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Rorolina "Rorona" Frixell is the main protagonist in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland, and is a supporting character in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland, Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland and Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland. She is also the mother of Lulua.


Referred to as "a natural and pure dummy" by Astrid, Rorona is extremely airheaded and clumsy, and she can be dense to implications (such as when Cordelia makes suggestions regarding the male party members). However, she is not completely unable to pick up on nuance, and she makes up for her airheadedness with a strong work ethic, sense of responsibility, and tendency to be stubborn when she sets her mind on something. She dislikes causing trouble for others, and her kindness and generous spirit gets her invested in helping others with anything they need.

Although she struggles with complicated concepts, she has a good sense of instinct and is particularly sensitive to others' emotions. Her instinct is sharp enough for her to become a talented alchemist purely by feel, although it leaves her unable to properly explain how she does things. As a result, although she tries to emulate Astrid (such as getting Totori to wear a similar alchemist outfit and doting possessively on her), she is not a very good teacher and has little success with teaching anyone besides Totori and Piana alchemy. Despite her impulsiveness, she is self-aware of her own limitations and will often express frustration at things she can't do, but she will often push her limits as far as she can and get herself into dangerous situations as a result.

As a child and teenager, she likes shortening people's names into nicknames (and was particularly disappointed when the name "Gio" was too short to make into one), a habit that eventually drops out after she becomes an adult. Even as an adult, she can sometimes act a little childish and needy, although she does occasionally show emotional maturity appropriate for her age and is increasingly concerned about not being young anymore. She is an avid lover of pies and pie making, and will go as far as making a pie out of a Ruby Prism (Philosopher's Stone) for no reason other than the fact that she can.


Rorona grew up in Arland as the daughter of Laura and Ryan Frixell and a childhood friend of Cordelia von Feuerbach and Iksel Jahnn. Her parents would often go traveling, leaving her alone for long periods of time. During one incident, Iksel made her a meal to cheer her up and, upon seeing how happy she was, started getting into cooking.

After her parents fell ill from a terminal illness, Rorona went to Astrid Zexis for help. Unable to pay with money, she offered to work for her to pay off the debt.

Atelier Rorona

When the atelier receives a notice that it will be shut down, Astrid sends Rorona to the palace to hear the details. There, she hears from palace knight Sterk that the atelier will be given assignments that she will have to fulfill if it wants to remain in business. Since Astrid is ostensibly too lazy to run the atelier, Rorona is forced to bear the burden herself, since she will have no choice but to leave town with Astrid if the atelier is shut down and Rorona is left unable to pay her debt.

Cordelia and Iksel immediately agree to help her whenever she goes out gathering for materials, and Sterk, being a childhood acquaintance (and ex-lover) of Astrid who feels sympathy for Rorona's situation, also offers to protect her during her outings. Rorona maintains a good relationship with Esty Dee, the receptionist at the counter who manages her town requests, as well as shopkeepers Hagel Boldness, Tiffani Hildebrand, and Cole Dueller. On one of her outings, Rorona finds and brings home a teddy bear containing the ghost of Pamela Ibis, who, with Astrid's help, sets up shop in Arland. Astrid also creates a Hom as a "sibling" for Rorona to help her with her work.

Through the course of her work to keep the atelier afloat, Rorona befriends Lionela Heinze, a traveling performer, and a man calling himself Gio, who, unbeknownst to Rorona at the time, is actually the king of Arland himself. She also meets Tantris, the son of the minister, who had returned to Arland on his instructions to help sabotage her; however, on top of his motivation already being low, her friendliness makes him even more unwilling to do so. Rorona's hard work gives her a good reputation with the townspeople, and she becomes a positive influence on the people around her, including strengthening her friendship with Cordelia, forming a "cooking rivalry" with Iksel, becoming Lionela's confidant about her magic powers, and indirectly convincing Tantris to reconcile with his father.

