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"Please take good care of our daughter. "
          — Ryan to Astrid, Atelier Rorona

Ryan Frixell is a character appearing in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland. He is Rorona's father.

Ryan and his wife Laura now live alone in Arland after entrusting their only child Rorona to the great alchemist Astrid Zexis. As Rorona pays off the debt that they owe Astrid for her help many years ago, Ryan and Laura now take the opportunity to travel. The Frixell's believe that the time away will give Rorona more time to focus on her alchemy. The couple will go on long trips, and are often away from home, but will bring Rorona alchemy ingredients back from their travels. 

Ryan is an admirer of the beautiful Tiffani Hildebrand. Rorona has spotted her father in R&T Sundries many times spending time in the shop with the other men in town. Rorona has also told her mother about her it, and neither of them agree with his fawning. Despite this, he and Laura maintain a good relationship. 

Upon seeing Hom for the first time, Ryan and his wife argue about who's the cheater when Rorona says that Hom is her brother/sister.


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