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Edge Vanhite is the main male protagonist of Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm.

Edge is a raider working for the guild in Zey Meruze. He ranks rather low among his fellow raiders, but is recognized as being mature and skilled for his age. His main objective is to explore the Alterworlds.

He was orphaned at a young age, and has lived with Iris Fortner and her family ever since. He is a quiet and reserved individual who doesn't seem to express any emotions, but would sacrifice his own life if it meant saving another. His sensibility makes him a good leader as he adventures with Iris and Nell. As time progresses, he even finds himself expressing romantic feelings towards Iris.


Edge is a cool-type character who doesn't talk much throughout the game. Many people think that Edge is an unfriendly man but he is a kind person at heart and is willing to risk his own life to save others. He also loves things that are mechanical.

When the game progresses even deeper, Edge started to develop a more deep romantic feelings to Iris. When he found out that Iris was cursed by Crowley and was made a sacrifice to Oroborus, Edge swore to himself that he would force Crowley to remove it which could save Iris from being sacrificed.

During the fight with Oroborus, if the player manages to complete the mission "Truth in Darkness" Edge tries to persuade Oroborus one final time so that he'll give humanity another chance stating that they both want the same thing which is to save the world from destruction. This will result to a good ending. Adding a bonus, the player will be able to see Edge's attempt to express his feelings to Iris while they're walking out from the Forest of Valtessa. But if the player fails to complete this mission, Edge will just get back up and tries to fight Oroborus one more time without saying a word. This will result to a bad ending.

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