At one point (based on some goading from Astrid), Rorona disregards Sterk's warnings to stay away from the Ster Highlands and brings him with her there out of habit. When they both confront Suni Sterm, Rorona lets her guard down and Sterk takes a grave injury shielding her, leading to him needing to recover in the hospital for three months while Rorona feels guilt for her actions getting him hurt. In another incident, Gio takes Rorona to help him investigate some bandits, resulting in Rorona learning of Gio's identity as the King, but, upon being asked, Rorona says that it wouldn't feel right for him to simply order her assignments away.

For her final assignment, Rorona turns in a Ruby Pie (Philosopher's Pie), a pie made with a Ruby Prism (Philosopher's Stone), which she had made just to see if she could. With Rorona having finished all of the assignments, Astrid reveals that she had been planning to transfer the atelier to Rorona and leaves town to try rebuilding her alchemy career over again.

Atelier Rorona Plus

Rorona continues maintaining a professional relationship with the palace and taking requests from them. When her two future apprentices, Totori and Meruru, arrive from the future due to an accident with a Dragon Hourglass, Rorona lets them stay in her atelier. When they find a time capsule from the future Astrid, they put in scraps of cloth and receive a risqué outfit for Rorona in return.

After Cordelia complains to Rorona about a certain adventurer causing trouble for the guild due to all the chaos she creates, she pesters Rorona to come up with a solution. Rorona hastily suggests a system that would require adventurers like her to update the guild on their whereabouts, an idea that Cordelia takes seriously.

When Gio starts asking around about the idea of Arland not having a king anymore, Rorona's answer is that she believes nothing would change much because everyone should be able to work together instead of one person doing it all. Sterk is upset about the possibility of losing his purpose, but when he asks Rorona what she believes a knight should be fighting for, Rorona's suggestion of "the people" stuns him and gives him inspiration again. Meanwhile, Tantris tells Rorona that he's going through a dilemma of taking on more difficult challenges by following in his father's footsteps or continuing to live his current life with no changes; Rorona advises him that if he really did want to take the easy way out, he wouldn't be debating over this right now, giving Tantris renewed resolve to face the challenge.

Eventually, Totori and Meruru return to their time, with Rorona looking forward to meeting them again.

Atelier Totori

Eventually, Astrid returns and has a reunion with Rorona, but she leaves again shortly after, taking Hom with her on the grounds of getting Rorona to be more independent. Rorona starts traveling around Arland, both in the hopes of finding them and in order to teach others alchemy. However, her own difficulty with teaching results in her finding little success with the latter. Sometime in her travels, she collapses while in Alanya and is taken care of by the Helmold family; while there, Rorona starts teaching Totori alchemy and is overjoyed to find Totori actually learning from her.

A year later, Totori, now inspired by her newfound alchemy skills giving her confidence, sets out to become an adventurer in search of her missing mother and stops by Arland hoping to find Rorona; however, Rorona is absent, and Cordelia gives Totori the key to Atelier Rorona so Totori can use the workshop there. Totori finds that her home inventory is connected to Rorona's due to Rorona having connected them via a process she simply describes as "clamp". Eventually, Totori finds Rorona in Alanya being fished out of the water by Totori's father Guid, having floated down the river all the way down the continent. Rorona decides to switch her priorities to helping Totori find her mother instead, figuring that she can simply look out for Astrid while she's at it, and she gives Totori a cauldron at her workshop and a Chim as a gift. She can also join Totori as a recruitable party member.

According to Sterk, Rorona now willingly gets herself into more dangerous situations than she did before and will talk "back at him threefold" if he protests. However, the two continue to have a good relationship, and Totori notices that he looks a little shy when Rorona genuinely says that she's happy to go on an outing with him. Cordelia is frustrated at how often she is absent from Arland, and one of the reasons she allows Totori to use Atelier Rorona is out of hope that Rorona will have more reason to drop by.

After Piana stows away on Totori's ship and makes her way to Alanya, Rorona starts teaching her alchemy and discovers that she has the potential for being talented in it.

