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Faustus is the Mana of Illusion who appears in Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny, Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm and Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

Faustus is the one that governs over hallucinations and illusions. Despite his cute appearance - as Viese described him, he is quite powerful, and is a new Mana introduced in Atelier Iris 2. He also has a habit of ending his sentences with 'poyo'.

He likes practical jokes, which contrasts his appearance as a fluffy, stuffed animal. Despite the fact he is quite powerful, Faustus reveals that he prefers sleeping rather than fighting. As with other Manas, Faustus is loyal at the alchemist who made a pact with him, and will aid the alchemist whenever he was called upon.


Atelier Iris 2

Viese encountered Faustus when Kreuz bestowed her the entrance of the room inside the library in Eden Temple. Opening the treasure chest in the lowest part of the library, Viese freed Faustus from being trapped inside the chest forever.

Making a pact with him, the player is bestowed with the Dream Gem and also the ability to synthesis items that require Faustus, such as Divine Shield and Rainbow Cloth.

Atelier Iris 3


As with other Manas, Faustus governs one of many elements in nature. In Atelier Iris 2, he governs the element of illusion. He also helps in synthesizing some powerful items in late of the game,

Atelier Iris 3

Faustus; Beast of Illusion, is available as one of Nell's late-to-obtain-in game Blades Master. When Nell uses Blades Master of Dolls, Nell can utilize both physical and magical oriented attacks. Nell primarily uses dolls as her weapon. Faustus is a very adept Blades Master, as he both obtain physical and magical attacks, but Nell's speed greatly drops in compensation of this powerful Blades Master.

When summoned by Iris into battle, Faustus will neutralize any weakness and resistance of his target, leaving their classification blank. It does not work, however, if they are immune to Poison or Magic.

Mana Khemia

Faustus allows Anna Lemouri to use her Finishing Burst, Centiflora-X.


  • Curiously enough, in Atelier Iris 2, Faustus is titled 'Dream Mana' despite his assigned element as Illusion. In Atelier Iris 3, Faustus is known as Mana of Illusion.
  • He is one of a few Manas that does not have a holy ground. In Atelier Iris 3 however, his holy ground is at Crystal Monument in Alter World. (He is fought in the Crystal Monument.)