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Renee Kearse is an antagonist in Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

She's is an older student at Al-Revis academy, and is a close friend of Tony. Renee is the more calm and collected of the two. She is a skilled fighter and alchemist; she made a pact with the Azure Flame mana, who is one of the many that were around during the Mana experiments. Renee is a part of Isolde's workshop along with Tony, but she never shows any real interests in whatever plot that he or Isolde come up with.


At the beginning, she appears alongside Tony to recruit Vayne into joining their workshop. Before they could, however, Flay intervened and recruited both Jess and Vayne.

In multiple instances of the story she, along with Tony, appears in a boss battle. During the last dungeon, a pair of Renee and Tony replicas fight the workshop as they went through Vayne's memories.

In Battle

Renee wields a crystal greatsword and is usually fought alongside Tony. Aside from melee and bomb attacks, she will also frequently summon her Azureflame Mana during the course of the battle. She is usually considered the larger threat for several reasons:

  • If the player defeats her Azureflame Mana she will summon it again within a few rounds.
  • Her Orange Bombs can put party members to sleep, and in later battles strike the entire party.
  • She possesses a melee charge attack that takes longer to activate, but strikes for additional damage. This can potentially lead to one-hit kills of frail characters like Jess.

Therefore, it is advisable to take her down first before finishing off Tony.