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"Men are supposed to protect women... It never crossed my mind back then. "
          — Guid, Atelier Totori

Guid Helmold is a character in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland. He is Totori and Ceci's father.

Guid lives in Alanya with his daughters and once worked as a shipwright. He took great pride in his craft until his wife Gisela's ship washed ashore after she went missing. After that, he stopped building and now works as a fisherman. Guid can be described as a care free and laid back individual who fishes all day but who rarely catches anything. People find it difficult to notice when Guid has come around due to his quiet nature. Even his own daughters don't seem to notice when he's in the same room, or if he's standing right beside them. 

He is grateful to have such independent daughters, as Guid himself doesn't often know how to deal with problems. He is calm and passive, trying his best to avoid any sort of confrontation. Guid will admit that he feels useless, as Ceci as taken on so much responsibility for the family. Although he doesn't seem to portray much emotion, he is always thinking about his family. He speaks very fondly of his missing wife, even though the two are polar opposites.

He is good friends with Gerhard, and the two will often drink together. Guid can be found at the Wharf where he spends all of his time, but will also appear in many cut scenes as Totori returns home. 


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Guid's main role in the game is to build Totori a ship so that she may pursue Gisela's whereabouts. When Cordelia tells Totori that her mother was going out to sea, Totori returns home to her family. Ceci finally informs Totori of the secret that the town has been keeping, and Guid is saddened at the memory of Gisela's ship washing up on shore years ago. Totori still wishes to find her mother, and tries to convince her father to build her a ship.

Although reluctant at first, Totori's confidence in him convinces him to build a ship after she says "your ship will not sink!" Guid has a flashback of Gisela speaking the very same words, and he decides that he will build a ship that's bigger and better then the one that was built for his wife. 

Ceci is completely enraged by her family's decision, stating that her feelings were not considered. Once she calms down however, she gives Totori and Guid permission to build the ship and the two go to work. The player must synthesize and bring ship parts to Guid at the Wharf in Alanya Village. Once all the ship parts have been delivered, Totori will have her very own ship which she will use to gather more clues about her mother's disappearance. 



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