Atelier Meruru

At some point, Rorona manages to reunite with Astrid and Hom. When the kingdom of Arls summons Rorona to help with their alchemy needs, Rorona is busy assisting Astrid with a Potion of Youth experiment, resulting in Totori being sent instead. However, a mishap with the potion results in Rorona getting turned into an 8-year-old and losing her memories, although she is still capable of remembering certain vague details (such as who people are) and occasionally shows flashes of greater instinct. Astrid brings her to Arls so that Totori, Meruru, and the Homs can take care of her while she works on a cure. She eventually becomes a recruitable party member, albeit significantly weaker than she was in the prior two games.

While Rorona is initially not motivated to do alchemy again, Totori and Meruru manage to goad her into it, and Rorona starts making alchemy pies that have strange effects on anyone who eats them. She eventually is given approval to open a pie shop, which becomes a large source of revenue for Meruru's kingdom. She also occasionally makes drawings that Totori can decode into having alchemy insight and instructions, which end up being useful in Meruru devising the Ice Cascade Bomb.

Eventually, Meruru is able to create a concentrated Potion of Youth using the Merulixir, which Astrid is able to use to restore Rorona to her proper state. While Totori and Meruru are initially distrustful of whether Astrid will keep her end of the bargain, Rorona vouches that Astrid will keep her promises, and Rorona eventually returns as a proper 33-year-old.

Atelier Lulua

After the events of Meruru, Rorona visits an orphanage in Arklys and meets a girl named Lulua there. Finding that they get along very well, Rorona decides to adopt her in order to spend more time with her and sets up a second atelier in Arklys. Knowing that she herself would probably not be a very good teacher for Lulua, Rorona has Piana and Chim Dragon teach her alchemy and help take care of her. At some point, Rorona also introduces Lulua to Sterk as her daughter.

At the beginning of the game, Rorona had accidentally forgotten about the deadline for renewing her Arklys business license, forcing Lulua to go to Arland and renew it herself. Upon reaching Arland, Lulua meets a number of Rorona's old acquaintances, and Rorona herself eventually returns to Arland to spend more time with her. When Lulua confides in her about feeling guilt over having attacked the spirit of a lonely child at the Abandoned Monastery, Rorona advises her that since it's not possible to change the past (even with alchemy), it's important to live life in a way she won't regret.

When Lulua asks Rorona about what her own "purpose in life" is, Rorona responds by giving her the recipe for the Philosopher's Pie and tells her to make it, secretly watching from afar as Lulua attempts to do so. Once she does with everyone's help, Rorona tells her that she also made her own with everyone's help and says that her "reasons for living" are still a secret, but that Lulua herself is one of them. Eventually, Rorona gets Lulua to make her "family pie recipe" and gifts her a book of pie recipes she'd put together over the years.

After she and Sterk receive invitations to join an expedition to the Eastern Continent, Sterk tries to hide the letter from her out of fear for her safety, but Rorona sees through his attempt and becomes angry with him for treating her like a child. Afterwards, when Suni Sterm appears at the Ster Highlands again, both of them accompany the rest of the party there, and Sterk, still remembering the last incident when he had shielded Rorona and fearful of what would happen if he failed to protect her again, attempts to take on Suni Sterm alone. However, Rorona steps in this time and declares that, now that she's a full-fledged alchemist rather than a child, she wants to stand alongside him as an equal. After they take the dragon down, Sterk admits that some part of him had still been treating Rorona as a child and apologizes, acknowledging her as someone he can rely on after all the time they'd spent together.

Following further discussion with Sterk, Rorona decides to accompany him on the Eastern Continent expedition, worried about the idea of leaving Sterk alone and wanting to put alchemy ("the one and only thing I'm good at") to use for the sake of Arland. After confirming with Lulua that she would be okay without her mother for a few years and giving Lulua her love, she departs Arland with Sterk for the Eastern Continent, saying that they'll be fine as long as they're together.

