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Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle (アトリエ オンライン ~ブレセイルの錬金術士~, sometimes romanized as Braceir) was a free to play 2018 online role playing game for iOS and Android.[1][2]

The game is developed by Gust/Koei Tecmo, NHN PlayArts and Now Production with music by ACE. In 2020, the game was trademarked in Canada and Europe, including an English logo.[3] The game was released in 2021 for the West, published by Boltrend Games. The English version by Boltrend Games was announced, on July 3, 2022[4], that it would shutdown on August 17, 2022. The game entered Season 2 in 2019.

The game reached over two and a half million downloads[5], and ran for almost three and a half years[6] in Japan. The main quest concluded after 52 chapters.


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There's two main parts of the gameplay. Alchemy (creating things), and the Exploration.


Alchemy synthesis consumes Ether. There are three kinds of alchemy categories in the game:

  • Item - Mainly entails useable items, but also quest items and items that are used in the synthesis of other items such as Supplements. Useable items (such as Healing Salves or Bomb) can be equipped either as Manual items, or Auto items. Manual items are used at the player's command in battle and have cooldown times, while Auto allows the party members to use the items by their own accord. Slots for both kinds of item usage is limited.
  • Equipment - Synthesizing equipment is one of the main ways to obtain new equipment in the game, the other being the Gacha. If a new piece of equipment is obtained through the gacha the player also automatically gains the recipe, allowing them to make better or customized versions of that item as long as they possess the needed materials.
  • Cuisine - Unlike most other Atelier titles, food items are not used for any sort of healing but as a way to increase the stats of the player's characters. Different characters have different preferences, and there may also be minimum requirements for the item's quality for them to accept it.

Items from all three categories can be featured in quests, but generally items that have no use outside of a particular quest goes under "item".

Game resources

Most important currencies in the game are Cole and Ether.

  • Cole is exchanged for gacha rolls and certain shop items, and can be bought with real money or earned from quests, titles, and daily attendance.
  • Ether is used to synthesize and upgrade items, and is earned from quests, combat, daily attendance, or selling items. It is a much more common reward than Cole. In addition to these there are also several minor currencies, generally tied to specific events. These can be exchanged for event and premium goods in the shop during the event time.

The game has purchasable premium items.


Bressile Island is divided into several different regions that become available as the player progresses through the main storyline. Regions have different kind of main materials to gather and monsters to fight, but many materials are found across several regions. Regions are then divided into multiple smaller maps and dungeons that the player can visit. Generally there is also a settlement where the player can rest or talk to townspeople.

The player can choose to explore freely on their own or simply gather materials using the Auto feature. To truly make full use of an area the player will have to prepare items such as Bombs to clear obstacles, as well as take notice of the weather, wildlife and the time of day to learn where rare items spawn accordingly. The maps are also populated by monsters which change depending on if it's night or day. The player can use various premium items to temporarily enhance the materials in an area.[1]

Fields change appearance, monsters and gatherable materials with season and weather.[1]


In an island known as Bressile[7], the knowledge of alchemy is declining despite the great benefit the art has had on people's daily life. To combat this, an academy is established to educate a new generation within several science fields.[8]

The protagonist is an apprentice alchemist raised by the academy's staff. While living a life of friendship, studying and local adventures, the protagonist finds a piece of an emerald slab and encounters a mysterious man. This leads the protagonist and their friends to set out on a quest for the Pyroxene of Wisdom (叡智の輝石), travelling across the different regions of Bressile. They encounter different problems, people, monsters, and ultimately the recipe books they need to bring them closer to making the ultimate alchemy item.

The party is able to discover the recipe for the pyroxene by putting the four pieces of the emerald slab together again. The protagonist has just finished the item when the mysterious man, Calendula, shows up in his/her atelier. He explains that he tricked the protagonist into making a twisted, dark version of the Pyroxene of Wisdom, which he intends to use to destroy both the academy and the art of alchemy itself. Soon afterwards, Bergamott reveals that Calendula used to be a hardworking student at the academy, who same as the protagonist wanted to use alchemy for good.

Official Game Story

In a world of an unknown age. There is an island floating on the clear and azure sea: Bressile Island. On this island blessed by nature, mankind has prospered, civilizations have flourished, and many fields have unwittingly entered new stages: "To cultivate talented individuals that conduct research and will explore the future".

