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Isolde Schelling is a teacher at Al-Revis academy and one of the main antagonists in Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

She is known to assign harder assignments than most teachers. This, along with her cold personality makes her one of the most feared and respected teachers at the school. She was a graduate of Al-Revis and was classmates with Zeppel Kriever and Theofratus Aurelius.

Throughout the game, Isolde acts rather cold towards her fellow teachers and students, resulting in them receiving harder assignments in her class than any other class in the Academy. Originally, she seemed to be neutral when it came to Vayne and his friends as she tells them the truth about the dark history of Mana and evens nurses Sulpher back to health. Eventually, it is revealed that she blamed Vayne for the death of his father, her lover, Theofratus, and tries to justify her hatred for him by saying that Vayne would conquer the world with his powers as a Mana if he was to live. She's also slightly annoyed by his friends for constantly interfering with her goal of getting rid of him.

Her grudge towards Vayne has also caused her to do things throughout the game that are considered cold-hearted among the characters, such as casually killing one of Vayne's friends just to prove her story. She even went as far as to even threaten the principal if he got in her way.


Isolde makes her first appearance in Chapter 2, Week 2 as a teacher of the Predictology classes. At first, she seems like just another teacher at the academy, but later on, it is revealed that she was the one who had sent Tony Eisler and Renee Kearse to recruit Vayne in the beginning.

In Chapter 10, Week 5, she follows Vayne's and his group into Dragon's Grave - Cave of Origin and threatens to beat them if they didn't resist. After beating her, she reveals that her goal for the sudden fight was to hasten Sulpher's death by forcing him to use up all his power, only to be revived by Vayne minutes later.

In Chapter 11, she tells Vayne to meet her deep within the Resource Center - Unorganized Zone in order to tell him the truth about what he is. After he arrives, along with his friends who decided to tag along with him due to not trusting her, Isolde reveals the truth about what happened to Theofratus in his final years. She explains that six years before the start of the game, Theofratus died long after he cured a little girl of her disease, but at the cost of cutting her remaining time to live in half. Due to the guilt of his mistake and the dark emotions that were filling his heart, he created Vayne: the first artificially-created Mana with the power to grant wishes. To prove her point even further, she kills one of Vayne's friends (whoever's C.Quest you completed first) right in front of them, only for a tearful Vayne to wish that friend back to life soon after. Afterward, she speaks about how Vayne's power could conquer the world if left unchecked and soon resorts to killing Vayne in order to prevent him from gaining total control over his powers, only to be beaten again and taken to the Infirmary for her injuries after passing out.

In Battle

Isolde doesn't actually fight Vayne and his friends herself whenever she battles them; rather she summons the Mana of Gravity to do most of the work while she supplies the Mana required for the attacks. She uses a few Common Skills such as Grand Gaze, Choke, and Thunder Rain along with her own unique skills such as Nail Blow, which can attack the entire party with medium damage, and Baxim Bite, which can lower one character's MGK and RES stats. Her skill "Alchemist's Secret" grants her the Haste buff, allowing her to go 3 times during her turn, similar to Vayne's Over-realm. Sword Creation and Bunker Pillar are two of Isolde's skills that appear during certain boss battles against her, such as Sword Creation being used in Chapter 10 and the latter being used in Chapter 11. If the battle lasts for too long, Isolde will resort to her "trump card", Gravity Burst, a double-up skill which can wipe potently wipe out the entire front party if she manages to complete charging it.


  • She may have visited Theofratus in his final years when he was creating Vayne.
  • Her name comes from the Germanic name, Ishild, which is made up of the words, is, Ice and, hild, Battle. It may because of her cold demeanor and her theme in the Official soundtrack is "A smile of Ice."