Other appearances

Atelier Questboard

In the Questboard version of events, while Rorona is trying to figure out what to make for her final assignment, Arland is suddenly hit with a plague of a new disease that strikes not only her parents, but also the minister as well. With everyone's help, Rorona manages to put together a cure, but she ends up becoming so exhausted that she falls asleep and misses the deadline. However, the minister is begrudgingly forced to admit that she had indeed succeeded at her assigned task of using her alchemy to advance the future of the country, allowing her to continue working at the atelier.

Atelier Resleriana

Rorona works at the Star's Cocoon Cafe making pies. Each day, she will make two pies that restore 100 stamina each, but any pies not claimed by the player by the time the day rolls over will be "happily eaten" by her.

In "The Lost Girl & the Snowy Road Home", Rorona works together with Totori, Meruru, and Sterk to rescue a lost winter spirit in the snow.

In the "Resleriana Academy" event, an alternate-universe Rorona serves as the second-year class representative, whose job is to maintain relations between her classmates. Part 3, "To You, Whom I Protect From the Shadows" centers around her and Eren K. St. Burg (implied to be her universe's counterpart to Sterk), a lonely student whom she reaches out to and helps get acquainted with the class.


Name Stars
Rorona 5-Star Pie Meister ★ 3
Rorona Fallen White ★ 3
Rorona Joyful Leader ★ 3

Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists

She appears in Westwald with Totori and Meruru, with all of them in search of the legendary fruit of the Granzweit Tree (and with Rorona particularly interested in eating it). As an alchemist, she can use her own atelier and can also join Nelke in battle. Due to her having not given anyone notice back in Arland that she was in search of the fruit, Sterk is concerned about her sudden disappearance and has Astrid send him to Westwalt in search of her; upon learning that she has no intention of leaving the town until she finds the fruit, he takes her advice to stay in town and train for the time being.

Rorona tells Nelke and Misty about her ability to make pies with alchemy, and she starts trying to come up with new pie recipes, finding herself dissatisfied with the Uni Pie she'd tried to make. After making too many, she and Totori end up having to pass them all around town. When Nelke later talks to her, she tells Nelke that she's aware everyone has certain kinds of foods they don't like, and, being the kind of person who likes everything, she wants to create a kind of pie that would be so delicious that it would taste good even to people who would normally dislike whatever is in it. When Rorona hits a wall in trying to come up with anything, Misty advises her to try two things: covering up the flavor with something else so that it would be difficult to tell that the disliked food is in it, and to put it with something the person likes. Rorona thus devises the Rainbow Pie, a pie with all sorts of things in different sections, which successfully gets people to try different combinations of things.


Rorona uses staves in battle. Her skills are a blend of both offensive and supportive.

Atelier Rorona


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Rorona)
Name Ingredient Choices ATK DEF SPD Effect
A11 item 156.png
Alchemy Staff
Neue Metal
7 Angel Heart
Ether Bright
A11 item 157.png
Siphon Rod
?Trendy Staff?
Dry Metal
16 Angel Heart
Medicinal Knowledge
Ether Bright
A11 item 158.png
Spirit Staff
?Magical Staff?
Ster Metal
23 Ether Bright
Spirit Power
Angel Spirit
A11 item 159.png
Angel Staff
?Pretty Staff?
28 Angel Heart
Ether Bright
Blessed Action
Angel Spirit
A11 item 160.png
Legendary Staff
?Awesome Staff?
20 Ether Bright
Angel Spirit
Magic Knowledge
Ether Crown
A11 item 161.png
Seven Star Staff
?Ultimate Staff?
Halmolium 51
10 30 Angel Spirit
Ether Crown
Unkown Spirit
Angel Fullheart