There is a place on Bressile Island where such an ideal is held dear, and where countless students study hard every day. That's the Royal Academy of Sciences - commonly known as the Academy. "I want to be a useful and helpful person someday." These students quickly entered the classroom, bearing the hope for the future.


Note: official romanizations of the character names are not available yet, and are therefore translated based on the flower names they were taken from.


Protagonist (available as male or female): An apprentice alchemist raised at the academy. Now hopes of becoming a full-fledged alchemist. They were found without memories as a child, and considers the academy's staff and all its students as their family. Is mainly silent, but talks during dialogue options. While the game version of the protagonist doesn't have an official name, the name "Uniko (うに子)" was picked for the promotional 4koma through fan submissions[9]. Can equip all weapon types.

Sorrel (ソレル): An apprentice mage and student in the same year as the protagonist. She's lively and tired of the academy life, resulting in her wanting to go out on adventures. She might be the daughter of a king in a certain country, but that is something that she hides.[10][11] Sorrel is also one of the protagonist's main allies and joins the party through the storyline rather than gacha. Can equip staffs.

Anise Hyssop (アニスヒソップ): An apprentice sage and classmate to the protagonist. She likes to study, and records her studies about nature and customs in books. She is often seen in the academy's library, as she also likes to read books. She has very bad reflexes, however. She is Sorrel's childhood friend [12], and similarly joins the protagonist early in the storyline. Can equip staffs.

Cresson (クレソン): An apprentice guard at the academy who is good friends with the protagonist and co[13]. He is one of the protagonist's main allies and joins the party through the storyline. Can equip swords.

Peppermint: A fairy who guides the protagonist.[14] Loves apples. While not playable, she is always accompanying the party and often converses in place of the silent protagonist. Unlike the fairies of past Atelier games she looks more akin to the mainstream image of a fairy and has wings. She is energetic and has quite the confidence in herself, and is popular among the students as a mascot of the academy. However, people tend to consider her quite stupid and "un-fairylike", and is known as a notorious oversleeper. She can also navigate areas where the mini-map isn't available.

Wisteria: A girl who was found collapsed outside of the academy, similar to the protagonist. She has lost her memories. She was taken in by the academy and aims to become an alchemist. She has considerable talent for alchemy, and a thirst for knowledge.

Hazel: The student body president of the academy. Silver Birch is her uncle. She is the master of Poppy, and a playable character through the gacha. Can equip spears and maces.

Marjoram: A teacher in magic at the academy. She is Sorrel's supervisor and can join the party as a playable character through the gacha. Can equip staffs.

Bergamot: The alchemy teacher at the academy and the supervisor of the protagonist. She is very strict and at times even feared by the students. Playable character through the gacha. Can equip maces.

Poppy: An android that can pull objects from other dimensions and handles the game's gacha system. Eats gems, and therefore asks for Cole in exchange for services to afford them.

Silver Birch: The teacher in mechanical engineering at the academy. Hazel is his niece. He is the inventor of Poppy, who handles the gacha in the game.

St. John's Wort: Headmaster of the academy. Refers to the protagonist as his own child.

Thistle (シスル): Hazel's right hand and the strongest fighter at the academy, although she's rarely actually seen at the school. She studies adventuring and is popular among the other students for her cute looks.[15]

Dandelion/Tandrion (ダンドリオン): The Captain of the Guards and Cresson's superior, but he is by no means a reliable man. He is quite fond of drinking and flirting with women, and you will often find him wandering around the academy. He is skillful at Swordsmanship and is known as the "Sword Hero".[16]

Rue (ルー): Anise's instructor and the youngest teacher at the academy, he is considered a child prodigy who graduated the academy as a teenager and is a staff member at 15 years of age.

Inhabitants of Bressisle

Angelica: A huntress who lives with her younger brother Nettle. To support herself and Nettle she is forced to take on dubious work delivering paintings to Rose Hip. After learning the truth about the paintings and how they summon monsters, as well as her brother being cured by the protagonist, she and the party has to stop a coup against the feudal lord. She later leaves her brother in the care of Rose Hip to join the protagonist and co on their journey. Joins the party through the storyline.

