Adventurer's License (Atelier Totori)

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Adventurer's Licenses are administered by the Adventurer's Guild of the Arland Republic and are used by adventurers in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland.

These licenses are required by anybody wishing to make their living as a professional Adventurer.  The Guild also regulates requests, and may improve or revoke the licenses of their charges depending on how successful, reliable, and in some cases how popular the adventurer in question is.

The first level of the Adventurer's License is probationary.  The rookie adventurer is given six years to complete requests and increase the rank of their License. After three years, the adventurer may have their license revoked if they have not reached the appropriate rank. If the license is at a high enough rank, it will be renewed and will be reviewed in another two years time.

If the License is of sufficient rank after six years time, it is replaced with a permanent license, and that adventurer is free to work at their own pace, no longer accountable for measurable results. If a rookie fails to reach a high enough rank, their license is revoked, and they may no longer make use of the Guild's resources.

When the system was first created, all Adventurers were immediately granted a full license, but this was modified when the system was reformed.