Main article: Armors (Atelier Rorona)
Item Ingredient Choices Stats Effect
A11 item 195.png
Normal Threads
Less Chance S
A11 item 196.png
Traveler's Wear
DEF: 13 SPD+
Max HP+
Resist Paralysis
A11 item 197.png
Artisan Outfit
?Working Outfit?
DEF: 25 ATK+
Resist Poison
Resist Blind
Avoid KO S
A11 item 198.png
Silky Outfit
?Pretty Outfit?
DEF: 35 DEF+
Less Water Damage
Accuracy S
A11 item 199.png
Silky Chain
?Silk Outfit?
Scale Cloth
DEF: 46 SPD+
Resist Sleep
Less Damage S
A11 item 200.png
Dragon Wear
?Silver Outfit?
Scale Cloth ATK: 10
DEF: 59
HP Regen S
Less Wind Damage
A11 item 201.png
Blessed Costume
?Magical Outfit?
Velvetis DEF: 70
SPD: 10
Max HP+
Resist Death
Less Chance S
Evasion S
A11 item 218.png
Lady of Steel
DEF: 29 Max HP+
Resist Death
Less Wind Damage
Critical S
A11 item 220.png
Sun Cloak
?White Cloak?
Scale Cloth DEF: 62 DEF+
Resist Curse
Less Fire Damage
Avoid KO S
A11 item 221.png
Wanderer's Cape
?Filthy Cloak?
Muffcot DEF: 25 DEF+
Resist Paralysis
Less Earth Damage
Less Chance S
A11 item 222.png
Heroic Cape
?King's Cape?
Velvetis ATK: 77 Max HP+


Main article: Skills (Atelier Rorona)
Skill Name Skill Detail Element Target Unlock
Angel Shot Non-Elemental Damage -- Single From Beginning
Ether Light Non-Elemental Damage, Chance of Blind (S) -- Single Level 5
Detect Danger *Auto* Evasion Up by 5+% Skill Level -- N/A Level 10
Bad Luck *Auto* All Chances Up to 10+% Skill Level in Danger -- N/A level 20
Lethal Bomb *Deadly* Applies great damage to all enemies Fire 5 All Enemies level 25
Angel Heart Non-Elemental Damage
Expand: Angel Spirit
-- Single Based on Weapon Quality
Angel Spirit Non-Elemental Damage
Expand: Angel Spirit
Fire 1 Single Based on Weapon Quality
Angel Fullheart Non-Elemental Damage Fire 3 All Enemies Based on Weapon Quality
Ether Bright Non-Elemental Damage, Chance of Blind
Expand: Ether Light
Fire 1 Small Range Based on Weapon Quality
Ether Crown Non-Elemental Damage, Chance of Blind
Expand: Ether Light
Fire 2 Large Range Based on Weapon Quality

Atelier Rorona Plus

Like the original game, she's available from the start. She equips staves, and she uses offensive magic abilities channeled through the staff. She's also the only character that can use items until the "Overtime" period.

She starts at level 1, equipped with an Alchemy Staff and Normal Threads.


Active skills
Skill Learning Condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Angel Shot Default 5 MP Physical damage on one enemy. WT is reduced. Single enemy Physical
Ether Light Level 5 9 MP Physical damage on one enemy. Can cause blindness Single enemy Physical
Angel Spirit Level 25 24 MP Strong physical damage on one enemy. Single enemy Physical
Mysterious Recipe Level 35 0 MP *Deadly* Applies damage to all enemies. All enemies Phyisical
Passive skills
Skill Learning Condition Description
Detect Danger Level 10 Evasion rate up by 10%. Physical damage down 10%.
Bad Luck Level 20 Accuracy, evasion, critical up 25% in Danger.
Assist skills
Skill Learning Condition Assist Gauge consumption Description Target
Ether Crown Level 15 1 point (second attack) Physical damage on one enemy. Can cause blindness. Single enemy
Angel Fullheart Level 30 1 point (third attack) Physical damage to all enemies. All enemies
Lethal Bomb Level 40 2 points (third attack) Powerful fire damage to all enemies. All enemies

Atelier Totori


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Totori)
Skill Level HP MP LP ATK DEF SPD Ingredient Choices
A12 Item 266.png
Master's Rod
2 - - - 20 - - Ingot
A12 Item 267.png
Guardian Rod
?Guardian Stick?
4 - - - 24 5 - Tinc
Dry Metal
Ster Metal
A12 Item 268.png
Angel Staff
?Pretty Stick?
6 - - - 32 - - Goldstein


