target
Assist Guard Default 1 point Guard Rorona when she is targeted, taking damage in her place. Rorona
Healing Lullaby Default 1 point (second attack) Heals entire party's HP. Continues to heal HP. All allies


Ending - Tantris


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