Nettle (ネトル): Angelica's sickly younger brother.

Erica: A dancer who is part of a travelling caravan.

Catnip: A troubadour with cat-like characteristics. Playable through the gacha.

Rose Hip: A wise feudal lord.

Fever Few: The leader of a caravan and a talented merchant.

Calendula: A travelling alchemist who usually covers his face behind a hood. He's encouraging towards the protagonist and supports him/her in making the pyroxene, but also seems to have his own agenda and reasons for doing so.

Thunbergia: The strongest of all fairies. Therefore he carries the title of "The Fairy King". He dislikes humans, but can't say no to his wife who is always ready to lend a helping hand to the party. He calls the protagonist "Child of Vita (ウィータの子)", but does not explain why.

Cuphea: The queen of fairies and wife of Thunbergia. Unlike her husband she is very friendly towards the protagonist and co, despite them being human. All fairies are descendants of her and her husband, but they all call her "mom" as not to hurt her feelings by implying how old she truly is.

Valerian (ヴァレリアン): A thief who steals Sorrel's student ID, making the party chase him. While originally on bad terms, the party ends up temporarily joining the same bandit group as him to retrieve the ID, and he eventually joins the protagonist's group as a storyline party member. He is an orphan who was raised by the bandit leader and feudal lord Skullcap.

Oregano (オレガノ)

Bilberry (ビルベリー)

Amaryllis (アマリリス)

Golden Rod (ゴールデンロッド)

Ran (ラン)

Natsume (ナツメ)

Event and returning characters

Rorolina "Rorona" Frixell: Rorona is featured in the game since enough preregistrations were met by the release date.[17] Given to all new players. Can equip maces.

Marlone (Marie): An alchemist who got the worst score in history on the final exam at the Royal Academy.[18] Hoping to improve her academic results back home, she enrolls in Bressisle's academy until she can return to her own world again. Can equip maces.

Ayesha Altugle

Totooria "Totori" Helmold

Escha Malier

Logix "Logy" Ficsario

Merurulince "Meruru" Rede Arls: A princess and alchemist from Arls. She was first introduced in the the 2020 event Valentine Panic[19], and was shortly afterwards available as a gacha character. Meruru is also the first physical damage character with the Light element.[20] Due to being transported to Bressisle from the events of Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland, she does not yet know Lulua or the two older Roronas. Can equip maces.

Elmerulia "Lulua" Frixell: The daughter of Rorona. She is an alchemist like her mother.[21] Due to two separate versions of Rorona existing in Bressisle at the same time she refers to them as "mom" and "young mom". Can equip maces.

Rorolina Frixell (adult): An older version of Rorona based on her role and appearance in Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland. Can equip staffs.

Reisalin "Ryza" Stout : Is given as a gift to all players starting Season 2 and all new registered users.

Nelke von Lestamm

Sophie Neuenmuller

Lydie Malen

Suelle Malen

Wilbell voll Erslied

Sterkenburg "Sterk" Cranach

Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang

Christoph Aurel Arland: A young swordsman aiming to be the strongest. Even after arriving in a different world he continues to pursue this goal, and sees it as an opportunity to grow and improve. Can equip swords.

Housenka Ume (鳳仙花梅) and Housenka Shunran (鳳仙花春蘭)[22]: Traditional Japanese versions of the protagonists. They came from another dimension. They exist as separate playable characters, but don't have their own character quests. Unlike the male and female versions of the protagonist, Ume and Shunran can appear at the same time at the same place in story scenes rather than being two variations of the same person. Ume can equip swords, while Shunran can equip staffs.

Sorrel Oseille (ソレル・オーゼイユ): A version of Sorrel from another dimension, like Ume and Shunran. A playable character through the gacha.This Sorrel dresses in male fashion, and her first story apperance was as a mysterious challenger in an eating competition. Refers to herself as by her family name Oseille rather than as Sorrel. Can equip staffs.

Anise Foenic (アニス・フォニク): A version of Anise Hyssop from another dimension who accompanies Oseille. Likewise, she dresses in male fasion and is refered to as Foenic rather than by first name. Is a playable character through the gacha, and can equip swords.

Interview with the Game Producer

Hello, I’m Hosoi, the producer of Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle.

