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Pilca is a character appearing in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland.

Pilca serves a chief-type role in the Frontier Village and is also Piana's grandmother.

Upon sailing to Frontier Village, Pilca treats Totori with suspicion as to why she's here. Once Totori explains that she is looking for Gisela, she shows Totori to Gisela's grave and gives her time to mourn. Pilca will share tales of Gisela's last adventures and her final battle against Evil Face.

When Piana runs away from the village and stows away on Totori's ship, Pilca allows her granddaughter to stay. Once Totori reports Piana missing on her second trip to the village, Pilca will start to sell rare goods, including a Dragon Tusk which can be used to craft the game's finest weapons.


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