A12 Item 269.png
Sage's Staff
?Clever Stick?
8 - 30 - 44 - - Platine
A12 Item 270.png
7-Star Rod
?Universe Stick?
10 20 - - 60 10 10 Halmolium


Main article: Armors (Atelier Totori)
Name Ingredient Choices Stats
A12 Item 277.png
Normal Threads
?Normal Clothes?
DEF +1
A12 Item 278.png
Traveler's Wear
?Travel Clothes?
DEF +5
A12 Item 280.png
Angel Robe
?Pretty Robe?
Scale Cloth MP +20
DEF +10
SPD +10
A12 Item 281.png
Ancient Garb
?Ancient Robe?
Velvetis HP +20
LP +20
DEF +15
SPD +5
A12 Item 292.png
Rose Maiden
?Lady's Armor?
ATK +7
DEF +8
A12 Item 293.png
Gorgeous Dress
?Pretty Dress?
Scale Cloth DEF +12
SPD +20
A12 Item 294.png
Saint Robe
?Clergy Ourfit?
Velvetis LP +30
DEF +18

A12 Item 298.png
Solar Cloak


Scale Cloth HP +10
MP +10
LP +10
ATK +10
DEF +20
SPD +10


Main article: Skills (Atelier Totori)
Skill Level Learned MP Cost Description Target
Bomb Throw Default 0 MP Throws bombs as a regular attack. Small Area
Pie Making Default 10 MP Synthesizes a pie for one ally. Single
Angel Fullheart Default 40 MP Attacks all foes. All Enemies
Mini Punishment 30 0 MP Super Attack. Attacks one foe. Single
Airhead Default N/A Reisistance to status ailments. Passive ability. N/A
Under Pressure Default N/A Stats increase when HP is low. Passive ability. N/A

Atelier Meruru


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Meruru)
Name Level HP MP LP ATK DEF Ingredients
Master's Rod 2 12
  • Dry Metal

  • Ster Metal

7-Star Rod 5 30 25 24
  • Platine

  • Halmolium

Invincible Rod 9 50 36 15
  • Sunlite

  • Regentium



Main article: Skills (Atelier Meruru)
Skill Level Learned MP Usage Skill Description
Hom Support M Starting level. 16 Removes an ally's ailment. Takes 1 turn to execute.
Hom Support F Starting level. 24 Heals an ally. Takes 1 turn to execute.
Angel Heart 20 Non elemental damage to a target. Attack less likely.
Heartful Attack 30 60 Non elemental damage to all targets. Attack less likely.
Small N/A Raises evasion by 33%. Passive ability. 
Quick Use N/A WT for item use lowers by 50%, but lowers effect by 30%. Passive ability.

Atelier Lulua




Title Description Assits Condition MP Level
Angel Tiara Deal light magic damage to a single enemy. Increase fire resistance by 1. 30 35
Holy bolt Deal light magic damage to a single enemy and knock them down. 30 35
Peaceful light Increase physical resistance of all allies by 1. 60 35
Spinning Synthesis Classroom (Ultimate Attack) [AP:100] Remove aliments and completely recovery HP and MP od all allies. Increase physical resistances of all allies by 3. 100AP 50
Heavenly Law (Assist) Deal magic damage to all enemies. Issue a Time Card that cause magic damage to all enemies [50% Chance] Take damage from an enemy 0 35
Double Palace of Annerose (Assist) Recovery MP of all allies. Issue 1 time card that cause great magic damage to all enemies [30% Chance] Take damage from an enemy 0 N/A
Invisible (Passive) Increase evasion rate 0 35
Magic Card (Passive) Increase magic resistance by 1. 0 35
Demon Alchemist (Passive) Increase MaxMP 0 N/A


Ending - Rorona


  • An additional costume based on her Atelier Rorona appearance appears in Blue Reflection, another Gust title. This outfit has appeared as additional costumes for Meruru and Lulua as well.



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