Inspiration for the Game

The idea behind this game was to create an Atelier series title that could be easily played on a smartphone. In Atelier series games, players gather ingredients in the field and synthesize items that can then be used in battle. During development, we paid attention to figuring out how to blend the unique characteristics of the Atelier series with the accessible playability of mobile games. Through a process of repeated trial and error, we are confident that we have managed to create a new approach for an Atelier series game – players can take their time delving into the synthesis mechanics, but they can also opt for a more laid-back playstyle.

Aspects We Hope Players Will Enjoy

Atelier Online is not positioned as a spinoff. It has been designed to be a title that is part of the Atelier series. As with other titles in the series, a great deal of effort has been put into the charming cast of characters and engaging story – typical characteristics of the Atelier series. So please keep an eye out for these features. Several protagonists from previous titles will also be making appearances, so players will be able to experience interactions and encounters only available in this title. As the Atelier series has a large English-speaking following, we are truly thrilled to be able to release the English version of Atelier Online. We hope that you will enjoy a fresh take on the Atelier series available on a new platform - the smartphone.

Popular Character Design (incl. recommendations for Rorona, winner of the popularity contest held during the CBT)

According to the results of the survey conducted during the closed beta test, Rorona was found to be particularly popular. Rorona, the protagonist of the first title in the Arland Series, is easygoing, bright, and cheerful. Maturing as the series progresses, she eventually grows into a top-class alchemist in the 4th title in the series, Atelier Lulua, where, as a mother, we are shown a different charming side to her character. In Atelier Online, you can encounter two different versions of Rorona. One is the Rorona from Atelier Rorona, the other is the grown-up Rorona from Atelier Lulua. Being able to see two Roronas at the same time is something that can only be experienced in Atelier Online. We recommend trying to see if you can find the differences and similarities between the two.

Message to the Players

We are delighted to be able to bring Atelier Online to all of you at this time. The Atelier Series is an alchemy-themed RPG. As a part of the Atelier Series, Atelier Online is set on Bressisle Island and follows the coming-of-age story of the protagonist, an Apprentice Alchemist, and their friends. Along the way, you will encounter familiar characters from the Atelier series and will be able to experience interactions and joint battles that are only available in this title. For those who have yet to play an Atelier series game, you will be able to discover the appeal of a variety of characters. Mobile games are renowned for their playability, so please feel free to give the game a try.


The game's soundtrack was composed by the duo ACE, consisting of members Tomori Kudo and CHiCO. Several of the game's tracks were performed live at the Atelier Online Fan Event 2018: Winter Music Festival.

Opening song

  • Golden Recipe (金色のレシピ) by Female Protagonist (Yumiri Hanamori)

There is also an promotional alternative version of the opening theme featuring Arland series illustrator Mel Kishida.

Selected tracks from the game have been featured in DLC packs for other Atelier titles.

Opening Song Lyrics

Japanese (Kanji) Japanese (Romaji) English
Hajimari no kane no oto
Hakushi no peeji to niramekko shite
Kyou koso dekiru ka na
Kiseki no reshipi
Chime of the bell of the beginning
I stare at the blank page
Wondering if I can do it today
Miracle recipe
Yume, kibou, nozomi no kama
Arekore mazeawa se omoi wo komeru
Dou ka daremoga
Egao ni naremasu you ni
A cauldron of dreams, hopes, and wishes
I mix it all together and put my heart into it
Please, everyone
May it make you smile
Naze ni umareta no
Kotae o sagashite
Tobira o tataita
Sou ima
Why were you born?
Looking for an answer
I knocked on the door
So now
歩いて行こう 見つけたいよ
それが 夢
Aruite yukou mitsuketai yo
Kaze fuku yoru mo
Watashi no ichiban wa watashi janakute
Kimi no egao miru koto
Sore ga yume
Let's walk on, I want to find it
Even on a windy night
My number one thing is not me
To see your smile
That is my dream

Comic series

There is a complementing promotional yonkoma web comic series to the game. It introduces the concepts of the game, such as the gameplay and characters[23], in a lighthearted fashion. It is drawn by Kadoseara (門瀬粗).

It stars a female protagonist named Uniko and her various attempts at navigating the game, resulting in humorous situations. In addition to comics there have also been bonus artworks celebrating events such a New Years and the game's release.


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