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"I have to get stronger and catch up to my brother. That's the only reason I have, or need. That's all. "
          — Lias, Atelier Meruru

Lias is a supporting character in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland

Lias is the childhood friend of princess Meruru, and, like most people, he will constantly worry about Meruru and her impulsive actions. Lias idolizes his older brother Rufus, and has always dreamed of being more like him, ever since childhood.

As Lias grows up, he struggles through Rufus' constant lecturing and criticism, and wants nothing more than to gain his approval.  Lias is always worrying internally about how to gain his brother's love and praise, and it often causes conflict between the two. He will stop at nothing until he lives up to Rufus' standards, and has become bitter and stubborn in achieving his goals.

Although Lias has a very pessimistic outlook on most things in life, he is a trustworthy and dependable person. Lias works as the gatekeeper at Arls Castle, and will later serve as an escort to Meruru on her adventures. Lias is a frequent complainer, but a hard worker. 

It will be revealed through game events that Lias has horrible luck, often falling into traps and becoming the target of various monster attacks. Despite this, Lias still trains vigorously and is constantly improving his fighting skills.

He fights using a Gauntlet, and is the second party member that Meruru will be able to recruit. He can always be found at the Castle Gate. 


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Meruru)
Name Level HP MP LP ATK DEF Ingredients
Gauntlet 1 6
  • Ingot

Gibate Arm 4 18
  • Tinc

  • Dry Metal

Crampon Fist 6 37
  • Platine

  • Halmolium

Bomb Blaster 9 20 20 55 15
  • Sunlite

  • Regentium


Main article: Skills (Atelier Meruru)
Skill Level Learned MP Usage Skill Description
Vanquish 1


Non elemental damage to a target. Lowers WT.

Ruin Shell 25


Fire damage to many enemies. Lowers HP for 2 turns.
Lancer Aim 10 16 Non elemental damage to many enemies. Lowers HP for 2 turns.
Rush Combo 30 46 Non elemental damage to a target. Lowers WT.
Swift Attack 35 N/A Has a chance of cutting WT in half. Passive ability. 
Bad Under Fire Through game event. Evasion and accuracy lowers under stress.
Flame Ranchor Special ability, requires gauge. Huge damage to a target. 


Ending - Lias


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